Where the Audio Files are Saved on iPhone? [5 Methods]

Want to know how to access the audio files that are saved on iPhone? You have landed on the page. Read on to know where the audio files are saved on iPhone.

Receiving audio files, voicemails, songs, etc., is a regular thing for me. So, I figured out how to save these audio files on my iPhone and I’m going to explain the same to you. Continue to read.

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Note: I have shown iPhone 13 screenshots in this article. But you can also apply these steps to iPhone 14 as well.

Following are the topics mentioned in this article:

  • How to save the audio files in iPhone forever
  • How to save WhatsApp audio files on iPhone
  • Where can I find the audio files in iMessage app on iPhone
  • How can we save voice memos in iPhone
  • How can we save iMessage audio files on iPhone

How to Save the Audio Files in iPhone Forever

The audio files on iPhone sometimes get saved only for 2 minutes and then disappear. To stop this from happening further, we’ll change the settings on iPhone.

  • Launch Settings > Messages on iPhone.
iPhone 13 audio files save
  • Scroll down and go to Audio Messages. Tap on Expire.
  • Under that, choose Never.
iPhone 14 audio files

Doing this will keep the audio files in our iPhones forever.

How to Save WhatsApp Audio Files on iPhone

If you are a constant user of WhatsApp, saving and viewing the audio files received on WhatsApp can be cumbersome. So, let’s see how to save the WhatsApp audio files on iPhone.

  • Open the WhatsApp app on iPhone.
  • Now, scroll to the conversation that has audio files.
  • Open the conversation and go to the audio message.
audio files WhatsApp iPhone 13 pro
  • Long press on it. A menu will appear. Select Forward.
audio file iphone 13 pro max
  • Tap on the sharing button that will emerge on the lower right side.
  • Again, a menu will come forth. Choose Save to Files.
iPhone 14 pro max audio files
  • Further, choose the folder by tapping on the down arrow on top to save the audio file on the iPhone. Lastly, hit Save.
iPhone 12 audio files

The audio file will be saved in the respective folder on iPhone.

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Where Can I Find the Audio Files in iMessage App on iPhone

iMessage app is facilitated to receive audio files as well. So, let’s have a look at where we can view those audio files in the iPhone iMessage app.

  • Launch the iPhone iMessage app.
  • Open any conversation with audio files.
iMessage save audio file iPhone 11
  • Next, click on the profile icon.
  • Now, tap on info.
iPhone 11 pro audio file iMessage
  • On the next page, a Files option will be available. Tap on that.
audio files in iPhone 14 pro max

All the files will become visible here. We can scroll and tap on the audio file on our iPhones to hear it.

How Can We Save Voice Memos in iPhone

We can also save audio recordings in the Voice Memos app on iPhone. However, we can also save those recordings in the iPhone’s local storage by the following method.

  • Open the Voice Memos app on iPhone.
iPhone 14 save voice memos audio file
  • Click on All Recordings.
iPhone 13 recording save
  • On the top right side, tap on Edit.
  • Now, select any recording that we want to save in iPhone.
  • A sharing button will appear below. Tap on that.
iPhone 13 pro voice memos
  • Scroll on the menu and select the Save to Files option.
  • On the new window, choose the folder and click on Save.
iPhone 12 audio files save

Hence, this is how we can save voice memos in iPhone’s local storage.

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How Can We Save iMessage Audio Files on iPhone

Additionally, there is another option for saving the audio files in the local storage of the iPhone from the iMessage app.

  • Press and hold the audio message in the conversation, and then choose Copy from the menu.
  • Open the Files app on your iPhone and click on a folder of your choice.
  • Now, long press on the iPhone screen and tap on the Paste option.

The audio file will be saved in that folder of an iPhone.


In this article, I’ve talked about various ways of saving audio files on an iPhone. More importantly, the audio files can be found in apps like iMessage and WhatsApp. Read the article step-by-step and apply them on your iPhone. I hope this article had the solution for your problem.

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