How to Set Password in Outlook Online [5 Effective Methods]

Are you worried about the security of your Outlook application? This is the right page you came to check 5 Effective methods to set passwords in Outlook Online.

Microsoft Office Outlook Online does not password-protect our mail application by default. This means that other users can open Outlook in order to gain access to business data. Let’s check how to do this.

  • When should I change my email provider’s password?
  • Update our password in Outlook for Mac
  • Create a password to access office Outlook
  • Open Outlook with the password for the exchange account.
  • Disable password expiration
  • Still can’t log in after changing our password?
  • Changing password in Microsoft Account (Browser)
  • Changing passwords in Microsoft Outlook on iOS/ Android

When Should I Change My Email Provider’s Password?

  • If our email account password has been stolen.
  • Our email provider has sent us a link to reset our password.
  • We have forgotten the password to our email account.

Update Our Password in Outlook Online for Mac

  • On the Tools tab from Mac OS, click Accounts.
  • In the left pane, click the account in which you want to change the password in the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • In the right side pane, enter a new password in the Password box from Mac.
  • Close the Accounts window. Outlook saves the password automatically.

In Mac, we can update the password from Outlook Online in a simple manner.

Create a Password in Outlook Online

Setting a password in the Microsoft Outlook Online application is an easy and simple step. Here is the procedure to create a password in Microsoft Outlook 365.


Open Outlook in the Desktop application from Windows or Mac.


Click “File,” to set a password in the desktop Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

Set password from desktop outlook online application


Click the “Account settings” and again Account Settings from the Account Information page of the Outlook desktop application.

Set password in Outlook Online


From the list of accounts, select “Data Files” and then “Settings” on the same page.

Data files in Outlook app


Click “Change Password.” Enter the same password in the “New Password” and “Verify Password” fields. Leave the “Old Password” field blank, unless you previously established a password.


Click “OK” twice. Repeat for each of the data files listed on the Data File tab. Each mail account you created will have its own file. To exit Account Settings, click “Close.”

In this way, we can create passwords for the Microsoft Outlook application.

Open Outlook With the Password for the Exchange Account.

We must add a password to the pst data file email account to open it with a password. Please do the following to put the password in Microsoft Outlook 365.


Open the Account Settings dialog box.  File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account Settings.

Password setting in Outlook Online application


Select the exchange account data file in the Account Settings dialogue box, then click the Settings button on the Data Files tab. Take a look at this screenshot for more clarity.


Click the Security tab in the Microsoft Exchange dialogue box, check the Always prompt for the login credentials box, and then click the OK button.


Close the Account Settings window. When you open Outlook from now on, a Window Security dialogue box will appear, prompting you to enter your password.

Keypoint – To cancel this password when you open Outlook, simply uncheck the Always prompt for logon credentials box in the Microsoft Exchange dialogue box.


  • Unlike the pst-file account, the password for the Exchange account is the one you used when you created your Exchange account.
  • You can still browse the Exchange email folders when the Window Security dialogue box appears. However, you will be unable to update the Exchange account until you enter the password.

Disable Password Expiration in Microsoft Outlook Online

If you do not want your password to expire, you can disable the option at the bottom. Set my password to expire in 72 days.

Still Can’t Log in After Changing Our Password?

If you still can’t log in to your account after changing your password, make sure you have Two-Step Authentication enabled. If this is the case, you may need to use an App Password rather than your regular password to log in to your account from within Outlook.

Password Best Practises and Advice

It is critical that you keep your password safe. Microsoft will not be able to recover it if you forget it and doesn’t remember. Keep any passwords you create in a safe place, away from the data they are meant to protect.

Your computer can remember your password so you don’t have to enter it every time you open the Outlook Data File (.pst). If your Microsoft Windows user account is password protected and no one else has access to it, after you verify your new password, check the Save this password in your password list box.

When you set a password for an Outlook Data File (.pst), it is applied to the entire file. Individual folder passwords cannot be set.

Changing Password in Microsoft Account (Browser)

Changing the password in Microsoft account from the browser is an easy and simpler one. Check below the steps to follow the process.


Open a Microsoft account from a browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet explorer.


Sign in by giving your proper Microsoft email account to get in.

Set password in Outlook Online application


In this step, give the existing password to change the new one in the Microsoft Account.

New password set in Microsoft Outlook Online


The home page of Microsoft Account appears, where you can see the CHANGE PASSWORD option under Password.

Change password in Microsoft Account


On this Change Password page, give the old password and also the new password to change the existing password in the Microsoft Account and click Submit.

Password changing in Microsoft Account

The password will be changed from the existing one to the new one in the Microsoft Account.

Changing Password in Microsoft Outlook Online on iOS/ Android

This article covers updating your Outlook password on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android device. Since the steps and screenshots are similar to each other.


Open the Microsoft Outlook application on an iOS or Android device.

Set password in Outlook iOS


Click the user name which is near the Inbox in the top left of the home page screen of the Outlook application on both Android and iOS. Scroll down to see the Settings icon or gear icon which is at end of the screen in the Microsoft application.

Change password in Outlook iOS


Select which is associated with your appropriate mail id to change the password in the Outlook application.

Password in mobile for Outlook


Tap Reset Account and wait for some time and open again Outlook application so that a new password can enter and use the new one.

Reset Outlook Online account for iOS

By the above method, we can change the password for Outlook 365 on Mobile devices.

Summing up

I have added enough information in this article to change the password in the Outlook Online application. Setting passwords and changing passwords is for security purposes only.

Go through the entire steps carefully if you are in trouble while setting the password in the browser and also on mobile devices.

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