How to Add and Remove a Screen Recorder on iPhone? [7 Techniques]

Can’t add a screen recorder to your iPhone settings? Read this article to learn how to add and remove a screen recorder on iPhone.

I require to use the screen recorder for quite a few things. And I’ll express the way I’ve set up the screen recorder in my iPhone, so you don’t face any issues.

Note: You’ll see iPhone 13 screenshots in this article as I’m currently using this model. However, the steps can be applied to iPhone 14 also.

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The following topics have been mentioned in the article. Continue to read.

  • How to add the screen recorder to the settings on iPhone
  • How to remove screen recorder from iPhone control centre
  • How to record screen in an iPhone
  • How to stop the screen recorder on iPhone
  • How to record audio with screen recording on iPhone
  • How to turn off the microphone for screen recorder on iPhone
  • Where can I find the screen recorded video

How to Add the Screen Recorder to the Settings on iPhone

The steps to add the screen recorder feature to the settings on iPhone is very simple.

  • Launch Settings on iPhone.
iPhone 13 add screen recorder
  • Scroll down and click on Control Centre.
iPhone 14 pro screen recorder
  • Again, scroll down and tap on the add ‘+‘ button beside the Screen Recording option.
iPhone 14 pro max screen recorder
  • And it will get added to the Control Centre access of iPhone.
screen recorder add in iPhone 14

Therefore, the screen recorder gets activated for use on iPhone.

How to Remove Screen Recorder from iPhone Control Centre

Additionally, iPhone also has the option to remove the screen recorder characteristic.

  • Open Settings on iPhone.
screen recorder add in iPhone 14
  • On the new page, scroll down and choose Control Centre.
iPhone 14 screen recorder
  • Moving forward, click on the minus‘ sign beside the Screen Recording option.
remove screen recorder in iPhone 12
  • The Remove option will appear.
  • Press the Remove button.
iPhone 12 remove screen recorder

The screen recording option will be removed from the control centre access in iPhone.

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How to Record Screen in an iPhone

Let’s see how we can record our iPhone screens.

  • On the iPhone home screen, swipe down the Control Centre from the top.
  • The screen recorder button will appear in the Control Centre.
iPhone 14 start screen recording
  • Tap on it to start screen recording.
  • There will be a countdown of 3 secs and then the screen will start recording.
  • A clock will appear in the upper left corner.
screen recording clock iPhone 14 pro

Hence, you can follow the steps to record your iPhone screen.

How to Stop the Screen Recorder on iPhone

Once we reach a point when we want to stop the iPhone screen recording, we can stop it.

  • A clock will emerge on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the clock.
stop screen recording clock iPhone 14 pro max
  • A window will appear with the Stop option.
  • Click on the Stop button to stop the screen recording.
iPhone 12 stop screen recording

Thus, the iPhone screen recording will stop at the tap of a button.

How to Record Audio with Screen Recording on iPhone

Accessing the audio recorder during screen recording is also possible in iPhone.

  • Swipe down the Control Centre on the iPhone home screen.
  • Tap on the screen recorder button.
iPhone 12 audio recording
  • Now, long press the screen recorder button.
  • Few options will appear. Here, the Microphone button will also be visible.
  • The Microphone is on by default. Nonetheless, we can tap on it to turn it on.
microphone on in iPhone 13

Consequently, we can carry on with our recording as our video and audio get captured simultaneously on iPhones.

How to Turn Off the Microphone for Screen Recorder on iPhone

Subsequently, we sometimes want to only record the iPhone screen, but the microphone is on. So, turning off the microphone is pretty effortless.

  • Starting off, swipe down the Control Centre on your iPhones.
  • Press on the Screen Recorder to start recording.
iPhone 12 stop audio recording
  • Further, long press on the screen recorder in iPhone.
  • The Microphone option will emerge.
  • Tap on it to turn it off on iPhone.
stop audio recording in iPhone 13 pro

Finally, the microphone will get turned off and the audio won’t get recorded on iPhone.

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Where Can I Find the Screen Recorded Video?

Once the video recording is completed, a notification pops up on the top of the screen that the video is saved in the Photos app on iPhone. Dive in to know how the video can be accessed.

  • Go to Photos > Albums > Videos.
iPhone 14 pro screen recorder
  • Scroll down and find the recently recorded video here.

The video can be accessed and viewed on iPhone.


The methods mentioned above are very easy to follow. Screen recording is a great feature in iPhones which captures both screen and audio. I have mentioned how we can record the iPhone screen along with the audio.

You can read and implement the steps as per the requirements. Hope this article helps with any issue that you might be facing.

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