How to Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive

Have you tried saving a video to Google Drive? This tutorial is for you to check how to save a YouTube video to Google Drive.

It might look difficult at first time because YouTube doesn’t allow downloading the videos. But it is not like that. There are a lot of methods you can follow to save YouTube videos to Google Drive storage easily.

In this tutorial, I will explain some of the easiest methods to save YouTube videos to Google Drive.

So, without delay continue reading this tutorial to know more.

How to Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive

Saving a video is quite challenging. At first, youtube restricted grabbing files from YouTube, now they made the download function for YouTube premium users.

There are several ways to save the YouTube video to local storage or Drive easily. These techniques for downloading videos or saving them to Google Drive are legal and violate YouTube’s policy.

If you are following an unethical method to download videos, you will be responsible for the consequences.

How to Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive using Chrome Extension

Even though YouTube has blocked a big majority of Chrome extensions from grasping the data of YouTube videos, there is a way you can use Google Drive’s official Save to Google Drive Chrome extension to save YouTube videos directly to Google Drive.

To do this, you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Now, visit the Chrome Web Store and install the Save to Google Drive extension. You can use this link to visit the extension page directly.
Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive
  • After installing the extension, click on the Extensions icon and pin the Save to Google Drive extension for easier access. You can skip this step if this extension is already visible on your browser’s toolbar.
  • Now, right-click on the Save to Google Drive extension and click on Options.
How to Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive
  • Here, you will see a setting named Save to folder. Click on the Change designation folder option.
  • It will open a pop-up box. Here, you have to select the folder where you want to save YouTube videos.
  • After that, go to and open the video that you want to save to your Google Drive.
  • Click on the video URL and copy it.
  • Now, go to the website. You can click on this link to visit the website directly.
save to google drive extension
  • Past the URL on the box and click on the download button. This will generate a link to download that video for you.
How To Save A Youtube Video To Google Drive On Chromebook
  • Once the link is generated, right-click on the Download button and select the option that says Save Link to Google Drive.
  • This will initiate the download process to Google Drive. This process will take a few seconds to a couple of minutes to finish, depending on the size of the video.
  • Once the process completes, you will see Rename, Trash, and Close options. You can use the Rename option if you want to rename this recently saved video. Otherwise, click on the Close option to exit from the window.

You have successfully saved a YouTube video to your Google Drive storage. You can double-check it by visiting the folder you selected to save YouTube videos on your Google Drive.

How to Manually Save a YouTube Video to Google Drive

The above-mentioned method is simple and easy to follow, but it possesses limitations. You need to use the Chrome browser. The Save to Google Drive extensions are not available for other browsers such as Firefox and Opera.

Another disadvantage is restricted only to PCs. You cannot use this technique if you are on a smartphone or other device.

These are a few reasons I am mentioning a manual method that will be quite functional, easy to execute, and will work on almost all devices. However, you will be required to put in the extra effort.

So, here is how you can manually save a YouTube video to Google Drive.

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Now, open the YouTube video you want to save to your Google Drive.
  • Copy the URL of the video. You can do this by directly copying the URL from the address bar, or if you are using the mobile application, you can copy the link by clicking on the Share button.
  • Now, go to the website paste the URL to the Paste your video link here box and click on the Download button.
Save video from youtube to Drive
  • Once the website generates a download link, click on the Download button to download the video.
  • After that, go to the Google Drive mobile app.
  • Now, open the folder and upload the video there.

It will take a couple of minutes, depending on the video size and your internet speed, to upload the video to your Google Drive.

Disclaimer – Due to copyright issues, Google Drive can take down the video you have uploaded without any prior notice. Google Drive doesn’t do it very often, and I’ve never faced any such issue so far, but there are possibilities. Therefore, do it at your own risk.

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1. Can you download YouTube videos from Google Drive?

Yes, it is possible to download YouTube videos that you have stored in your Google Drive.

2. How do I share a downloaded YouTube video?

Even though there are plenty of ways to do that, the easiest one is to upload the video to your Google Drive and then share the link of the video with others. This way, other users will not only be able to see the video but will also be able to download it.


There you have it – the two best methods to save a YouTube video to Google Drive.

During this whole tutorial, we mentioned using the video downloader, but that is not something that you must have to follow. You can use any other YouTube video downloader of your choice. The reason we used is that it is one of the oldest YouTube video downloaders out there, and it is quite easy too.

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