How to Stop Dropbox from Opening on Startup?

Want to stop Dropbox opening on PC? Here is the article you are looking for exactly how to stop Dropbox from opening on a startup.

Dropbox is a convenient way to synchronize files across devices using the cloud. Dropbox starts automatically when we turn on our Windows PC or Mac, but we may not want it to.

Sometimes we don’t want to show the Dropbox icon on a PC whether it is Mac or Windows due to certain reasons. Here’s how to prevent it from launching when we start our computer.

  • Disable Dropbox from Browser
  • Disable Dropbox from Windows 10 and 11
  • Disable Dropbox from Windows 7
  • Disable Dropbox from Mac

Disable Dropbox from Browser

We are going to see how to disable Dropbox in a browser. It is applicable to both Mac and Windows.


Open the Dropbox icon in the toolbar which is below the windows page.

Sign in Dropbox to stop from Dropbox


Click Settings or profile picture which is on the top and also click the Preferences option to disable Dropbox.

Disable Dropbox in windows


After clicking the Preferences option, the “General tab” window opens. If the check mark is selected then unselect the Start Dropbox on the system startup.

Stop Dropbox from opening startup

For confirmation, Click OK to disable Dropbox from opening in the windows.

Disable Dropbox from Windows10/11

We have seen how to disable Dropbox from the browser itself. Let’s see how to disable it in Windows as well. This is applicable for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.


The first and foremost step is to type Settings in the search bar which is at the lower left side near the Windows icon in the Windows.

Stop Dropbox from starting


Once opened the Settings page, type Startup Apps in the search option to disable Dropbox from starting.

disable Dropbox from startup


After typing the Startup App, so the page will open with many applications. In that, Dropbox will be available. We can disable that, so Dropbox will not load while opening.

Disable the Dropbox from windows

By the above method, we can disable Dropbox from Windows.

Disable Dropbox from Windows 7

Since people still use Windows 7 nowadays. For them, read the below steps to disable Dropbox from Windows 7.

  • Press the Windows key+R to open a Run dialog box.
  • Type MSConfig into the Run dialog, then click Ok to proceed next.
  • Now, we will see the System Configuration window, hit the Startup tab, and then uncheck or unclick Dropbox and click OK to save the change.
  • Restart and check the changes that you made.

On the contrary, if Dropbox is not starting on the system startup, we can also add Dropbox to the system startup with the above methods. It is worth mentioning that if Dropbox is disabled on system startup, it won’t start automatically start even if we set it enabled on the Preferences of Dropbox Browser.

Disable Dropbox from Mac

Mac allows users to have control over the startup application from the System Preferences settings. Therefore, it’s very simple to disable the Dropbox application on startup on Mac. 

  • Firstly, we will have to open up the System Preference while clicking on the Apple icon at the top left corner and then select the System Preferences option.
  • The System Preferences Windows will open up, there select the Users & Groups options. Then in the Users & Group Window, move to the Login Items tab, here we will see a list of applications.
  • Select Dropbox from the list and click on the Minus button to disable from startup. Now, just close the System Preferences, then log off and log in again and check whether Dropbox is open or not.

The Dropbox won’t start at the Startup now. If we have disabled it on System preferences, Mac won’t allow it to start at startup.

How do I Delete an Account from my Computer’s Dropbox Account?

We must keep in mind that when we try to remove or delete our Dropbox account from our computer we will be deleting all data and logging out on all the devices where we already have synchronized it, either on our iPad or smartphone. If we are really sure about performing this task, then check the following steps:

The first and foremost thing is to log in to the official Dropbox site, once inside our account, click on the profile photo or avatar picture that is located in the upper right corner. Then, go to Settings, and move to the General section, where click on ‘Delete account’. If we are using a professional Dropbox account, we recommend visiting Dropbox technical support to get good advice on what can happen if we delete our account.

Delete account from opening on startup

Summing Up

We come to the conclusion in this article. Dropbox is an excellent platform for storing files of various types, whether they are professional or personal.

If you want to disable Dropbox from startup launch on system boot up, then there is a general way we have seen before.

I trust this article helped you out in avoiding Dropbox from startup. Here I have covered everything related to stopping Dropbox from the browser to Mac.

Be cautious while you are stopping Dropbox from startup whether it is a browser, Window, or Mac.

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