Why the Signature Image is Not Showing in Outlook Online? [5 Different Ways]

Can’t see the image signature in Outlook Online? Here is the article to see the reason behind why the signature image is not showing in Outlook Online.

I tried to figure out such an issue and got some solutions. So here I am sharing my experience of why it is not visible and what it will be the reasons and will have a solution here. Continue reading this article till the end to find out.

  • Why is the Outlook signature not showing the image?
  • How to resolve the Outlook email signature image not displaying?
  • Write emails in HTML format
  • Update Microsoft Outlook 365 application
  • Open Outlook in safe mode
  • Fix Microsoft Outlook 365
  • An alternative method to solve for not showing images

Why is Outlook Signature Not Showing the Image?

Microsoft Outlook 365 does not show signatures due to mail being composed in text formats. Rather than this, if the Outlook version is not updated then the signature will not be shown or the recipient’s mail has some issue with the signature.

How to Resolve Outlook Email Signature Image Not Displaying?

Before moving into the solving procedure, I would like to suggest you determine to which end of the email your signature image is not displaying. That statement tends to find out if our client can not seem to find our signature image or if their recipients are facing the issue.

Then, logging out of Outlook and clearing our browser history helps out a lot. Moreover, re-arrange our Outlook account, Check if the issue still persists. This method will resolve if we face a minor problem.

Work on the following methods if the problem has not been resolved yet. First, read the solutions carefully then proceed to apply. Sometimes we can follow the trial-and-error method. Check every time if the image is displaying your signature after implementing a method.

Method 1 – Write Emails in HTML Format

We may use earlier plain text format instead of HTML format, in such case image is displayed as an attachment to our email. It is better to use HTML format to avoid such things. Here are the steps to change in HTML format.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 application from your device.
  • Click the File option from the home page of the Microsoft Outlook 365 application.
Signature Image is not showing in Outlook Online
  • Select Options from the left side of the menu in Microsoft Outlook 365 application.
Signature image in Outlook Online
  • Click Mail to see the options to change it in HTML format to show the signature image in Outlook Online.
  • Alternatively, use the shortcut Ctrl + N to compose a new email.
  • Move to the option Compose messages in this format. Select HTML instead of other options. Click OK to save the changes.
Signature image from the Outlook Online

Once after setting it up, compose a new mail to any of your contacts and check if the changes did or not.

Method 2 – Update Microsoft Outlook 365 Application

The signature issue may be happened due to software bugs, so it is required to update Microsoft Outlook 365 application to clear out this issue. Check the below process to update Microsoft Outlook 365.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 application from your device.
  • Click the File option from the Microsoft Outlook 365 application.
Update Microsoft Outlook for signature image
  • Select Office Account from the left side of the menu in Microsoft Outlook 365 application.
Update Outlook to get signature image
  • Select Update Now from the Update options (Office Updates).
Update Outlook for Signature image

Wait for some time to complete the update. Check if the signature is visible now else if this option does not solve you then follow the upcoming methods below to solve the issue.

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Method 3 – Open Outlook in Safe Mode

You might have heard about Windows in safe mode but do you know about software in safe mode? Yes using a program in safe mode has some benefits since the compatible issues and errors we can avoid if we run in a safe mode. Check the below steps to operate Microsoft Outlook 365 in safe mode.

  • Type the Run in the start option, or use the shortcut key Windows + R to operate Microsoft Outlook 365 in safe mode.
  • Type this command Outlook.exe/safe and hit enter.
Outlook in safe mode
  • Make sure you want to operate this Microsoft Outlook 365 under safe mode.

Once the safe mode for the Microsoft Outlook 365 applications is opened, send the email to check whether the signature is working or not.

Method 4 – Fix Microsoft Outlook 365

In some instances, image issues will be due to the corruption of the files. We don’t need to re-install the Microsoft Outlook 365 application instead, we can repair the application. Below are the steps to fix Microsoft office.

  • Click the Windows + S to open the windows search box or Type the Control panel in the search bar and click on the results.
Outlook Online in safe zone
  • Select Programs and simultaneously click Programs and Features from the list of options.
Signature not showing in Outlook Online
  • Choose Microsoft Outlook from the option and select the Quick repair option and also click on Repair.
Update Outlook for signature image

Wait for some time until it took for the repair mechanism. Probably our issue should be resolved in this step by doing this.

Alternative Method to Solve For Not Showing Images

If all the above methods don’t help in any case, no worries still have some other options to reduce your tension.

The only thing is we should create a new signature image and as an alternate option create a new Outlook Profile as well. So, let’s move to the steps without thinking about some other options.

Create a New Signature

If you are in this stage of the article, I will assume the other inscription didn’t work as you predicted.

  • Save your signature image in a different style or different form than the previous one.
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook 365 application, and click on the File menu.
Update Microsoft Outlook for signature image
  • Select  Options from the left pane.
Signature image in Outlook Online
  • Go to the Mail tab, and look to Create or modify signatures for messages.
Signature image in the Outlook

Once done click OK to see the changes.

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Create a New Outlook Profile

We can create a new Outlook profile if the earlier profile experience gave lots of errors due to glitches or other reasons.

  • Open the Outlook application, and click on File from the dashboard.
New Microsoft Outlook profile for signature image
  • Select Account Settings from the list of options. Go ahead to the Manage Profiles section.
New profiles in Outlook for signature
  • Click on Show Profiles from the Mail Setup – Outlook page.
New profile in Outlook for signature
  • Click on the Add button to add a new profile.
Add profile in Outlook for signature

The issue should have automatically resolved itself when you bring the additional profile to work in Outlook.


I tested and wrote the best results that I have gone through. Hopefully, you have tackled resolving the error by implementing the methods I have listed in the article. This error happens quite regularly on Outlook, and I have given alternative methods as well. So please do it in step-by-step method to get the error-free outcome.

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