How to Print an Entire Folder in Google Drive

You might be having tons of files and documents on Google Drive. It is very simple to print any document with a single click directly from this platform, however, the real question is how to print an entire folder on Google Drive? Well, you will not find any direct method for it but we do have certain other steps you can follow for the same.

Let us look at all you need to know to print an entire folder in Google Drive.

How to Print an Entire Folder in Google Drive

The first method we can try to print an entire folder on Google Drive is by simply choosing to download the folder on your system.

As we have already discussed you cannot directly print a series of files from your cloud storage platform. Hence, we will be trying other methods.

  • Open the Google Drive web page on your tab and log in to your account.
  • Now, choose the folder you wish to print.
  • Make a right-click, and choose Download.

This will simply download a zip file on your system then you can unzip it. Now, once done, you can then print all the files mentioned in there either altogether or as you need them.

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How to Print an Entire Folder in Google Drive using Desktop App

Now, another way you can choose to print the entire folder is by directly syncing all your files on the PC. For this, download the Google Drive for Desktop app on your laptop and install it. Here are what steps you need to take.

Print an Entire Folder in Google Drive
  • Log in to your account to sync the files.
  • Click on the Drive icon on the taskbar and tap on the Gear icon.
  • Now, choose Preferences.
  • Here, you can select Google Drive and check the option beside Mirror Files.
How to Print an Entire Folder in Google Drive

Once done, save your changes. This will allow all your Google Drive files to be saved on your system on the hard drive. You can also choose to select the Stream Files option where the files will only be available virtually and not saved.

From here, you can look for the folder you wish to print and then select all the files in bulk inside it. This method might take some time to sync all the files depending on the number of items you have on your drive.

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How To Print From Google Drive On Android

If you are looking to print any file from Google Drive on Android, the process is very simple. The only thing here is that you cannot print files in bulk and you will have to do it one by one from your cloud storage platform. Here is all you need to do.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your smartphone
  • Now, look for any file you would like to print
  • Click on the three dots beside the file to make a selection
  • Now, select Print from the list.

From here, you can select the printer and print all your documents. This will take time since with Google Drive you cannot print the files all at once while working on Android smartphones or even your iOS devices.

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Can you print everything in a Google Drive folder at once?

Well, Google Drive currently does not have the option where you can print files in bulk. However, you can surely choose to select them all at once and download it in a zip file.

For this, you can either download the entire folder at once or choose the files from within it via using the ctrl key on your keyboard. Now, make a right-click and select the download option. This will help you to download the zip file on your system after which you can print them.

Why isn’t Google Drive letting me Print?

We all do know that Google Drive is a perfect cloud storage platform. However, there are multiple errors you will come across over the course of time.

Similarly, since we are talking about printing documents here, you might come across multiple errors that will create issues while printing documents from your phone or even your desktop.

Some of the major reasons could be an issue with your printer or a connection issue between your printer and your device. Make sure everything is working fine. If not, it is better to disconnect the printer and try connecting it again.

Similarly, try printing other files to make sure there are no issues from your system or the printer side. If all of these possible issues are ruled out you can then try restarting the process of printing files from Google Drive.

You can try ut these methods if nothing works.

  • Try updating the browser you are currently working on such as Google Chrome.
  • Disable the browser extensions that might be interfering with the printer.
  • Make sure your printer is connected to your system or smartphone
  • Check if Google Drive Server is working properly
  • Force Quit the App and restart Again
  • Restart the printer from the source and connect it again to your device
  • Ensure that your printer has ink and paper to print the files.

If at all, these methods still do not work for you. It is always better to connect with someone from the Google Support team or put your query on the forum where other users might be able to help you.

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Here we are with everything you need to know about how to print an entire folder in Google Drive. You can follow the methods we have mentioned that might seem a little time taking initially but serves to be the best way to go from here. Make sure everything is in order as we have mentioned or you may encounter an error in the worst-case scenario.

Furthermore, we have tried these steps as well to print documents on Google Drive. If you only have a selected document you can simply do it one at a time or else download the folder and then queue those files directly from your system.

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