How to Embed PDFs from Google Drive

Do you want to embed PDFs from Google Drive? If yes, continue reading this tutorial to do so. Including the PDF in Google Drive is the best method.

Here I have explained the benefits as well. Continue reading this tutorial to know more.

How to Embed PDFs from Google Drive

Even if you can insert links to download PDFs on the website, attaching PDFs on the website is the easiest way to keep your visitors on your page. There are plenty of benefits as well including PDF to your websites.

Initially, including PDFs from Drive on a website looks like a difficult task. But it is simple and easy in reality. Google Drive’s built-in PDF reader makes this process easier.

If you want to learn more, follow the below steps.

  • Move to a Google Drive account from your preferred browser.
  • Upload the PDF file you want to embed to your Drive storage.
  • Double-click on the file to open it in Preview mode. Google Drive will open this PDF file in Preview mode. Therefore, you will not be able to see the embed option.
  • Now, right-click on the three-dot menu icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Select the Open in new window option.
Embed PDF in Google Drive
  • Again, click on the three-dot icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Click on the Embed option.
Embed PDF from Google Drive
  • It will open a pop-up named Embed item. Here, you will see HTML code, which you must copy and paste on your website using an HTML editor to include this PDF file.
How to Embed PDFs from Google Drive
Embed PDF from Google Drive

This is how we have to embed a file from Google Drive to your website.

Disclaimer – You have to use an HTML editor on your website to include this PDF file. If you paste this code as it is, it will appear as straight text. If that happens because you are not using an HTML editor.

Benefits of Embed PDF from Google Drive to your Website

Below are the major benefits of Embed PDF from Google Drive to your website.

1. SEO

If you are a website owner who is particular about the SEO of your website, including PDF files will give great benefits to you. The first thing that happens when you embed PDFs or other media files increase in the average time spent on a website.

This allows Google and other search engines to understand that you are giving content that is helping users with their queries. This helps in a boost in SEO.

2. Consistent Viewing Experience

One of the great benefits of including PDFs from Google Drive will help your viewers to reduce the burden of downloading PDF files and opening them in any other application.

Your website visitors can open the file right away on your website without leaving it. Overall, this provides visitors with a consistent viewing experience.

3. Control Over Files

The major benefit of including PDF files from Drive into the website is that you can use the features and functionality provided by Drive.

For example, Google Drive allows you to lock the file from printing or downloading. This means without permission no one can download the PDF files without permission. They can only view that file.

Now, let’s say you are embedding a PDF on your website that contains information that strictly belongs to you.

You want others to view that PDF, but you don’t want them to download it or re-distribute it further. In such a scenario, you can put the right permissions and restrictions to maintain what a user can do with your files. In such cases, you can give the permissions and restrict to maintain what a user can do with your files. H

4. Responsive Viewing

Since not everyone is going to open PDFs on a computer screen, responsive design becomes very crucial. If you don’t embed PDF, mobile users will not be able to open the PDF document without using any other application.

By embedding PDFs, developers can ensure that your readers will be able to open or view files irrespective of what devices they are using. This will be great for the user experience.

5. No Dependency

If a smartphone user downloads a PDF, he needs to have an application installed on their device that would help them open the PDF file. While these applications can offer many great features and benefits, they have a huge impact on performance and security.

I am not saying that it is bad to have a PDF reader installed on your device, but the user shouldn’t be forced to have one. It should be the user’s individual choice.

When you embed a PDF on your website, it gives the user a choice to select if they want to open the PDF on their web browser or want to open it in an app.

FAQs on Embed PDFs from Google Drive

Can you embed files from Google Drive?

Yes. Google Drive is a great cloud storage service that offers many great functions. Apart from a storage solution, it also gives users the ability to embed files stored in their Google Drive storage.

Can you embed a PDF?

Yes, it is quite easy to embed a PDF on a website. You just need to get the iframe code and put it in the HTML editor on your website.

Does Google have a PDF viewer?

No, Google doesn’t have a PDF viewer. Instead, it uses Google Docs to allow users to create, modify, or view PDF files.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed guide on how to embed PDF from Google Drive and some of the best benefits of doing this.

PDF is the most popular document, especially documents. Including PDF on a webpage can offer a lot of great benefits. But to include PDFs on your website, the important thing you can do is you have to upload PDFs to a cloud storage platform.

Now, even you can use Google Drive because of its free cloud storage and excellent functionalities. Also, it is easy to include PDFs from Google Drive.

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