Why can’t people hear me on my iPhone?

Isn’t it frustrating when you make calls and the person on the other end cannot hear you? So if you are faced with the question why can’t people hear me on my iPhone this article is for you. We will look at the possible reasons and find ways to troubleshoot.

If people can’t hear you on calls from your iPhone try checking app permissions. Go to Settings and tap on Privacy then go to Microphone. Make sure that the phone app has the necessary permissions to access your microphone. If this doesn’t work try removing the phone case. Sometimes the microphone doesn’t work when you have a cover on.

How do you fix your iPhone when the other person can’t hear you?

There might be several reasons why the person on the side cannot hear you one of the most common is that you have not allowed microphone access to the app you are calling from. Here is how to get it done

  • Start by checking if the microphone of your iPhone is free from any obstructions like the cover a cloth or something else
  • You can also clean the area and make sure there is no dust covering the microphone.
  • If you are using a Bluetooth device check if the person can hear you without the device. The problem might be with the Bluetooth device and not the phone.
  • After you have ruled out issues with the hardware you will need to look at the application permissions. Start by going to Settings
  • Now tap on Privacy
  • Go to Microphone
  • Make sure that the app you are using to call is allowed access. If not move the toggle switch to allow microphone access.

Try restarting the phone if the problem persists. To be double sure try other calling applications you can also test the microphone by trying to record audio. This way you will be able to rule out possible causes.

Why can’t people hear me when I am talking on my iPhone?

If the above solutions do not work here are some more solutions you can try when it comes to fixing the issue with your microphone.

Why can't people hear me when I am talking on my iPhone?
  • Restart the phone: Generally, a quick restart can help with minor glitches in the phone. If you feel that the microphone was working just fine and has suddenly stopped working restart the phone it might solve the issue.
  • Check the toggle mute switch: Make sure that the toggle mute switch on the side of the phone is in the right position. If the switch is set to mute the person on the opposite side of the call will not be able to hear you
  • Software update: It may so happen that your phone is due for an update and hence it is important to keep a check on the available updates from time to time
Why can't people hear me when I am talking on my iPhone?
  • Disable sound cancellation: Sometimes sound cancellation can cause primary sounds to get blurred or canceled. Turn off this setting on your phone and check if there is a difference in the sound quality.
Why can't people hear me when I am talking on my iPhone?
  • Reset network settings: lastly, there might be an issue with the cellular network you are using. Try resetting the. Connection or check with the phone company and check if that resolves the issue.

Why can’t people hear me on my iPhone?

Callers might not be able to hear you on your iPhone if you are stuck in headphone mode. To fix this problem you will need to turn off headphone mode on your phone. Here are the steps you can follow

  • If you use headphones with a jack plug it in and out of the socket a few times. Generally, by removing the headphone jack it should go back to the device audio but if there is damage it won’t happen. In such cases try plugging in and out.
Why can't people hear me on my iPhone?
  • If you are using Bluetooth headphones or iPods turn off the Bluetooth
  • Go into the phone settings and tap on Bluetooth
  • Now use the toggle switch to turn it off.


This article looked at solutions to the question why can’t people hear me on my iPhone? Try cleaning the microphone or changing the settings as mentioned in the article. If the problem persists you will need to contact Apple support, and get the phone checked an authorized Apple service center will help resolve the issue.

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