How to Set Up Email Format in Outlook Online?

Facing issues with sentence correction while typing an email on Outlook? In that case, you have arrived at the right place. Read ahead to know how to set up email format in Outlook Online.

I have been a dedicated Outlook user for its wide range of functionalities. And while I was learning to use Outlook, I came across a few auto-formatting attributes that might be of concern to some people who are new to Outlook. Continue to read to know more about this.

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The subjects I spoke about are listed below.

  • What is Auto-Format
  • What is Auto-Correct
  • How to set up auto-editing in Outlook for Windows

What is Auto-Format

Auto-Format in outlook makes sure of the writing format or rules that is followed when we jot down a structured email or a normal email in general. These formatting rules are very important as we cannot always set them up for every paragraph or point that we write in Outlook emails.

Functions like checking built-in heading styles, automatic bulleted lists, paragraph styles, and bold and italic word composition among many other qualities are included in the auto-format of Outlook.

What is Auto-Correct

Outlook operates includes the auto-correct. This function keeps an eye on the content we provide and updates the text if it finds a mistake. For example, the auto-correct feature in Outlook will automatically capitalize the initial letter for us when we type a phrase and fail to capitalize the first word. This spares us from having to go back and fix the problem in our email and lets us carry on typing.

Auto-correct option is enabled by default in Outlook. However, it could be completely or partially deactivated if it is unable to modify our text. Decreasing our workload further, also includes spelling checks, and many more. We’ll see what those other functions are as the article goes on.

How to Set Up Auto-Editing in Outlook for Windows

Prepping Outlook in Windows with all the auto-correction, auto-formatting, spellcheck, grammar rectification, and many more attributes. I’ll elaborate on how we can achieve all this in our Outlook applications.

How to Set Up Auto-Format in Outlook

Carry on reading the steps and explanations for every quality down below.

  • Open Outlook application in Windows.
  • Now, click on File on top left side of Outlook.
Outlook auto-format Windows
  • A new window will emerge. Here, tap on Options below on the screen.
Windows Outlook settings
  • Further, a new page pops-up. Hit on the Mail choice on Outlook in Windows.
  • All the settings under the Mail option appear on the right side.
  • Show text predictions while typing – This option shows us predictive text for the message we are typing in the email draft.
  • Always check spelling before sending – Tick this choice to have a backend feature that checks our spelling before sending out the email.
Outlook in Windows auto-format

This is the most basic auto-format settings in Outlook for Windows.

How to Enable Auto-Correct in Outlook

Let’s see how we can enable auto-correct in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook application in Windows.
  • Press File on the top left side of Outlook.
Outlook auto-correct Windows
  • Then a new page will occur, click on Options.
Windows Outlook auto-correct settings
  • Another window will pop-up. Click on Mail in Outlook.
  • Next, hit the Editor Options under Compose messages.
auto-correct Outlook
  • On the next page, tap on AutoCorrect Options.
auto-correct Outlook in Windows
  • All the auto-correct settings drop-down on this new page under the AutoCorrect tab in Outlook for Windows.
  • Correct TWo INitial CApitals – Sometimes we initialize two letters as capital for some words. Selecting this option will correct this mistake.
  • Capitalize first letters of sentences – This will capitalize the first letter of new sentences when we forget to do it.
  • Capitalize first letters of table cells – Certain times we write down details in tables and don’t capitalize the first letters of some words. This tab solves that issue when you choose it.
  • Capitalize names of days – Days names like monday, tuesday, etc., get capitalized.
  • Correct accidental usage of cAPS LOCK key – Often, CAPS LOCK is used to write long sentences in capital letters.
  • After selecting all the above-mentioned alternatives, click on OK to save the changes.
auto-correct settings Outlook Windows

Therefore, these very features help Outlook user reduce their time to correct silly mistakes made in a hurry.

How to Add Words to Outlook’s AutoCorrect Feature

Additionally, we can also add a few words to the auto-correct list that we want to mention in our emails but due to some in-built settings get changed to some other words.

  • Similarly, like the steps mentioned in the topic above, open Outlook application in our Windows device.
  • Go to File > Options > Mail > Editor Options > AutoCorrect Options.
  • On the current new window, scroll down and choose Replace text as you type.
Replace word in Outlook
  • Below that, the Replace option box will be present. Jot down the word that needs to be replaced in the box in Outlook for Windows.
  • Further, add the word that needs to get added in the With option box.
  • Next, hit the Add choice on the same window.
  • Finally, tap on OK to save all the changes made.
Replace word in Outlook Windows

Accordingly, the wrong words always get replaced with the words that the user wants in Outlook emails.

How to Delete Words from Outlook’s AutoCorrect Feature

Correspondingly, the similar way that we added the words in the auto-correct list is exactly how we’ll delete the unwanted words with a little difference.

  • Launch the Outlook application on Windows.
  • Go to File > Options > Mail > Editor Options > AutoCorrect Options.
  • Next, under the Replace option box, search for the word that needs to be deleted.
  • It will pop-up in the table that is visible in the current page.
  • Once the word pops-up, click on it. The selected word is colored blue in the table.
  • Further, hit the Delete option below.
  • The word gets deleted from the auto-correct list.
  • Lastly, tap OK to save all the changes.
delete auto-correct word Outlook Windows

Furthermore, in the same way, we can delete multiple words from the auto-correct list for future rectification in Outlook for Windows.


This article spoke about all the editing settings that are used while drafting an email. Certain styles and writing formats that are followed in Outlook can be set by default.

All the mentioned methods are applicable to the Windows system. Hope this article solves any issue that you might be facing.

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