How to Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive [2 Methods]

Are you wondering how to save outlook emails to onedrive? This onedrive tutorial explains 2 different ways to save outlook emails to onedrive.

When Microsoft introduced OneDrive in August 2007, it made it simpler to organize emails and their attachments. It offers a quick way to quickly store all of your data on the cloud and retrieve it while you’re on the road, along with 5GB of free storage capacity. 

Additionally, OneDrive makes it easier to integrate documents from other MS Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It offers you the most affordable cloud storage option.

On the other hand, MS Outlook is a personal information organizer that enables you to create and manage contact lists, emails, reminders, calendars, events, and other types of information. 

But a lot of consumers wish to transfer data from Outlook to OneDrive because of problems like corruption and hanging. Outlook is an email client created by Microsoft that is a component of the Microsoft Office suite and allows users to carry out a variety of functions. It allows the user to write, send, & receive emails. It also functions as a personal information manager, enabling users to manage their web browsing, tasks, journals, and contacts.

However, Outlook frequently experiences problems like hanging, corruption, etc., making it impossible to read your emails. Therefore, a lot of customers prefer to save their Outlook emails to OneDrive as backups so they can access them when Outlook is down and handle their emails more easily.

How to Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive 

If you’re a user who wants to save Outlook emails to OneDrive but can’t seem to find an easy way to do so, keep reading. We’ll talk about backing up Outlook emails in the sections that follow. Now, you can follow these steps below to backup Outlook to OneDrive:

Method 1: Save Outlook emails with Import/Export Wizard

Here are the steps you can follow to save outlook emails with the help of the Import/Export wizard. Let us look at the steps below.

  • On your PC or Mac, download and install Outlook. After that, use the Outlook Application to log in using the account and password.
  • Open desktop Outlook, then select the mail you want to save to OneDrive.
Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive
  • Next, make right-click on it and choose Print.
save outlook emails to onedrive
  • Under the print preview, click on the arrow beside the PDF below.
backup outlook emails to onedrive
  • Click on Save as PDF from the option and choose the location.
move outlook email folders to onedrive
  • Log into your Microsoft OneDrive profile by visiting the OneDrive website.
  • Select “Upload” from the account’s top panel, then select the desired emails from your local computer to add to OneDrive.

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Method 2: Save Outlook emails to Onedrive from a Web browser

If you don’t have the Outlook application installed on your computer and you don’t want to stress your mind over installing the Outlook Software on your device, you can follow the given steps below:

  • Visit the Microsoft Outlook web page and log into your account there.
  • Click the “” icon in the top right of the email you have to access.
Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive
  • From the popup menu, choose Print, and you will then get a preview.
save outlook email into onedrive
  • Again click on Print, and then under the Destination option, select Save as PDF.
how do i automatically save outlook emails to onedrive
  • Click on Save and select the destination to save the file.
can you save outlook emails to onedrive
  • Log into your Microsoft OneDrive profile by visiting the OneDrive website.
  • Choose “Upload” from the account’s top panel, then select the desired emails from your local computer to add to OneDrive.

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Reasons for backing up Outlook emails to OneDrive

There are many users of both OneDrive and Outlook emails, and these users might also need to save their Outlook emails to OneDrive for a variety of reasons.

  1. Sharing is made simpler: Individuals can back up their Outlook emails to OneDrive at any time and share that content with friends, coworkers, or even anonymous users by using OneDrive’s sharing functionality.
  2. Convenience: You won’t need to worry about purchasing a sizable USB drive or even a CD/DVD for backups if you use a cloud storage service.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to competing storage services, OneDrive offers a lot of capacity for a reasonable price.
  4. Higher security: OneDrive is a permanent home for your important Outlook files. OneDrive is considered a secure storage option that provides a variety of security measures. Additionally, you may always restore the emails you’ve backed up to OneDrive.
  5. Offline work: The main reason you should back up your Outlook emails to OneDrive is so you can access and use all of the data locally. You can save data and use it without an internet connection using the OneDrive sync client.
  6. Files-on-demand synchronization: People who work on numerous gadgets will find it helpful. With the help of OneDrive’s File On-Demand feature, you can automatically store Outlook emails to OneDrive and sync all email documents you want to carry across various devices.
  7. Greater accessibility: OneDrive’s email storage allows you 24/7 access from any device. Additionally, you can download and access data with the OneDrive sync client even when there is no internet connection. Therefore, saving Outlook emails to OneDrive will allow you to access all of the data locally in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I save emails from Outlook?

Messages can be saved as files on your device or in the cloud. Open the mail you wish to save by double-clicking. Then select print from the “…” option. Now, under print preview, select Save as PDF and select the destination folder. Choose Save.

2. How do I save multiple Outlook emails to OneDrive?

If you want to save multiple emails into a OneDrive folder, you can follow the following method: 
– You can choose an email to store in OneDrive or select numerous messages with the Shift key and select all of the emails in a folder with Ctrl+A.
– Directly drag files into the OneDrive folder. Everything in the mail will be saved automatically.


In the post above, we will go over the entire process of importing Outlook emails to a onedrive account. There are numerous reasons why a user would need to transfer Outlook emails to OneDrive, but they are unable to do it because there is no reliable solution available.

Microsoft created the cloud-based storage system known as OneDrive. The user is able to save both personal & professional information online as a result. Users can use Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other Microsoft Office programs using their OneDrive accounts because OneDrive is linked with these programs.

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