How to Set Up Siri on iPhone? [2 Efficient Ways]

The quickest way to complete tasks on iPhone is by commanding Apple’s voice assistant ‘Siri’. Further, Siri not only finishes the chore but also saves our precious time. So, let’s find out how to set up Siri on iPhone 14 or iPhone 13.

Being a busy person, completing tasks on time is extremely crucial to me. And it gets tedious to keep track of several meetings, reply to emails, and many other things on my iPhone. Therefore, this is where Siri comes to my rescue.

Anyone facing similar issues with time and task management can follow this article to set up Siri on their iPhone. And let Siri make your lives easier. Also, you may read this article How To Set up iPhone? [With 3 Bonus Tips].

Note: For reference, I am using iPhone 13 screenshots. However, you can still follow this article to implement the steps in your iPhone 14. As there won’t be much difference between the two.

I’ll be talking about a few things below. Continue to read to know more:

  • How to set up Siri on iPhone
  • How to set up Siri using accessibility on iPhone

1. How to Set Up Siri on iPhone

First and foremost, we need to activate Siri on our iPhones. For this, let’s see how to turn Siri on in the iPhone settings.

  • Open Settings > Siri & Search.
set up siri in iPhone 14

Moving on, we’ll see the functions of the various attributes Siri comes with.

Ask Siri

Adding on, these are the settings that the user uses when talking to Siri on iPhone.

  • Listen for “Hey Siri” – Firstly, turning this on will let Siri hear our voice command and respond to it.
set up siri on iPhone 14 pro max
  • Press Side Button for Siri – Tap to turn it on in an iPhone 14.
    • Now, a dialog box appears with the message Enable Siri and Cancel. Click on Enable Siri. This will help us in activating Siri just by long pressing the side button on iPhone 14.
setting up siri in iPhone 14 pro
  • Allow Siri When Locked – Further, when we enable this, it allows Siri to work even when our iPhone is locked.
  • Language – Choosing the language of the region allows Siri to act according to our language usage, which can be comprehended by us.
iPhone 13 Siri set up
  • Siri Voice – Also, we can choose a user-friendly voice and accent in which Siri will speak from the drop-down menu on our iPhone.
    • Two voices for Siri will be available, out of which we can select any.
set up siri in iPhone 13 pro
  • Siri Responses – Next, Siri’s response can be handled with this aspect.
    • Automatic – Siri decides when to speak or not.
    • Prefer Spoken Responses – Siri will always speak out loud regarding the task allotted to it.
    • Always Show Siri Captions – When this is allowed, it will show the captions of whatever Siri is saying to the user.
    • Always Show Speech – Permitting this will show the transcription of the user’s speech while commanding to Siri.
set up siri in iPhone 13 pro max
  • Announce Calls – Sometimes, people prefer for their calls to be announced on iPhone while they perform certain tasks. Tap on this and the various options will be available.
    • Always – So, enable this if announcing all the incoming calls is important.
    • Headphones & Car – If permitted, then Siri will only announce calls when iPhone is connected to the car or headphones via Bluetooth.
    • Headphones Only – Next, when this is allowed, Siri announces incoming calls only if connected to headphones.
    • Never – Siri will never announce incoming calls.
set up siri in iPhone 12 pro
  • My information – This portrays the user information to Siri.
  • Siri & Dictation History – Besides, if required we can also press on the Delete Siri & Dictation History button, which further deletes the Siri history from our iPhone.
  • Automatically Send Messages – Additionally, when this is activated, the user can directly send a message without Siri having to ask for confirmation before sending.
iPhone 12 siri set up

Well, the above-mentioned points were only regarding the input and output between the user and Siri on iPhone.

Before Searching

As the heading says, Siri also works as a pre-search suggester. Read on to know how.

  • Show Suggestions – As Siri gets accustomed to the user’s lifestyle and related searches, it starts making personalized suggestions to the user. For example, creating an event, confirming an appointment, setting an alarm, and on and on.
  • Show Recents – This shows the recent searches done by the user in iPhone. Hence, it depends on the user to adapt Siri as per their needs.
iPhone 12 mini siri set up

In any case, Siri learns our routine from our iPhone usage and performs even better. To improve Siri’s behavior, Apple receives data such as search results, emails, messages, calls, notifications, etc.

Content From Apple

Subsequently, Apple can show images or search results on our iPhone while searching.

  • Show in Look Up – Activating this will trigger Apple to show search results even before completing the search on iPhone.
  • Show in Spotlight – This pops-up the search results in spotlight in the iPhone display.
iPhone 12 pro siri set up

Enabling this does decrease the load off the user with faster results. However, the user can also choose to disable these features using the same steps.

Suggestions From Apple

Additionally, Apple brings forth a few more features to amplify the Siri user experience. Apart from all the other uses of Siri, this usage strengthens the presence of Siri in the entire iOS atmosphere.

