How to Use Favorites on iPhone? [3 Ultimate Ways]

Have you ever felt the need to put a few things on the favorite list on iPhone but don’t know how to? Worry not! Read this article to know how to use favorites on iPhone.

Favorite is a function in iPhones that can be used to add some things that are important to us or just our favorite in general. This feature helps us to do things in a few taps of the iPhone.

Like we can add the contacts of the people whose presence matters in our life. Therefore, when we are in an emergency, we can immediately call these very people to come and help us in that very moment without having to search for their numbers in our long contact list.

This feature has been my savior for a very long time. And so, I have written this blog to share my experience with you all. Let’s get started!

Note: I’m using iPhone 13 which is reflected in the screenshots included in this blog. However, if anyone is looking for steps to apply to iPhone 14 can also try the methods below.

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Topics covered in this article:

  • How to use favorite in Phone app on iPhone
  • How to use favorites in iPhone Safari
  • How to contact someone using favorite on iPhone

How to Use Favorite in Phone App on iPhone

Setting up emergency contacts with our family members and friends is most important at the outset. As known to all, speed-dial is substituted by favorites on iPhone. So, when we need to speed-dial someone, we’ll do it from the favorites list.

Often, we don’t need a contact on our iPhone favorite list anymore. So, I will also show how to remove phone numbers from favorite when required.

Add Phone Number to Favorites on iPhone

Starting here we’ll see how we can add a phone number to our favorite list on iPhone.

  • Go to Phone app on iPhone home screen.
  • On the lower left side of the iPhone screen, click on Favorites.
iPhone 14 add favorites
  • Now, press on the plus sign+‘ on the top left corner.
  • A new window with our contact list will emerge on iPhone.
add contact to iPhone 13 favorite
  • Tap on any contact that you want to add to favorites on phone app of iPhone.
  • Another list will pop-up. In that, options like Message, Call, and Video will be available.
iPhone 14 pro favorites
  • Each option will add the contact to Favorites on iPhone for that particular function only.
  • So, select the option if you want to immediately message, call or have a video call with that contact.
  • Once the contact is added to favorites, we can see the option which can be used to contact them on iPhone.
phone number in iPhone 13 pro favorites

Thus, the method of adding phone numbers to favorites on iPhone is clear to us after reading the steps above.

Remove Phone Number from iPhone Favorites

For removing a phone number, we have to use the phone app on iPhone.

  • Launch the Phone app on the iPhone home screen.
  • Tap on Favorites on the lower left corner of the app.
iPhone 14 remove favorites
  • The list of favorites will appear on the iPhone phone app.
  • Next, tap on Edit on the top right corner.
remove favorite iPhone 14 pro max
  • The window will go into the editing mode and minus sign‘ will appear beside the contacts on iPhone.
  • Tap on the minus sign beside the contact that needs to be deleted.
favorites remove from iPhone 13 pro max
  • A Delete option will slide up on the right side of the phone number.
  • Click on the Delete button and the phone number will get removed from favorites on iPhone.
iPhone 12 remove favorites
  • Finally, click on Done in the top right corner.
iPhone 12 pro remove favorites

Without any hassle we have removed a phone number from favorite list of phone app on iPhone.

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How to Use Favorites in iPhone Safari

Safari is a browsing app in the Apple ecosystem. And due to its amazing features, we can also add bookmarks of our favorite websites. Have a look on how we can do that!

Add a Bookmark on iPhone Safari

Firstly, I will describe how to add a bookmark on Safari app on iPhone.

  • Open the Safari app on iPhone.
  • Search any site that you would like to save in the Favorites of Safari app on iPhone.
iPhone 14 pro Safari favorite
  • After opening that site, click on the sharing icon (arrow) below on the Safari screen. A list will pop-up.
  • Scroll down on the list and click on Add bookmark alternative.
iPhone 13 Safari bookmark
  • On the new page, tap on Favorites and select the folder in which you want to add this particular website bookmark.
  • Lastly, tap on Save on the top right corner.
bookmark on Safari iPhone 13 pro

Thereafter, the link will get added to the bookmark list in Safari Favorites on iPhone.

Add New Folder in Safari Favorites

Did you know that we also separate folders for different bookmark categories in our Safari app on iPhone?

Apparently, we can! Let’s see how to do it!

  • Launch the Safari app on iPhone.
  • Click on the bookmark icon.
Safari bookmark iPhone 14
  • Tap on the bookmark icon again and the Favorites folder will appear below.
  • Click on Favorites.
  • On the new page, the previous listed bookmarks will reflect on Safari.
favorite list Safari iPhone 12
  • Now, hit the Edit button to add a new folder to Favorites on iPhone.
  • The window will enter the editing mode.
  • Click on the New folder option on the lower left option.
favorite folder iPhone 11 Safari
  • Enter the folder name on the new window on iPhone.
  • Click on done on the lower right side.
Safari iPhone 14 pro max
  • The new folder is added, and it will go back to the editing page.
  • Again, click on Done on this page on Safari app on iPhone.
Safari favorite folder iphone 13

Consequently, we can see the new folder added to the list of bookmarks on the Favorite list on the Safari app on iPhone.

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Remove Favorite Bookmark from Safari on iPhone

Apart from adding favorites to Safari, we can also remove them. Let’s have a look at it!

  • Go to Safari > Bookmark icon.
remove Safari bookmark iPhone 14
  • Click on the bookmark icon again.
  • Below the bookmark icon, click open the Favorites folder on iPhone.
  • The stored bookmarks in the Favorites folder will appear.
favorites list Safari iPhone 12
  • Now, on the lower right side tap on Edit.
  • The page will enter the editing mode in our iPhones.
  • Minus sign‘ will appear beside the listed bookmarks.
remove favorite bookmark iPhone 11 Safari
  • Tap on the minus sign to remove a bookmark.
  • A Delete icon will slide up on the right side of the bookmark. Click on Delete.
  • Now, tap on Done.
delete favorite bookmark iPhone 13

Finally, the bookmark will be removed from the favorite list of Safari on iPhone. Continue this if you want to remove more bookmarks.

How to Contact Someone Using Favorite

The favorite feature eases up things for us. We can call, message, or even video call our family and friends at the click of a button.

  • Open Phone app on iPhone.
  • Go to Favorites. It can be seen as star icon on the screen.
contact favorite iPhone 13 pro max
  • Next, tap on any number whom we want to contact.
phone favorite iPhone 14 pro
  • As per our favorite setting, it will either call, message or video call that person.

Hence, next time we have to contact someone we can swiftly call, message or video call them through favorites on iPhone phone app.

Wrapping Up

Concluding, in this article we can see how to use favorites on our iPhones. The favorite function can be used to add contacts on the phone app or websites on the Safari app. Therefore, we can access these favorites at all times. Hope you find this article helpful.

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