How to Use SmartArt in Outlook Online

Have you tried the SmartArt feature in Microsoft Outlook? This tutorial is for you to check how to use the SmartArt feature in Outlook online.

The smartArt feature allows us to create diagrams to represent ideas and information in Outlook. It will make users read the information in an effective way and understandable way. SmartArt is used in many Microsoft applications.

I had a requirement to use the SmartArt in the Outlook online. Initially, I was not aware of this feature but once started using I find very easy and effective to use this since the end user also benefits from this feature. Let’s get started to see how I have used this option in Outlook online email application.

Use SmartArt in Outlook Desktop Application

Follow the below points to see how to use SmartArt in Outlook online desktop application.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in the desktop application.
  • Click New Email on the Home page of the desktop application.
Use SmartArt in Outlook Online
  • Click the Insert option to add SmartArt to the Outlook online desktop application.
SmartArt in Outlook Online application
  • Now click three dots at the top right page and also click SmartArt to use this feature in the Microsoft Outlook desktop application.
SmartArt in Microsoft outlook
  • Once you click SmartArt, the Choose SmartArt Graphic page will appear. Choose the required design and click OK.
SmartArt in Microsoft Outlook Online
  • The image will appear in the body of the email in the Outlook online desktop application.
Outlook Online SmartArt
  • We can edit the text box to whatever we want to display by clicking on the text box.
SmartArt in the Outlook
  • If you want to delete, click the particular field that you have given the name then backspace in the keyboard. So it will be deleted.
Delete SmartArt in Outlook
  • Now if I want to click any Pyramid structure, click Pyramid in the list then click OK.
SmartArt from Outlook
  • The pyramid image will occupy the body of the email in the Outlook desktop application.
SmartArt from the Outlook Online
  • Now under the SmartArt Design field, we can have the possibility of choosing options to Move Up or down, etc.
SmartArt in the Outlook Online
  • Click the Change Layout option and choose the pattern to change the position of the pyramid.
Outlook Online SmartArt option
  • If you want to color the pyramid, then click the color palette option at the top and choose the color you want.
SmartArt in the Outlook Online application
  • If the requirement is to show in the cycle format, then click Cycle and click OK to proceed.
SmartArt from Outlook application
  • The format will appear the same in the body of the email. Here I have taken a sample thing to show in the cycle format.
SmartArt from the Microsoft Outlook
  • If you want to change the format of this color too, click on the palette and choose the required option.
SmartArt from Outlook Online
  • If the user wants to show the information in a hierarchy format then they can use the below structure using the SmartArt feature.
SmartArt in Outlook
  • If you want to use the relation structure in the outlook, then you can use the below format.
SmartArt structure in Outlook
  • Once it is added, the relation structure SmartArt will appear like the below image. You can customize the text you want to have.
SmartArt structure in Microsoft Outlook
  • If the user wants to add a particular picture using the SmartArt feature, click the picture option, choose the structure, and click OK.
SmartArt picture in Outlook
  • Click on the image icon and choose the image you want to add over here from the PC.
SmartArt in Microsoft Outlook application
  • Here Insert Pictures page will appear. You can see options like From a File, Stock Images, Online Pictures, and From Icons. Here I am choosing From a File to choose the picture to upload.
SmartArt Picture in Outlook Online
  • Now the image will be occupied in the body of the email in Microsoft Outlook online desktop application.
SmartArt in the Microsoft Outlook

These all are the options we can use in the Microsoft Outlook online desktop application.

Benefits of Using SmartArt in Outlook Online

There will be several benefits to using the SmartArt feature in Microsoft Outlook Online. Below are the major points to consider.

Clarity – SmartArt diagrams can help organize information, making it easier for our recipients to get key points and relationships between different pieces of information. This can improve the clarity of our messages.

Data Visualization – SmartArt can be used to represent data in a more visually attractive way. If you have to share a hierarchy image or matrix image, using SmartArt can make it easier to understand the end user.

Customization – SmartArt in Outlook Online applications allows for customization, so you can choose from various styles and layouts to best suit your email content and design preferences.


From this, you have learned how to use the Microsoft Outlook feature of SmartArt. SmartArt will be an excellent option to choose in the body of the email where you can explore the information in a proper way. If you’re using a newer version of Outlook and it has a SmartArt feature, you can explore its capabilities and use cases in the context of your specific email communication needs.

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