How to Extract Email address from Folder in Outlook Online

Are you trying to extract the email address from the Microsoft Outlook folder? Follow this tutorial to see how to extract an Email address from a folder in Outlook Online.

Microsoft Outlook is simple and easy to use, which is the reason it has many user databases. Recently I have faced difficulties in extracting the emails in Microsoft Outlook. Not only me but everyone might face this situation. After practically sorting it down, Here I am sharing my own experience on how to do things.

What is Extracting Email in Outlook Online

Before getting into the solution, we will see what is extracted in Outlook. Extracting Email in Microsoft Outlook means recovering or copying the mail from the mailbox for several purposes.

  • Copy-paste – We can manually copy emails from Outlook online and paste them into other applications such as text documents or any other email client.
  • Exporting – We can export the email and other mailbox items to PST, and MSG. This is the most standard method to choose from which emails or folders to export.
  • Forwarding Emails – We can forward the emails to other inbox emails if we want to extract emails.
  • Archiving – We can use the archiving feature in Microsoft Outlook to move older emails to an archive folder or an external storage location, and clear up space in our mailbox while keeping a copy of the emails.

How to Extract Email in Outlook Online Desktop Application

Let’s see how to extract email in Microsoft Outlook online desktop application.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in a desktop application.
  • Click the File option on the Home page of the Microsoft Outlook online desktop application.
Extract Email in Outlook Online Desktop Application
  • Click Open & Export on the Account Information page to extract Email in the Outlook online desktop application.
Email extract in Outlook Online
  • Click the Import/Export option in Outlook Online.
Outlook Online Extract Email
  • Click Export to a file and click Next.
Outlook Online Email extract
  • Click Comma Separated Values then click Next.
Outlook Online Extracting Email
  • Click Inbox then click Next in the Export to a File page to proceed to extract email in Outlook online.
Microsoft Outlook Extract Email
  • Click the Browse option and give the File name as Extract Email in Outlook for reference then click OK.
Microsoft Outlook online Extract Email
  • Enable the checkbox Export “Email messages” from folder; Inbox simultaneously click Map Custom Fields…
Outlook Online Extracting Emails
  • Click Clear Map in the Map Custom Fields to extract email in Outlook Online.
Microsoft Outlook Online Extract the Email
  • Once you click Clear Map, then drag the From, To, CC, and BCC and click OK.
Outlook Online Extract the Email
  • Click Finish to extract email in the Outlook Online desktop application.
Extract the Email in Outlook Online
  • Once finished, it will saved in an Excel sheet on our PC.
Email Extracted in Outlook Online

It will take more time to extract. This is the method to extract email in the Microsoft Outlook Online application.

Limitation of Manual Method to Extract Email

There are some limitations in the manual method of extracting email in Outlook Online. Below are the main limitations to consider.

  • Only one file format can be used by the users in extracting files.
  • The last step of the mapping technique is quite complex in this manual method.
  • There is a possibility that we will lose some contacts as well while extracting.


I trust this Microsoft Outlook tutorial help you out in Extracting Email in Outlook Online. Since this is the direct method without a third-party tool. Follow the steps and check from your end.

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