How to See File Size in Dropbox? [3 Different Ways]

Want to know size of each file or folder in Dropbox? This is the right article to show you how to see the file size in Dropbox in the simpler and easiest way.

Dropbox is a great service for syncing, storing, and sharing our documents, spreadsheets, and other files between our devices.

Although the space offered in the Dropbox free version is limited to a few gigabytes if our files are not large. Or we can keep those big files in a separate location, and we can still keep using Dropbox for free.

In this case, the free space can get over in a shorter time, and we may want to keep a close watch on file and folder sizes. I’ll explain how you can view the folder sizes in the web interface (yes, it probably needs a simple explanation).

  • View file size in Dropbox from PC
  • View file size in Dropbox from iOS
  • View file size in Dropbox from Android
  • See how much space in Dropbox
  • How to free up space in Dropbox

View File Size in Dropbox from PC

If you’re using a PC, you can use any browser to access your Dropbox account, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. The steps to view file size are the same across all browsers:


Open and Sign in to your Dropbox account by giving the proper credentials.


Click “All files” from the left side of the screen on the Dropbox home page.


We can see the file size near the files or folders under the Size column in Dropbox.

folder size in Dropbox

If the Size Option is not Visible

Sometimes we can’t see the required option on the web page. However, it will be available under any specific option let’s see how can we check that too.

  • Move to the file or folder to check the size in Dropbox.
  • Click the Modified( with arrow) option to show the Size option. Click on the Size option to view the Home page itself.
folder size Dropbox

This simple method makes it clear to check the particular files or folder size in Dropbox.

View File Size on iOS

Dropbox provides seamless compatibility with iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. In just a few simple steps, we can find out the size of any of our files to help to manage our storage space and keep our files organized. Here’s how:


Open Dropbox and sign in to the Dropbox account with the mail and passwords.


Select three dots under the particular files or folders on the Dropbox home page from the iOS device.

See folder size in Dropbox ios


The file size will be visible under the specific files or folders on the iPhone.

Folder size in Dropbox iOS


  1. Open the folder that contains the file whose size you would like to check.
  2. Long-press on the particular file and then select “properties.” If you do this, you should see its size on the pop-up screen.

View File Size on Android

Android devices have been utilized to support all online storage services, including Dropbox. We can view your files, photos, and videos on the go. To determine the size of any of our files, use the Dropbox Android app or our browser.


Open Dropbox and sign in to the account, if not already go to the play store and download.


Move ahead to the files or folders to see the folder size in Dropbox.


In Android, by default, Dropbox will show a file size under particular files or folders representing each size of the folder.

File size in Android Dropbox

This is how we will see file or folder size in the Android.

See How Much Space in Dropbox

Checking how much storage is left in Dropbox is easy to do. Just follow these steps.

  • Open Dropbox and sign in with the credentials.
  • Click the profile photo or avatar picture which is at the top of the right page.
  • Click Settings and Click the Plan option to check the storage space in Dropbox.
storage space in Dropbox
  • After clicking the Plan option, we can see the storage space details as shown in the below image.
Storage space Dropbox

By the above simple method, we can check the storage space in Dropbox.

How to Free Up Space in Dropbox

While there are some usual ways to free up space on Dropbox, there are a few other tricks we can use to retrieve our storage. One of Dropbox’s great features is that when we delete a file, it automatically reduces your storage space. We don’t need to empty the trash or permanently delete the files we need to do with other services.

Delete Large Files Manually

We already know how to organize our files based on size. It will help us to see which files are taking up more space and also let us decide which files to be deleted. So Delete the unwanted files to save the spaces in Dropbox. Follow this step to do the task File>Ellipses or three dots> Delete.

Remove Duplicates in the Dropbox

Duplicate files can consume a significant amount of space on your Dropbox. If we are storing files in Mac or windows we can scan and remove them. A scanner like Doc scanner or paper scan or any other familiar scanner we can use. It will scan the entire hard drive or scan particular files or folders to avoid duplicate files in Dropbox.

Remove any Shared Files

Any files we share with others count against our storage quota. Fortunately, Dropbox makes it simple to determine which of our files are shared.


Now we come to the conclusion in this article. I hope you find an easy and simpler method to see the file size in the browser, iOS, and Android.

To optimize the use of our storage space in Dropbox, we must compress the file size before uploading it to a Dropbox account.

It’s also important to remember that the larger the file, the more difficult it is to share with others.

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