How to recover deleted shared files on Google Drive? Fixes to solve your problem!

Are you entirely dependent on G-Suite for all your work? If yes, no wonder you probably store all your essential files on Google Drive. What if these crucial files get deleted or corrupted accidentally? You will desperately want to look for measures that aid in minimizing the loss of data. 

Fortunately, there are quite a number of techniques by which you can get back all your lost or deleted files on Google Drive. 

 Through this guide, we will brief you about how to recover deleted shared files on Google Drive! So, keep away your tensions and worries and read along to know how you can come out of the problem. Let’s get started!

How to recover deleted shared files on Google Drive: Fixes and Solutions 

#1: Restore files that have been deleted a few minutes ago 

Suppose you have accidentally deleted some files a few minutes ago, say, 2 minutes ago, you can immediately get back those files with just a single click. A pop-up message will emerge at the bottom of the screen saying, “Removed 1 file. UNDO”

Recover deleted shared files on Google Drive

Furthermore, all that you have to do to get back your files is click on the blue-colored Undo button. And the file will be restored to your drive. 

#2: Get back the files that were deleted 25 days ago 

If you have deleted any file around 25 days ago, there is a very easy way to get your hands on it. Go to the Trash Section.

how to get deleted files back on Google Drive
Recover deleted shared files on Google Drive

Look for the deleted file among all other files in the trash folder. Once you have reached the file you were searching for, right-click on it and click on Restore. Always remember that you can recover files on Google Drive in this manner only if these were deleted 25 days ago. 

#3: Getting back the orphaned files 

Imagine you have shared a folder that consists of files created by you with other people via Google Drive. Then, one of the users with whom you had shared the folder deletes the parent folder.

Or say, you have created a new file within the folder that has been shared with you by someone else, but then the folder is deleted. 

If you face these kinds of situations, don’t get worried. This is because your folder has not been permanently lost or deleted but has just been orphaned. Since the parent folder has been deleted, it often gets quite difficult to find the orphaned folder. 

You can look for the orphaned file by heading for the search field in Drive and then entering the command: is:unorganized owner:me

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#4: Recovery of Google Drive files by using CloudAlly

If the data and files in your G Suite are protected by the G Suite backup of CloudAlly, recovering your Google Drive files will be the easiest as you can get back these lost files whenever you want to. 

Recovery of Google Drive files by using CloudAlly
How to recover deleted shared files on Google Drive

Apart from the Google Drive files, CloudAlly’s G Suite Backup offers automatic backup of Gmail, Calendar, Tasks, Metadata, and Contacts.

Do you know that this backup service involves the feature of limitless storage on the servers of Amazon AWS? This lets you get back your files whenever you want. So, there is no confinement of time period!

Let’s have a glance at the various options of recovering Google or Team Drive files that CloudAlly offers. 

  • You can select Historical Snapshots as the preferred file restoration mode to get back your files anytime you want. 
  • You will also be provided with the liberty to choose the option of file recovery by making use of advanced search and filter at any level of hierarchy. 
  • The third option lets you recover all the deleted or lost files by exporting these to the local storage. 

#5: Recover files by using Google Vault 

It is true that Google Vault is not actually a backup solution, but you can use it to recover data and files only if your business company or organization uses this very Google Vault.

Do note that the data can be recovered only if the file retention rules are maintained. You may contact the administrator to know if the files can be obtained back by using Google Vault. 

The Google Workspace and Google Drive Data can be regained, in fact, a backup of the files can also be taken by using various other independent solutions. All your data of the Google Workspace will be stored in a private cloud. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I recover the files that were permanently deleted from Google Drive? 

You can get back your permanently deleted files by going to the Trash section under My Drive. Right-click on the deleted file. A menu will be opened with two options on the display: Restore and Delete Forever. Furthermore, click on the Restore Button to get back the file. 

2. How long does Google Drive keep deleted files? 

After you have deleted a file, it stays in the Trash section. The file will be there in the Trash folder for a period of 30 days. Moreover, after the completion of 30 days, the files will be permanently deleted. 

3. What happens if I delete a shared folder in Google Drive? 

If you delete a folder that you had shared with others in Google Drive, the result will be that the other users will lose access to that folder. 

4. How can I recover permanently deleted files without software? 

Head to the folder or the location where you had stored the file previously. Now, right-click on the folder and choose Restore Previous Versions. Furthermore, your files will be restored without taking the aid of any external software. 

5. What is the disadvantage of Google Drive? 

Google Drive has this drawback of security risks. If there had been a password protection feature in place, the security of Google Drive could have been enhanced. 

6. Who can delete a shared drive? 

Users having Manager Access to the shared drive are entitled to delete the files permanently. 

7. Why can’t I see shared drives on Google Drive? 

Do note that shared drives are found only within the G Suite Enterprise and Business Editions. If you can’t see shared drives on your Google Drive, it is because these are probably not available for your organization or company. To know more about the details, you may contact your own G Suite administrator. 

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Final Words 

The fixes as to how to recover deleted shared files on Google Drive are really simple and straightforward. 

Minutely follow the steps, and you can quickly get back your lost files. 

Next time onwards, if you accidentally delete any folder/file, don’t panic. Furthermore, always remember that there are multiple ways by which you can get them back. Prevent data loss by taking the help of third-party apps. 

Keep all your critical files secured! Stay worry-free and you can get back all your deleted files easily.