How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac

To take a scrolling screenshot on Mac, you basically have to screen record and scroll on the webpage to take a scrolling screenshot. Moreover, Apple has streamlined the entire software, allowing you to do this just by using shortcuts on the keyboard.

No one can deny how handy screenshots are. If you’re using a Mac, there are various ways to capture a photo of your screen or a part of your screen. These methods will work for all Macs, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or even an iMac. 

However, if you have a MacBook Pro with a touch bar that was released in 2016, you have one more way of taking a screenshot that the other Macs don’t. Let us look at all you need to know on how to take a scrolling screenshot on Mac

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac?

Here are the steps you can follow to take a scrolling screenshot on Mac.

  • Sign in to your Mac and open any document or webpage whose screenshot you want to take. 
  • Press the Command-Shift-5 shortcut, and a small window will pop up at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select the Record entire screen option. You will see a camera icon appear on the screen, click anywhere, and the video will begin recording.
Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac
How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac
  • Now, scroll through the webpage or the document, and then click on Stop recording when you’re done. 

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How to Take a Full-Screen Screenshot on Your Mac

There are various methods to take a screenshot on your Mac. For example, you can use keyboard shortcuts, one using the Spotlight feature and another applicable only for MacBooks with a touch bar. Let’s go through each of them. 

You can use the Command-Shift-3 shortcut to capture the entire screen. Or the Command-Shift-5 shortcut to display a panel with various options to take screenshots. 

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac
How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac

This method is suitable if you do not want to hide anything on your screen and are just looking for a way to screenshot something quickly. 

How to Screenshot a selective area on Mac?

If you want to capture a particular area of the screen, there is a separate keyboard shortcut for that as well. Read the instructions detailed below to see how to do it. 

  1. Sign in to your Mac and open any file or webpage whose screenshot you want to take. 
  2. Press the Command-Shift-4 shortcut, which will turn the cursor into crosshairs. 
  3. Use the crosshairs to select a particular area of the screen. Now, let go of the cursor when you’re satisfied with the selection. 
  4. Furthermore, while using this shortcut, the cursor morphs into a camera icon if you press the Spacebar button. You can use this camera icon to capture screenshots of individual windows that are open. 

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Can I Screenshot the Dock on Mac?

Yes, there is a shortcut you can use to take a screenshot of the dock. Just hover the camera icon over your dock, and a blue highlighted area should pop up, click on it, and it will take a screenshot of just your dock. 

Moreover, this process can be repeated for any windows you might have open on your Mac. 

If you select a particular area of the screen without releasing the mouse or trackpad and thumb down and hold the spacebar, the shape of the area which you highlight using the crosshair gets fixed and that highlighted area can now be repositioned anywhere on the screen.

Furthermore, as soon as you release the mouse, whatever is inside that specified area will be screenshotted.  

After selecting the desired area on the screen, if you hold down the shift button, the highlighted area will get locked horizontally, but you can adjust or change its size vertically. 

If you want to change the size horizontally again, simply let go of the shift key without releasing the mouse button. Now you can readjust the area you want to take a picture of; when you’re satisfied, simply let go of the mouse button to screenshot it. 

Another method combines the two methods mentioned above, along with a few extra features. If you press Command-Shift-5, a small rectangular window will appear at the screen’s bottom. 

Within it, the first option is to capture the entire screen, the second allows you to take a screenshot of a selected window which is identical to using Command-Shift-4  and pressing the spacebar to turn the crosshairs into a camera icon, and the third option is for capturing a specific area of the screen. 

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Are There Any Third-Party Apps That Can be Used to take screenshots on Mac?

There are indeed several apps that can be used to take screenshots and scrolling screenshots as well on Mac. We recommend Movavi ScreenShot, GoFullPage, and Awesome Screenshot. 

However, the Movavi screenshot is only available as a browser extension. But it allows you to take full-page, selected parts, and full-screen screenshots, including with all the tabs open. 

Furthermore, a little side note, some of these extensions may require payment to access all their features. 

How to Use QuickTime Player to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac?

Did you know you could also use QuickTime Player to capture scrolling screenshots on Mac without needing to use any of the keyboard shortcuts? If not, refer to the instructions below to learn about it. 

  • Sign in to your Mac 
  • Open the QuickTime player from the dock or use a Spotlight search to do the same. Use the Command-Space shortcut to launch the search bar, type in “QuickTime,” and hit the return key to launch the app. 
  • Select the File tab from the Menu bar and click on the New screen recording. 
  • Choose Record Entire Screen. After this, the cursor will morph into a camera icon; click anywhere on the screen, and the recording will start.
How do I capture a scrolling screenshot
how to do a scrolling screenshot on macbook
  • Scroll through whichever page you want to take a scrolling screenshot. When you’re done, click on the File tab again from the Menu bar. 
  • Click on New screen recording and choose Stop screen recording. 
  • Furthermore, you can also edit the screenshot video after taking it using the Edit tab from the Menu bar. 

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That’s it for this article, folks. Now you know how to take scrolling screenshots on Mac as well as all the other types of screenshots that are available. I hope you got an idea on:

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