How to Share a OneDrive Folder via Email [3 Methods]

One of the great things about OneDrive is that you can easily share folders with other people. Whether you need to collaborate on a project or just share some files, it’s easy to get everyone up and running. In this article, we’ll show you how to share a folder via email. You’ll be up and sharing in no time!

Utilizing Microsoft OneDrive has a lot of benefits. The capability to share OneDrive folders or files with others is one of these benefits. You and the other members of your team will be much more productive thanks to this edge.

Microsoft OneDrive allows you to share folders, files, Microsoft Office documents, and images with others. You can see with whom a OneDrive folder is shared or stop sharing at any moment. 

The files and data you keep in OneDrive are private until you choose to share them.

Sharing folders or files on Onedrive can be done in a number of ways. Either the website or your computer can be used for this. Onedrive gives you the option to control what other people can do with the data you share with them.

This article will cover every aspect of Onedrive sharing files via email. We have given two methods by which you share files. Follow these step-by-step processes to learn how to share files via Email.

How to Share a OneDrive folder via email

You should choose this option only If you know the email addresses of the people you wish to share the files. It is beneficial when you need to keep track of every file recipient. You can revoke rights for specific recipients when you utilize this option.

Method 1: Sharing Files or Folders by Sending Links from Email

Step 1: Visit the OneDrive website and log in using your Microsoft Work and school accounts.

Remember: Share files and folders on SharePoint Server for OneDrive for business or school users who aren’t using Microsoft 365.

Step 2: Click on the circle in the item’s upper-right corner to pick the folder or file you would like to share. You can choose multiple items and share them all at once.

Share a OneDrive Folder via Email

Step 3: Click Share at the page’s top.

how to share a onedrive folder on email

Step 4: Modify your link options by clicking on “Anyone with the link can edit.” 

how to share a onedrive folder on email

Step 5: If necessary, change the link’s settings; click Apply.

how to send onedrive folder in email
how to send onedrive folder in email

An overview of the link options is provided below:

Allow editing: If someone has a Microsoft account and is signed in when you share something using this link, they can edit and add files to a shared folder. 

Recipients can change recipient permissions, forward the link, and modify the list of individuals sharing the files or folder. People with Modify permissions have access to everything in a shared folder and can copy, move, modify, rename, share, & delete files there.

Anyone can read, copy, and download your files without logging in by leaving this checkbox unchecked. Additionally, they can share the link with others. But, They are unable to modify the file stored on your OneDrive.

Set an expiration date: After which the link will no longer function. Afterward, the link will no longer work, and users who need access to your folder or file will need a new link that you will be required to create.

Set a password: The user will be asked to enter a password when they click the link in order to access the file. This password must be given to people separately.

Step 6: Choose Copy URL to add the link to your clipboard once you’ve returned to the main Share box.

how to share a onedrive file via email

Step 7: Paste the copied Link into an Email

Note: You can also share the link to other sharing platforms.

Tip: The OneDrive desktop application for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 allows you to create sharing links as well. 

Simply choose the Share a OneDrive link from the context menu when you right-click a file or folder in your OneDrive desktop on your PC. This will add a link to your clipboard, which you can then paste into a blog post, email, or other documents.

However, the default permission for these connections is Edit. You must create the link via the OneDrive website if you only want someone to have Read permission.

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Method 2: Sharing a Onedrive Folder or File via email

To email a file or folder from Onedrive, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Select Share by right-clicking on that file or folder. 

how to share a onedrive folder via email
how to share a onedrive folder via email

Step 2: You can send your recipients an introduction note. This step is not required; it is optional.

Step 3: Click on to change the permission levels. “Anyone with the link can edit.”

how to send onedrive folder in email
how to send onedrive folder in email

Step 4: Before pressing Apply, choose your permission option below. There are numerous permission options available, As follows:

how to email a folder from onedrive
  • Allow editing
  • Set expiration date
  • Set password

Step 5: After setting the permissions, Click on the Email option below. 

Step 6: In the Share ‘AppData’ Pop-up, enter the recipient email addresses of the users with whom you’d like to share your items. You can also add a message to them if you wish. 

how to email a folder from onedrive

Step 7: You can click on Send to share the Onedrive file after entering the email and message.

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Additional Options for OneDrive for Work or School 

Users of OneDrive for business or school can also choose to limit the access level (anyone with the link, only those in your company, just those who already have access to the file, or just the persons you designate). 

Additionally, you can prevent people from downloading the file if you choose to disable editing.

Anyone: Anyone who gets this link, either they get it from you directly or from someone else who forwarded it, has access. People from outside of your company might be included in this.

People in <Your organization or company>: Anyone in your organization who has access to the URL can download the file, regardless of whether they got it directly from you or were forwarded by someone else.

People with existing access: Individuals with access to the data or folder can use it. The item’s permissions are unaffected by this. Use this if you want to send someone with access to a link.

Specific people: Other individuals may already have access, but it only grants access to the persons you choose. Only those with access to the item may use the link if they forward the sharing invitation.

Allow editing: People who are logged in can edit files, add files to shared folders, and delete files from shared folders when you share files with this type of link. 

Recipients can change recipient permissions, forward the link, and alter the list of persons sharing the files or folder. People with Modify permissions can access everything in a shared folder and edit, copy, move, rename, share, and delete items there.

Allow editing is enabled by default. Uncheck the box if you only want people to be able to view your files. This can be further restricted by choosing the option to Block Downloading, which prevents them from making a local copy. 

You can also choose Open in review mode only for Word files to prevent others from adding recommendations or comments. 

It should be noted that choosing Open in review mode will not stop someone from altering the item if they already have editing access. They will see the document open in edit mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I share a folder in OneDrive?

You may have exceeded your sharing restrictions if you are unable to share OneDrive files. We must verify your account. The files are in your private vault.

2. Can you share OneDrive folders with anyone?

You may share your files in OneDrive online storage, manage who can view or change them, and work together.


Congratulations! You know how to email someone the OneDrive link. See that it isn’t as challenging as you imagined.

The folder can also be added to the drive of someone who receives one of your folders. This enables the recipients to add information and organize the folder among other folders on their system. 

Additionally, it makes it simpler for users to work offline on these folders, as you would expect—any changes they make to the folder sync for the benefit of all other recipients.

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