How to Set and Reset Keyboard on iPhone? [6 Efficient Ways]

Want to save certain keywords and phrases for texting purposes? You have landed at the right place! Let’s see the 6 efficient ways to set and reset keyboard on iPhone.

Fast texting and pop lingo is the trend of the hour. And most of us would like to keep up with fast-changing texting and key phrase fashion. However, a large crowd gets overwhelmed by the rapid change in text language. And further, fail to sustain the trend.

Therefore, this article covers the ways we can add key phrases and set our keyboard dictionary for smoother and faster texting on iPhone 14 or iPhone 13. Also, we will see how to configure our iPhone keyboard.

Note: Please notice that I have used iPhone 13 screenshots for example purpose in this article. But I’m sure the same steps can be applicable on iPhone 14 as well.

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Topics I’ll be covering below:

  • How to set up keyboard on iPhone
  • How can we save hotkey for text replacement on iPhone
  • How to use one-handed keyboard on iPhone
  • How to add a key phrase on iPhone without hotkey
  • How to keep personal dictionary up to date on iPhone via iCloud
  • How to reset iPhone keyboard
  • What would occur if I reset the iPhone keyboard?

1. How to Set Up Keyboard on iPhone

First and foremost, I’m going to show how we can configure our keyboard on iPhone. Since without this the rest of the explanation won’t make sense. So, it’s time we dive deep into the article.

Choosing the keyboard for iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboards.
configure keyboard in iPhone
  • Now, tap on Keyboards on the iPhone.
  • To add a new language keyboard, click on Add New Keyboard.
iPhone 14 keyboard configuration
  • Here, a list of a variety of languages will be available. Choose the one you are comfortable using on iPhone.
  • The keyboard will get added to the settings.

Switch keyboards on iPhone:

  • Moreover, there is a possibility to opt for a different keyboard by tapping on the “emoji” key or a “globe figure” while using the keyboard on iPhone.
switch keyboard on iPhone 14 pro max

All Keyboards:

  • Smart Punctuation – This property enables the user to have a supporting hand with the punctuations in iPhone. iOS predicts when punctuation needs to be inserted or modified. And when there is a function that does this, why would I ever want to disable it? Although, we can always disable it from the settings on iPhone.
  • Character Preview – Enabling this will allow us to see the text we are typing in the preview board.
character preview on iPhone 13
  • “.” Shortcut – Another trick is when we double tap on our iPhone keyboard writing board, it inserts a “full stop” at the end of the sentence in our iPhone.
keyboard function in iPhone 14 pro

Settings for typing in iPhone keyboard:

  • Auto-Capitalization – If we enable this then the first letter of a new sentence will always get capitalized in iPhone.
  • Auto-Correction – Whenever we make a spelling mistake, this feature automatically corrects it.
  • Check Spelling – This feature checks the spelling of the written text on the iPhone.
  • Enable Caps Lock – This is also useful. When we double-tap on the arrow key, the words get capitalized entirely unless turned off by a single tap. We can understand it’s in caps lock mode when an underline appears.
  • Predictive – Again, when we activate this, iOS will be able to predict what we are writing and suggest the next word(s) on iPhone.
  • Slide to Type – Using this, we can even slide our fingers tips on the iPhone keyboard to type in the text.
  • Delete Slide-to-Type by Word – Another feature that is helpful. We can make spelling mistakes while typing using Slide to type. Here, Delete Slide-to-Type by Word rescues us. We can simply slide our finger to the delete button after typing the wrong word and it will delete not just the last letter, but the entire last word on our iPhone.
  • Enable Dictation – With this, we can dictate whatever we want to text, and it will be jotted down by our beloved iPhone.
  • Auto-Punctuation – This provides punctuation wherever necessary in a text.
  • Memoji Stickers – Nowadays, using emotion icons or emoticons/emojis or memojis in this case is very common. So, to use them in your iPhone enable this feature.
iPhone 13 pro keyboard configuration

Also, the range of languages available in the iPhone, opens up the market to a wide range of audiences. Thus, we can add other languages of our choice as well. Just follow the same steps to add it to your iPhone.

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2. How Can We Save Hotkey for Text Replacement on iPhone

Moving on, writing the same key phrases frequently makes us irritable. Moreover, I’m sure most of us have a way of texting where the spellings or lingo are different. So, this text replacement is a classic move to make by adding shortcuts for those specific words. See how we can do that to save time and energy.

