How to Stop Discord From Launching on Startup Mac

Discord has become one of the most famous gaming platforms as it is easy to use, extremely quick, and isn’t filled with unnecessary functions. It allows you to communicate via text, voice and video calls, and file and media sharing. 

To stop Discord from launching on Startup Mac, simply use the Dock. Make a two-finger tap on the Discord shortcut to display the additional options. Now, click the Options tab and uncheck beside Open at login option. Restart your system again to see if it worked.

It already has tens of millions of users using it daily to talk and hang out with their friends and communities. Discord was initially designed for gamers but has transitioned into a general-use platform for everybody over time.

However, when you install Discord for the first time, it is set to start up as soon as you log in to your Mac. This ensures you do not need to open Discord whenever you turn on your system. This can get a little frustrating, but there is an easy way to disable it.

There are a few other ways you can also make changes to the startup settings. This article details a few ways to stop discord from launching during startup on Mac.

How to Stop Discord From Launching on Startup Mac

1. Using The Dock

This is the easiest way to prevent Discord from launching during startup. First, you need to launch the Discord application so that it is present on the Dock. Refer to the instructions provided below for further steps.

  • Head over to the dock and use the two-finger gesture on the trackpad over the Discord shortcut to display the additional options. 
  • Hover the cursor over the Options tab and uncheck the Open at login option. This will prevent Discord from opening once you log in to your Mac.
Stop Discord From Launching on Startup Mac

2. Using System Preferences

This is another way to remove Discord from the startup application list from the System preferences. Read the steps provided below to see how it is done.

  • Power on and sign in to your Mac. 
  • Head over to the System Preferences from the Menu bar or use the shortcut on the Dock for the same. 
  • Click on the Users & Groups tab. 
  • Here, on the right side, you will see a list of applications that have permission to launch as soon as you log in to your Mac. 
  • Find Discord, and select it.
Stop Discord From Launching on Startup Mac
Stop Discord From Launching on Startup Mac
  • Now, click on the “-” button below the box to remove it from the list of startup applications. 

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How to Stop Discord From Updating on Mac Using Third-Party Software

You can also use third-party software like CleanMyMac X to remove Discord from the list of startup applications as well. You need to head over to the CleanMyMac X website and download and install the application. After installing the application, refer to the following steps.

  • Open the application and click on the Optimization option, which should be located under the Speed menu. 
  • From the right-side window, select View all items
  • Select Login items, and a list of the applications allowed to run during startup will be displayed. 
  • Search for the Discord application and uncheck the box beside it. This will prevent Discord from running during login. 
  • Now, click on the Launch agents option; this displays all the related services for applications and other software. Here, you can search and disable any Discord-related services. This step is unnecessary but can be done if you want to remove any and all Discord services from running automatically during startup.

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Why is discord stuck on checking updates on my Mac, and How to Fix it?

If your discord is stuck at the checking update box, don’t worry; this problem has several fixes. 

  • First and foremost, check your internet connection and ensure it is functioning properly. Try restarting the Wi-Fi or reconnecting the ethernet cables.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can try restarting your Mac which terminates all processes and provides a fresh start. 
  • You can also clear the Discord cache if the two methods above don’t work.

To do this, open a finder window and click on Go from the Menu bar. Select Go to the folder from the list. Type in “~/Library/Application Support/discord” in the dialog box that pops up without quotations.

Click on Go, and select the Cache, GPUCache, and Code Cache folders. Move them all to the bin one by one, or use the Command key to select all of them at once. Try relaunching discord and check if this solved the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to stop steam from opening on startup?

You can use the method mentioned here to prevent steam from opening during startup. You can disable it from the dock, head to the system preference, and click on the Users & Groups tab. Click on Login items and search for Steam on the right-hand side. Select it and use the “-” button below the area to prevent it from running during startup.

2. How to prevent discord from updating automatically on mac?

Automatic updates are very helpful since they remove the need for you to do it every time a new version is released manually. However, they can take a significant amount of bandwidth, hindering you from doing other activities on the web. 

You can easily disable this on the Mac by using these steps. First, open the AppStore from the dock and click on AppStore on the Menu bar. Select Preferences from the list and uncheck the box next to automatic updates.


That’s it for this article, folks; now you know all the methods to stop Discord from Launching on Startup Mac. We recommend using the dock method as it is the easiest and fastest way to prevent any application from running automatically during startup. Several other third-party applications can also be used for this.

However, it is not required as some of these applications are behind a paywall. So, using the first two methods in this article are the two methods we prefer.

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