  • Allow Notifications – Firstly, when “allow notifications” is initiated, Siri follows all the incoming notifications and announces them as they come.
  • Show in App Library – Secondly, as Siri comprehends our routine, it becomes more efficient in suggesting apps that we use regularly. Hence, we can turn this function on as required on our iPhones.
  • Show When Sharing – Also, switching this tab on gives Siri the freedom to make personalized recommendations to the users while sharing files, images and more.
  • Show When Listening – Lastly, Siri pops-up when we are listening to music and makes suggestions accordingly.
iPhone 12 pro max siri set up

Thereafter, Siri instated in every app and function of your iPhone 14 can empower you to do things hands-free. The users will always have the option to disable any of the features that they want to stop using.

Apps in iPhone Using Siri

On the contrary, we can also directly activate Siri in apps. Besides, doing this lets the user decide which app can permit Siri to go through its content.

By comparison, Siri cannot go through the apps which have denied access to it. On one hand, this increases privacy and security for apps that involve money management, or sensitive information. And on the other hand, the user has full discretion to change app access in the iPhone to Siri as per need.

Let’s see how we can enable or disable Siri from individual apps:

  • Scroll down in Siri & Search and the entire app list will be visible.
  • Here, we are showing the settings for the Dropbox app. Also, you can go through this article to know How to Get Storage Space on Dropbox? [7 Easy Ways].
  • Tap open the Dropbox app.
iPhone 14 siri set up
  • On the next page, the menu can be seen.
    • Learn from this App – Turning this on allows Siri to surf through Dropbox’s data such as notifications.
    • Show App in Search – Dropbox comes in the suggested app list when the user is searching for an app.
    • Show Content in Search – To see search results related to Dropbox, this option needs to be kept activated.
    • Show on Home Screen – Dropbox will be present in most of the outcomes the user is looking for, like in home screen widgets, notifications, etc.
    • Suggest App – Furthermore, every information or search the user dives into will frequently include Dropbox and its content as a recommendation.
iPhone 14 pro siri set up

However, the app’s suggestion also depends on its usage. The more the user makes use of a particular widget or app, the more Siri learns that the user needs that app quite frequently. Thereafter, making that app appear in the suggested list of our iPhone chiefly.

2. How to Set Up Siri Using Accessibility on iPhone

Simultaneously, there is another way to set up Siri on iPhone 14 with a few additional features which were not available in the Siri & Search section. And also change some default settings accordingly.

Many times, we do not want to speak out loud in public to command Siri or just in general. So, to solve this issue and issues in general, we have a quick and easy solution. Let’s check out the additional features below:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri.
iPhone 13 pro max siri set up
  • Type to Siri – As I have noted, at certain times we do not like to command Siri by talking. Hence, we can activate this option to resolve our problem. Long press the side key and Siri will pop up with a keyboard to type in our query instead of speaking.
  • Siri Pause Time – Meanwhile, enabling this alternative means the user has authority to choose the duration for which Siri will listen and wait for the user to finish speaking. There are three choices:
    • Default – The default time duration for which Siri waits and listens. Sometimes Siri starts the search before the user ends speaking.
    • Longer – With this option, Siri waits slightly longer than usual.
    • Longest – By applying this, Siri waits even longer, or we can say till the time the user finishes talking.
  • Spoken Responses – This is same as Siri & Search setting.
    • Automatic – Siri automatically decides when to speak and when not to speak.
    • Prefer Spoken Responses – Tap this and Siri will speak out all the responses rather than choosing to speak occasionally.
  • Always Listen for “Hey Siri” – Using this, Siri will always listen to the user even when iPhone is turned down or covered.
Siri set up iPhone 14 pro
  • Show Apps Behind Siri – Another point is, even when Siri is activated, this function will keep displaying the current app being used.
  • Announce Notifications on Speaker – Again, Siri will announce all the incoming notifications to the user on iPhone.
  • Call Hang-up – You can enable this and say, “Hey Siri, Call Hang-up” and Siri will disconnect any voice call or video call we are on.
Siri set up iPhone 14 pro max

What can be better than hanging up your call without even touching the iPhone? This has to be one of my most favored features of Siri. And you too can make use of the various functions available while setting up Siri on your iPhone.

Wrapping Up

Finally, assimilating all the points, I can say that using Siri has drastically improved my task-performing capabilities. Also, Siri keeps on sending data analytics to Apple to improve its functionalities. But this doesn’t include the details related to the user or their Apple ID.

Moreover, I assure you that Siri comes in handy more than any other feature on iPhone. Culminating an article that portrays all the features of Siri to help you figure out the attributes of your iPhones easily.

This article serves people who like to talk as well as those who don’t. So, when it comes to commanding Siri you can do as required. Siri will take note of every single task the user wants. Hope this helps you.

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