How To Set up iPhone? [With 3 Bonus Tips]

With the evergreen popularity of Apple products, it is hard to miss out on any new launches. iPhone is the most valuable Apple product and has a sea of users that keeps increasing day by day. But the users have a constant problem: setting up the phone. So, let’s see how we can set up your iPhone!

How To Set up iPhone

A few prerequisites that we need for setting up our iPhone are a sim card, phone number, apple ID, e-mail ID, and wi-fi or cellular data. We are using iPhone 13 for the demonstration. However, this setup can be implemented to all iPhone models like iPhone 14, iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 pro max, etc.

Step 1: Sim Card Installation

Keep a sim card (from a preferred network provider) and the phone number handy.

  • The sim tray can be found on the lower left side of the iPhone.
  • Insert the sim card ejector tool in the hole on the lower left side of the iPhone and push to release the sim card tray.
  • Place the sim card on the tray in the required position, with the circuit side facing upwards.
  • Lodge the sim tray back in the iPhone.
setting up iPhone 14
Sim card Installation

Step 2: Turning on Your iPhone

If the iPhone doesn’t turn on, please make sure it is charged.

  • Now, switch on the iPhone by long pressing the power button on the right side of the phone for further steps.
  • The Apple logo appears on the screen once the phone turns on.
how to setup iPhone 13 pro max
Apple logo
  • The user is welcomed with a subtle “hello” on the screen.
  • Swipe up on the screen to continue setting up the iPhone.
iPhone 4 set up
Greeting display

Step 3: Language and Region

iPhone has multiple languages and regional options to choose from.

  • Once the language is selected from the drop-down list, it moves to the next page.
set up iPhone 12
Language set up
  • Moving on, choose ‘United States’ as your region from the options provided.
iPhone 11 set up
Select your region

Step 4: Quick Starting iPhone for Set Up

Having an old iPhone or iPad helps in setting up the new iPhone faster. Since we can connect the old iPhone via Bluetooth and keep it nearby to set up the data.

  • Tap on the ‘set up manually’ option if you are using a new phone.
setting up iPhone 10
Quick start

Step 5: Written and Spoken Languages

Again, without language preference for text and spoken purposes we cannot set up the iPhone completely.

  • The default configuration for setting up the iPhone is displayed as follows: Preferred language: English, Keyboard: English (US), Dictation: English (US)
  • If you want to change these options, you can tap on ‘customize settings’ otherwise tap on ‘continue’.
how to setup iPhone 13 mini
Choosing preferred language

Step 6: Access to Internet

Also, make sure your device has internet access otherwise rest of the iPhone set up will be difficult.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi / cellular data.
  • Enter the password.
  • Tap on ‘Next’ on the top right side of the screen.
setup iPhone 13 pro
Connect to Wi-Fi

Step 7: Data and Privacy

  • A disclaimer window for your data and privacy will pop up. Read it and click on ‘Continue’.
how to setup iPhone 14 pro
Data & Privacy

Step 8: Face ID and Phone Password

Further, iPhone provides various choices for the security of our data i.e., face ID or phone password.

  • If you want to set up your face ID, you can click on ‘continue’ otherwise tap on ‘set up later.
setup iPhone 14 max
Face ID set up
  • Another option is you can enter a strong six-digit passcode.
  • Re-enter the same passcode again. And you will be done with setting the iPhone passcode.
iPhone setup 12 mini
Creating a passcode

Step 9: Apps and Data

If you have an old iPhone, Mac, or PC, then you can choose from the following options to restore the data.

  • Restore from iCloud backup
  • Restore from Mac or PC
  • Transfer directly from iPhone
  • Move data from Android

If you don’t have an old Apple product, then tap on the option below.

  • Don’t transfer Apps and data
iPhone 12 pro setup
Apps & Data

Step 10: Apple ID

In addition, Apple ID is the most important iPhone set up detail that needs to be focused on.

