Table View in Outlook Online

Have you ever tried changing the view of a table in Microsoft Outlook? This is the right tutorial to check the table view in Outlook Online.

The table is to convey our information in an understandable format. In the table view, we can make some changes like border, color style, etc. to enhance the view and also let users have clear information about the data you have shared.

I was supposed to send a data report to the client which should be easy to understand by looking at once. So Microsoft Outlook has the feature to make my job easier. Here I am sharing my tried method to use the table in an appropriate way in Outlook Online.

Importance of View of Table in Outlook Online

Below are the major importance of view of the table in Outlook Online desktop application.

  • Effective Information Display – If we are using the table in an effective way, then our information will be conveyed easily to the clients so sometimes no need for a second call because of this feature.
  • Productivity – Our productivity in the team will be increased if our communication is transferred in the correct way. If the bulk information also wants to be conveyed in a tabular format with all the options, then our information reaches them with easily understandable.

Customize a Table View in Outlook Online

Now we will see how to customize a table view in the Outlook Online desktop application.

  • Once the table is created, we can make changes to the tables as per our requirements to let another user understand to have a clear view of it.
Table View in Outlook Online
  • Now select the table to see the Table Design option at the top of the page to make changes.
View table in Outlook Online
  • Below the Table Design, we can see the many options such as style options, shadings, border styles, etc. We can use all the options in the created table.
Table View in Outlook
  • If you want to add an extra 3 rows, then right-click on the table then you can see the Insert option again click where you want to insert.
Table view in the Outlook
  • Here I have inserted it below the table, so now more rows be added to my recently created table.
Table View in the Microsoft Outlook
  • If you want to delete a certain row or column then right-click on the table then you can see the Delete option again click where you want to delete.
Table view from Outlook Online
  • Click the Table Styles at the top of the page to choose the styles for the image.
Table styles view in Outlook
  • Click the particular design, you want to add in Outlook to the Email. (Here I have used a grid table red color design).
Table View in Outlook Online application
  • We can use the List Tables option available in the Table Styles.
Table View in the Outlook application
  • Once we click on any option from the List Table, our table will be changed like the below screenshot.
Table View in Outlook app
  • Now if we click on the Shading option, then the color of the table will change to the chosen color.
View Table in the Outlook
  • Now, if we move to the next option Borders then click the type of border you want to have in the table.
  • If we click on the Borders, choose from the list of options. Borders will be covered for the entire table. (Here I have chosen Inside Borders).
Table Alignment in the Outlook Online
  • Click the Pen Color to choose the line color for the table. (Here I have chosen a red color for the inside lines).
Table View from the Outlook Online
  • If you want to give the table name, Right-click and click Insert Caption to add a table name.
Table View in the Microsoft Outlook application
  • The table name has been taken automatically by default. Here the table name taken is Table 1.
Table view in Outlook
  • We can also change the table name by clicking a New Label then giving the Label name and clicking OK. We can also select the position where it should come whether Above selected item or Below selected item.
View Table in Outlook Online
  • Now chosen table name will be displayed in our table. By default, 1 will be taken because this is the first table.
Table View in the Outlook Online application
  • Right-click on the table, and click Text Direction to change the direction of the text.
Table View for text direction in Outlook
  • Choose the text direction and click OK.
Text direction for table view in Outlook
  • To have the table fit with the content, right-click on the table Autofit and again click Autofit to Contents.
Microsoft Outlook Table View
  • Once we click Autofit to Contents, then our table with text will fit within the table.
Table View for Outlook Online application

This is the method to use the table view in the Microsoft Outlook Online desktop application.


From this, we have learned how to use table view in the Outlook Online desktop application. Microsoft Outlook is not only for email communication. we can also use this feature to enhance the table view to let users understand the conveyed information in a presentable way.

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