Creating text replacement:

  • Once we open the Keyboards setting on iPhone, click on Text Replacement.
text replacement in iPhone 13 pro max keyboard
  • Here, tap on the ‘+‘ key in the top right corner of an iPhone.
  • On the next page, two boxes will appear. Fill your unique phrase/word on the Phrase box and the alphabet in the Shortcut tab.
  • Finally, click on Save.
create text replacement for iPhone 12 keyboard
  • By doing this we can just tap on that letter and the phrase will be pasted on the writing board.

Deleting text replacement:

  • Again, click on Text Replacement in Keyboard settings on iPhone.
delete text replacement in iPhone 13 pro max keyboard
  • A list of our phrases and their short cuts will appear.
  • Now, click on Edit down below on iPhone screen.
delete keyboard phrase in iPhone 11
  • A red minus sign will appear beside all the phrases. Tap on the red sign.
  • Again, a Delete will be visible. Tap on that.
  • Finally, click Done on your iPhone.
delete key phrase in iPhone 14 keyboard

Thus, the key phrases will now get deleted from the iPhone keyboard. But we can add them any time we want to.

3. How to Use One-Handed Keyboard

Additionally, have you faced issues where we have to type with one hand on iPhone cause our other hand is engaged in some other work?

Fret not! Follow the guidelines below to come out of this misery.

  • Open One-handed Keyboard in Keyboard settings. Few available options are:
    • Off – If this is enabled it means we are using the iPhone keyboard in the normal mode and not in the one-hand mode.
    • Left – Left-hand users can opt for this this option to use one-handed keyboard on iPhone.
    • Right – While right-handed users can choose this alternative.
iPhone 14 one-handed keyboard setting

Use this feature and increase your efficiency while typing with one hand on the keyboard of your iPhone.

4. How to Add a Key Phrase on iPhone Without Hotkey

Apparently, many of us relate to writing terms that can’t be comprehended by the iPhone dictionary. Therefore, another possibility is to add a phrase without using the hotkey.

  • Once we open Keyboard setting on our iPhone, go to Text Replacement.
text replacement in iPhone 13 pro keyboard
  • Click on the ‘+‘ icon on the top right corner.
  • A new window pops up on iPhone screen.
  • Enter the unique phrase in the Phrase tab.
  • Now, press Save.
text replacement for iPhone 11 pro keyboard

This allows the user to add commonly used phrases to the iPhone keyboard without associating a shortcut letter with it.

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5. How to Keep Personal Dictionary Up to Date on iPhone via iCloud

Apart from the other ways, we can also tie up all the modifications to Apple iCloud. Let’s see how.

  • Open Settings and click on the profile name which appears on top.
key phrase backup on iphone 13 iCloud
  • Further, tap on iCloud on the next page on iPhone.
  • Now, open iCloud Backup.
iCloud backup of key phrase on iPhone 14
  • Thus, enable Back Up This iPhone. This will back up all the key phrases and dictionary updates we have made to iPhone.

However, we can always turn off backing up on iCloud on our iPhones.

6. How to Reset iPhone Keyboard

Subsequently, the user always has the alternative to reset the iPhone dictionary to start afresh. Check out how to do it.

  • Firstly, open Settings > General.
reset iPhone 14 keyboard
  • Now, click on Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • On the next page, tap open Reset option.
iPhone 14 pro keyboard dictionary reset
  • A pop-up dialog box will appear with a few options.
  • Press Reset Keyboard Dictionary on your iPhone.
reset dictionary on iPhone 14 pro max
  • We will be asked to enter our iPhone passcode.
  • Finally, click the Reset Dictionary option.
reset iPhone 13 keyboard dictionary

Hence, you’ll have a newly instated keyboard on your iPhone.

What would occur if I reset the iPhone keyboard?

First of all, all the custom words that we had fed into our keyboard, as well as some of the predictive words will get deleted. Also, the frequently used emojis will be erased from our iPhone keyboard.

Moreover, the keyboard will stop lagging, or stop messing up with the shortcuts, the number and letter keys will start working properly if they didn’t earlier, we will be able to type a text with better smoothness.

Winding It Up

In conclusion, I have summed up all the ways to configure the settings of our iPhones. Additionally, I have mentioned both setting up and resetting the keyboard dictionary on iPhone.

Besides, having the ease of writing down long phrases with the tap of a letter is a huge time saver. Thankfully Apple has thought of these criteria for the users. Hope you have a good time reading and implementing the steps.

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