How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook Online? [5 Ways]

Don’t know to recover deleted emails in Outlook online? This article is the right path you came to see how to recover deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook users accidently deleted the important emails and organization does not have backup. No need to worry we can recover deleted emails in Outlook.

Initially i am not aware of recovering deleted emails but after several practical things done, came to know that retaining deleted emails in Outlook is not a big deal. Here we go to see the steps for doing so.

  • Situations where files cannot be restored.
  • Conditions to follow to recover deleted files
  • Recover deleted email in Mac
  • Recover deleted email in Browser
  • How to recover deleted emails Desktop application
  • How to recover deleted emails permanently
  • Recovery of deleted email in Mobile

Situations Where Files Cannot be Restored

There are some case where recovery of emails is not possible. Below are the conditions.

  • You might have cleared the recoverable folder items.
  • If the days crossed beyond the certain days for example 30 days has the maximum limit. If it is crossed the days, then we can’t recover the deleted files in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Either you don’t have an Enterprise license, or you don’t have access to eDiscovery.

Conditions to Follow to Recover Deleted Files

There are some moves you should take whether you have a backup or not, which include going into trash bin or recovery folder.

  • Make sure that you have not deleted anything in the deleted item folder.
  • Even though it is deleted, it should be less than 30 days of the deletion.

Recover Deleted Email in Mac

Below are the method to see how to recover the deleted email in Mac:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in the Mac device.
  • Click Deleted item in the left side bar of the page.
  • Choose the email you wish to recover and click the Move button at the top.
  • Click Choose Folder from the drop-down menu and select where you wish to transfer the email.

Short cut Method

We can also use this shortcut method to recover the deleted email back to the inbor or required folder click command + z.

Use above both methods to retain the important message or email back to the inbox in Outlook from Mac device.

Recover Deleted File in Browser

Here we will see how to recover deleted file or emails from Outlook browser application.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook application from browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Internet explorer.
  • Go to the deleted folder and check all the emails that you have deleted already.
  • Right-click the deleted email and also click Restore option. The email appears in the folder where it deleted from.
Recover deleted email in Outlook

Unfortunately, there is no option to restore all emails with one click like in the Web version. We should go through all of them separately, which can take some time. 

How to Recover Deleted Emails Desktop Application

We will see the similar method in retaining the deleted emails in desktop applications.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook application in the desktop.
  • Go to the deleted items folder in which it already have deleted emails or files in it.
Recover deleted email in Outlook
  • Once deleted folder will be opened, right-click the email then click Move and simultaneously click Other Folder from the options.
Retain emails in Desktop application

In this desktop application also, we don’t have option to recover emails altogether. We have to do the process step by step only.

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How to Recover Deleted Emails Permanently

Microsoft does not provide us with backup options (Unless you are subscribed to the Enterprise license), but still, it gives us two options to recover deleted emails instead.

The recoverable items folder is the second step for those who cleared up their deleted items folder, or who deleted emails more than 30 days ago. In these cases, Microsoft gives us one more option to restore.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 applications on desktop.
  • Go to the Deleted items or folder in the Outlook application.
  • In this page, we can see Recover items recently removed from this folder. Click on that then also make sure to check the option Restore Selected Items and hit Ok
Restore deleted item in desktop appliation

The deleted emails will be moved to Microsoft Outlook 265 application.

Recover Deleted Email Via Archive Folder

Auto-Archiving gives us the possibility to move our old emails to the Archive in case if we need them later. It is available on the browser application. 

Sometimes Auto-Archiving is set for all corporate users of Outlook by default. In case if we didn’t know this function was set up, we might have missed the moment when all our old emails were transferred to the Archive folder.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook from a browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer, or Safari.
  • Click Archive from the list of menu which is available on the left side of the home page.
Recover deleted mail via Archive
  • Check the particular email you want to move to the inbox. Then right-click the email click Move option and also click Inbox option from the menu.
Move email to inbox in Archive

The required email will be moved to inbox in the Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

Recovery of Deleted Email on Mobile

We can have the possibility of retaining the emails on mobile devices as well. Let’s get started.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Online application from the mobile device.
  • Go to the settings and move to Deleted option from the menu.
  • Select the email and click three dots in the top of the page. From that click Restore conversation, so that email will be again moved to inbox.

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We have seen recovery portion for all the devices for Microsoft Outlook 365 application. Check from your end step by step and moreover, all the methods I have given are a few steps process only.

I hope this article will help you out in retaining your emails and also I believe you might feel easy in doing this so.

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