How to Send A OneDrive Link to Different People

OneDrive is a great way to share files with different people. You can easily send a link to someone and they can access the file, without having to download it first. In this article, we will show you how to send a OneDrive link to different people.

To send a OneDrive link to different people, Open the official OneDrive webpage or the app on your system. Now, choose the file you want to create a link for. Click on the three dots beside or choose the Share option on the screen above. Next, click on Anyone can edit and make the necessary changes. Simply click on Apply here, and copy the link. You can then send this link to anyone and any platform hereafter.

With the advance in technology, various methods of sharing are getting expanded day by day, are getting expanded daily and people are finding their most convenient ways of sharing. While some might prefer documents over links, others still like to stick to the latter.

If you wish to try out the sharing of files located in OneDrive via links, we are here to assist you with that.

This article has made its primary focus on how you can send a file to someone with a OneDrive link and the benefits you can enjoy from it. Furthermore, keep reading along to fetch better knowledge about it!

How To Send A OneDrive Link?

Sending a link to the document which you wish to share with others is an effective way to share information without going through any laborious steps.

However, often people need clarification as to how they can facilitate the system for themselves. If you’re one of them, do not worry, we have a solution for you.

Furthermore, you can follow the guidelines below to get the idea of generating and sharing links for a document located on OneDrive.

  • Open OneDrive from your PC.
  • Search for the OneDrive folder or files whose link you wish to generate easily.
  • Right-click on the file or folder which you would like to share. With this, the right-click menu appears on the screen. You can select more than one file or folder simultaneously.
how to share onedrive link to another user
  • Click on the Share option in the menu that appears.
How to Send A OneDrive Link
how to share onedrive link to others
  • A dialog might appear displaying Allow editing. Select accordingly based on whether you wish the receiver to have access to edit the files or not. If you skip the editing, the receiver can only view the file without being able to change anything in it.
how to share onedrive link
how to share onedrive link to others
  • Add the email ID of a single person or a group.
  • Click on Send
how to share onedrive link
how to share onedrive link to another user

Yes, it is this simple to get a link generated at once whenever you’re sharing your file(s) with a group of users. Furthermore, you can also copy the link and share it on other platforms as well.

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What Are The Benefits Of Sharing OneDrive Documents Via Links?

Sending various files and documents via links has become a standard method of sharing amongst the crowd. The reason can be attributed to the multiple benefits which can be enjoyed with it.

Let’s see the benefits of sharing OneDrive files or folders via links to better understand the same.

1. The File Or Folder Doesn’t Leave The Storage

The benefit can be enjoyed by anyone who has the link and can freely enjoy viewing or editing the same without going through rigorous procedures.

2. You Can Track The Activities Performed With The Link

OneDrive links help you keep track of what changes are being made to your file or note any other minor or significant activity being done with it. You can keep an eye on them and thus get assured security.

3. Several People Can Edit The File

Generating links for a file can be accessed by many people, either together or individually. This makes the work more straightforward and more accessible for people.

4. Generation Of One-Time Code

For all external parties accessing the file, they first need to enter a one-time password which is meant to check the authenticity of the email id. Doing this makes the process a lot faster and more accessible for everyone.

5. Everyone Receives The Latest Version

Due to the generation of OneDrive links, people can now make necessary changes to their files without having to worry about anyone receiving an outdated version of the file. Thus, people can remain assured that they are all receiving the same file.

6. Huge Saving Capacity

You would be delighted to know that sharing files via OneDrive links allows you to store about 500 different versions of the file whenever any edit has been made.

Therefore, in case of any mistake in the present version, you always have the option to restore the previous version of the file.

7. Restrictions Can Be Posed On Editing And Downloading

To keep a certain amount of security, you can permanently block facilities for editing and downloading files by specific users. This can help the users from misusing the information provided and getting unwanted mishaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Can You Share Photos Or Files Through Email From Onedrive?

Sending photos or files via email is an easy process. All you need to do is select the documents which you wish to share and select email. Also, if you want to allow editing by external users, you may tick that out.

Next, enter the email id of the recipients with whom you wish to share the file and click on Share. That’s it. Everyone shall receive the email.

2. How Can You Share A Folder From Onedrive Using The Share Dialog?

For sharing a folder via the Share dialog, start with choosing the ‘Anyone with a link’ option, which gets displayed on the screen. Choose Specific people and select your preference of whether you wish to allow editing.

Select ‘Apply.’ Next, continue typing out the desired recipients’ email id(s) and click the ‘send’ button once done.

End Thoughts

Sending a OneDrive link to others is an easy way to share files and folders. You can easily send a link to different people by using the Share Link feature in OneDrive. When you share a file or folder, you will be given several options for how the recipient can access the content. You can also choose whether or not the recipient can edit the content. By following these steps, you can easily share files and folders with others using OneDrive.

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