  • If you already have an existing Apple ID, then enter the same in the given space.
  • Also, we can create a new Apple ID by tapping on the ‘Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID?’ option.
iPhone 12 pro max
Existing Apple ID
  • Now press on the ‘Create a free Apple ID’ choice.
  • Besides this, we can also choose to set up our phone without using the Apple ID by clicking on ‘Set up later in settings’. However, to have permanent access to storage and iOS services we need to have an Apple ID.
iPhone 10x setup
Creating a new Apple ID
  • Further, add the name and date of birth details.
  • Click on ‘Next’.
iPhone 10xr setup
  • To create an Apple ID, we can either provide our phone number or e-mail address by clicking on the relevant option.
iPhone 10 pro setup
Apple ID
  • If we choose the e-mail ID option, then we have to enter your e-mail ID and click on ‘Next’.
setup iPhone 10 pro max
E-mail address
  • Now enter a new password for the email ID and click on ‘Next’.
how to set up iPhone 9
Apple ID password

Step 11: Phone Number and Terms and Conditions

As we set up our Apple ID, we also need to provide our phone number for verification.

  • So, enter the phone number in the box.
  • Click on ‘Next’.
  • There’s another option ‘use a different number’ we can click on if we want to change our number.
how to set up iPhone 9 pro
Phone number
  • Then, read the terms and conditions on the next page and click on ‘Agree’.
  • It will take a few minutes for our new Apple ID to be created.

Step 12: System Update and Location

To use the latest features in iPhone, we need to keep our system up to date.

  • A disclaimer window pops up about the iOS update.
  • Tap on ‘continue’ after reading it.
set up iPhone 9 pro max
System update
  • Adding on, click on ‘enable location services’ if we want our phone to track our location details otherwise click on ‘disable location services’.
iPhone 8 setup
Location Services

Step 13: iCloud Keychain and Siri

It is common knowledge that iCloud storage is one of the best features for iPhone users.

  • So, we can choose to ‘continue’ if we want our passwords, credit card details, and other privacy data to be encrypted and stored in iCloud keychain.
  • Or else we can choose ‘Don’t use iCloud Keychain’.
set up iphone 7
iCloud Keychain
  • Siri comes into play if we want to set up our voice assistant on the go.
  • We can choose to configure it by tapping on ‘continue’.
  • However, ‘set up later’ option is also available.
  • Moreover, we can also tap on ‘share audio recordings’ to help Siri with its translation, dictation and other functions.
how to setup iPhone 6
Setting up Siri

Step 14: Screen Time and Analytics

Additionally, Apple makes sure to keep rectifying internal issues with weekly usage report analysis.

  • Thus, a dialog box appears for sharing weekly reports on our screen time. Press on ‘continue’ if agreed upon or else press ‘set up later in settings’.
set up iPhone 11 pro
Screen time
  • Apple also asks us to share system analytics to improve their services. And we can do so by clicking on ‘Share with Apple’ else we click on ‘Don’t share’.
iPhone 5s setup

Step 15: Appearance and Display Zoom

Furthermore, iPhone has the benefit of adjusting the look of the display as per the user’s wish.

  • There are two modes as such: Light and Dark. We can choose one and click on ‘continue’.
iPhone 6s setup
Appearance of your iPhone
  • For the display, we can either choose ‘standard’ or else the ‘zoomed’ option.
  • After which we need to click on ‘continue’.
iPhone 7 plus set up
iPhone Display

Step 16: Activation

  • Set up is done and the iPhone is finally activated.
  • Swipe up to get started.
set up iPhone 8 plus
Welcome to iPhone

Bonus tips for iPhone

  • While turning on the iPhone, blind people or people with low vision face a lot of issues. So, they can always triple-click the side button (on an iPhone with Face ID) or triple-click the home button (on other iPhone models) to turn on the voiceover or the screen reader to hear the settings out loud.
  • If you are setting up your iPhone for the first time, you can also use your phone number and sign-in to Apple services and devices with the same ID.
  • For higher account security we can Go to settings > Password and security > Enable ‘Two-factor authentication’ > Enter the phone number (to receive verification codes) > Enter the code to verify our phone number and turn on our two-factor authentication.


The entire demonstration gives us clarity on how we can set up our iPhones without any inconvenience. We can also implement a few details in the settings later on in cases such as face ID, location services, appearance, display zoom, etc. Therefore, the iPhone set up is done without a single hiccup.

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