How To Share Google Drive Folders With Non-Gmail Users

Google Drive has revolutionized the exchange and sharing of data and files via several mediums, including cloud services. As a result, you can work smarter, faster and get more productive in your personal and professional areas.

Google drive, compared to Gmail, has become a preferred way to share files. The former allows the attachment of files ranging up to 10 GB while the latter has an attachment limit of up to 25 MB, making a big difference between the two Google services.

Sharing google drive files with other google users is extremely easy. The problem comes in if the receiver does not have a google account. Companies and Organizations may have users who prefer other services providers apart from Google. They could have different preferences when it comes to their official account for communication. 

So, how to share Google Drive folders with non-Gmail users? We have a solution for that. Be it a google sheet, google doc or google drive folder, you can hare them to a non – Gmail user without them having to create a Gmail account.

How To Share Google Drive Folders With Non-Gmail Users

1. Create a sharable link on your Google Drive folder

Creating a sharable link on your google drive folder is one option to explore while sending the folder to a non-Gmail user. These steps are also applicable on your smartphone but are more efficient and easy on your PC.

Below are the steps on how to create a sharable link on the folder;

  • The first step is to open the Google drive dashboard on your personal computer.
  • Right-click on the folder you want to share. If you don’t have one, create it and add all the necessary files.
  • After selecting the google drive folder, click on the share button.
How To Share Google Drive Folders With Non-Gmail Users
  • A dialogue box that allows you to set up preferences on whom you wish to share the google drive folder with open.
  • From the above dialogue box, click on the “restricted” option. Change it to the “anyone with a link” option
Can I share Google Drive with external users
share google drive folder with non gmail users
  • Click on the viewer section next and change the viewer permissions accordingly.
Share Google Drive Folders With Non-Gmail Users


  1. Viewer option means that the receiver can view and download the folder contents
  2. Commenter option means the receiver can view and add a comment on the contents of the folder. The commenter option is ideal if the folder contents require multiple comments or discussion.
  3. The editor option means that the receiver is granted complete control of editing and deleting the content on the folder.
  • Select your desired permissions and copy the link available.
  • After copying the link, you can now open your email and send the link to any non-Gmail user.


The link can also be shared on other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, and the person can see the folder’s contents by simply clicking on it.  Therefore, it is advisable to be careful not to send the link to public groups, especially if the folder contents are private and confidential.

Creating a sharable link on your google drive folder can be a lifesaver method, especially when sending big folders with multiple files to one or several recipients.

2. Share the Google Drive folder as an email attachment

One of the best ways to share your google drive file or folder without a sign-in is to send it as an email attachment. Here’s how to do that;

  • First, open your google drive page
  • Right-click on the folder or file you want to share. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click on the share option from the menu to open the sharing options, as shown below.
  • In the add people box that appears, enter the non-Gmail email address of the user you wish to send the folder.
  • Add a description to notify the person of the attachment
  • Click the send button.

The perks of using this method to share your google drive file or folder are that it is a fast and easy way to get the content to your desired audience.

Its downside, however, is that you cannot collaborate with the receiver of the content online.

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A  Principle to Observe When Sharing a Google Drive Folder with non-Gmail users

This principle mainly applies to people using Google GSuite services to customize emails. For example, an administrator handling their employer’s Google account has the option to limit their ability to share documents and files with people outside the organization.

Google drive has various settings that give the administrator authority to control what can and cannot be shared outside of the company. The administrator, for example, can limit sharing of files to Google users only and block sharing of google drive files or folders to non-Gmail users. 

Security is vital when sharing information at any level and sharing google drive folders to non-Gmail users is no exception. You do not want information getting into the wrong hands.

If you share personal or confidential information, it is vital to be watchful when rendering non-google users access to avoid unethical use of your link.  Therefore, before sending a google drive link, ensure you have done a background check assuring you of the reliability and trustworthiness of your recipient.

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Why is Google Drive useful?

Google drive cloud-based storage allows you to save your files and access them from any platform. You can access your files from a smartphone, an old windows PC, MacBook Pro, or even your iPhone, making it easy for you to securely upload and edit your files online from the device available to you at that time.

The ability to access your google drive files from different platforms may seem a bit complex sometimes, but it is advantageous by allowing you to stay productive.  

How to share huge files using Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to send files up to 15GB. However, you will need to upload the files to the drive first, and if your files exceed the 15GB  maximum tier, you may be required to pay for extra storage.

Below are the steps to follow while sending huge files with Google drive;

  • Use the “New” button to create a new folder
  • Copy-paste or drag the huge file you intend to share in the new folder
  • From the “My Drive “section, select the folder and tap on the shared item 
  • Enter the name and email address of your recipient

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How to use Google Drive on your  iPhone or iPad

Using Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad is simple. First, download and install the app to your device and log in with your Google ID. You can now begin to store files and items from your device to Google drive that offers a maximum of 15GB of free space.

Downloading the Files app makes everything easier for IOS users. Google drive is made available as one of your locations on Google’s Files app once downloaded and logged into. The files app makes accessing documents and data stored in Google Drive as easy as accessing data in Files. However, accessing the more sophisticated features will still require you to open up your google drive app.

After downloading content to your iPhone or iPad, it can be dragged and dropped between the storage services enabled on your device.

How to set up Google Drive on your iPhone

Google Drive has an IOS  app available for download that you can use to backup your contacts, photos, and files. It is a cloud-based storage solution like iCloud but offers you 15GB free storage, unlike 5GB with iCloud.

Below are the steps to follow to set up and use it on your iPhone or iPad;

  • Download and install Google drive from your app store.
  • Create a google account from the “more options” menu if you don’t have  Google Account and log in.
  • Use the blue plus sign to upload items from your iCloud or device to the drive
  • After uploading your files, explore the file’s menu on the right side of the file for options to work on your file or document.

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Can you share google drive folders on Android?

You can share Google Drive Folders with non-Gmail users on your android device should not be an uphill task. Below is how to go about it;

  • Open the google drive app on your android phone
  • Locate the folder you want to share
  • Next to the folder’s name, tap on “more.”
  • Click on the share option from the menu
  • Enter the email address of your recipient
  • You can change the viewer permissions by tapping on the down arrow
  • Click send 

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How to use items  in Google Drive

Using the Google Drive app gives you more features to explore than using the Files app, which is great only for accessing your data and information.

When navigating the files stores in Google drive, press the triple-dot item at the right side of your file name to access tools for; sending and making copies, renaming files, moving files, and making them available offline.

The “available offline” tool is essential if you intend on working on a particular document or files offline.

The top left side of the Google Drive app has a box with three lines that allow you to search recent items, share folders, among other options.