How to Change Caller ID on iPhone? [4 Reasons]

Tired of your long name being displayed on receiver’s iPhone caller ID? Read this article to know how to change the caller ID on iPhone.

Being a blogger, I do have to use my iPhone for business purposes if not anything else. And so, I always try to look for ways to make my work efficient and noticeable.

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Note: I’ve used iPhone 13 for screenshot purpose. However, the same steps can be applied to iPhone 14 as well.

Topics I’ve talked about are mentioned below Continue to read.

  • How to show caller ID on iPhone
  • Is it possible to change the caller ID on iPhone?
  • How to hide/turn off caller ID on iPhone
  • Use third-party apps to change caller ID

How to Show Caller ID on iPhone

iPhone has the feature of turning on the caller ID. Let’s see how we can do that.

  • Open Settings on iPhone.
  • Scroll down and go to Phone.
iPhone 13 caller ID enable
  • Again, scroll down and click on Show My Caller ID.
  • Lastly, turn on Show My Caller ID.
iPhone 14 pro show caller ID

Thus, this will allow iPhone to display our caller IDs on the iPhones of the people we are calling.

How to Hide/Turn Off Caller ID on iPhone

If we don’t want to display our caller ID, turning off the caller ID is an option too. Read to know.

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone.
iPhone 14 pro max caller ID disable
  • Further, scroll down and tap on Phone.
hide caller ID in iPhone 13 pro
  • Again, swipe down and choose Show My Caller ID.
iPhone 12 deactivate caller ID
  • On this page, disable the Show My Caller ID button.
iPhone 12 pro turn off caller ID

Finally, turning this off will stop showing the caller ID on iPhone.

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Is it Possible to Change the Caller ID on iPhone?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change the caller ID for iPhones. There are no alternatives to change the Caller ID because it is maintained by the phone provider firm. In order to modify our caller ID, we would have to use third-party apps from AT&T or T-Mobile.

Use Third-Party Apps to Change Caller ID

Let’s see which third-party app have the attributes to change the caller ID on iPhones.


The T-Mobile app enables us to complete everything in one location while keeping things straightforward and secure. We can change the caller ID using this app.

Simply, go to the Profile settings in this app and enter the new first name and last name. Finally, save the new name and the caller ID will get changed.

iPhone 13 pro max caller ID change


Additionally, the myAT&T app also offers such settings, using which we can change the caller ID on iPhone. Install the app on your iPhones and check the settings and change the caller ID on our iPhones.

iPhone 14 pro caller ID change

Winding Up

This article describes the reasons behind how we can change the caller ID on iPhone. Follow the guidelines and apply them practically. Hope this article will solve your problem.

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