How to Enable or Disable Notifications on iPhone 13 and iPhone 14? [3 Major Procedures]

Often, we get caught in a cycle of mismanaging our iPhone notifications. And we rarely manage to resolve this problem. So, in this article, I will show you how to enable or disable notifications on iPhone 14 or iPhone 13, etc. to better control iPhone notifications.

I’ll be sharing my experience to help you manage the notifications setting on an iPhone. I am using iPhone 13, but the same steps apply to iPhone 14 as well.

On a day-to-day basis, our iPhone keeps us updated about numerous things via notifications. However, these very notifications can be a cause of both productivity and distraction.

Previously, I had a hard time dealing with my work and nonfunctional alerts. So, I seeked out a way of handling the notifications on my iPhone that were mostly scattered. And if you bought a new iPhone, you may read this article How To Set up iPhone? [With 3 Bonus Tips].

Here is a preview of what I’ll be talking about. Read on.

  • Enabling or disabling notifications on iPhone
  • Using Sound and Haptics to turn on or turn off iPhone notifications
  • Shortcuts to mute or unmute notifications

Turn On or Turn Off Notifications in iPhone Settings

A phone is a device that we keep close to us at all times for updating us about a countless number of things. In our case, it’s an iPhone, that has multiple options for turning on and silencing notifications.

Let’s see how we can use these possibilities!

Turn Out or Enable Scheduled Summary Notifications

Scheduled summary aids us in setting up a particular time to receive notifications for calls, messages, time-sensitive apps, etc., in iPhone.

To set this up on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications.
mute notifications on iPhone
  • Here, select ‘Scheduled Summary‘ and turn it on.
  • On the next page, click on ‘Continue’. But if we choose ‘Set Up Later’ then it will go back to the previous menu on our iPhone 14 or iPhone 13.
silent notifications in iPhone 13
  • Now, choose all the preferable apps for which we need a scheduled summary by clicking on ‘Show more’ and then ‘Add Apps’.
  • I chose 3 apps and then clicked on ‘Add 3 Apps’.
Notification turn off in iPhone 14
  • Now, we can set and add different timings by clicking on ‘Add Summary‘ to receive collective notifications throughout the day on our iPhones.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Turn on Notification Summary‘.
iPhone 14 pro notifications off

You can keep this turned off to not get any notifications at all. Else keep this turned on.

Show Previews for iPhone Notifications

The message preview that we see on our iPhone lock screen is because of this option. We can turn this on in the main notification settings for the entire system of the iPhone as well as in the app settings for every specific app.

  • Open the ‘Notifications‘ setting and choose ‘Show Previews‘.
notifications mute in iPhone 12
  • We will see 3 options:
    • Always – The message will always be visible on our iPhone screen whether locked or unlocked.
    • When Unlocked – Message only appears when we unlock our iPhone with Face ID, or Touch ID.
    • Never – We will only see the message when we directly click on the alert. It will not appear on the lock screen.
turn on notification in iPhone 14 pro max

Once you make the choice, it then starts previewing the messages accordingly.

Activating or Disabling Notifications while Screen Sharing on iPhone

There are occasions when we cast our iPhone 14 screen on the TV and watch videos or do other work. But do we want to receive notifications while doing that is the question?

  • Select the option ‘Screen Sharing‘ in the notification setting.
Notification silence in iPhone 13 pro max
  • If we turn on ‘Screen Sharing’ then we will receive notifications even while mirroring our iPhone screen.
turn off notification in iPhone 13 pro

This available option makes all our tasks easy. You can also opt to disable it if required.

Siri Suggestions Enabled or Disabled on iPhone

Siri shows alerts for the chosen apps on our iPhone lock screen.

  • Choose ‘Siri Suggestions‘ under the notification setting on iPhone.
  • We have the option to turn on the ‘Allow Notifications‘ to initiate the notifications for various apps.
  • Also, every app has its notification-allowing button to be turned on.
  • The selected apps can push their notification on the lock screen of your iPhone.
notification turn off in iPhone 12 mini

However, turn off the ‘Allow Notifications’ option if you don’t want to get any alerts on the lock screen of the iPhone. This will automatically turn off all the app notification buttons.

App Notification for Specific iPhone Apps

iPhone also has the alternative to set up notifications for every app separately.

  • Open any app from the list in the iPhone notification setting.
turn on iPhone 12 pro max notification
  • For example, here I’ve set up the Dropbox app alert update.
iPhone 12 pro notification silent
  • Firstly, we need to enable the ‘Allow Notification‘ option for Dropbox.
  • After this, we will have a few conditions for Dropbox:
    • Immediate Delivery – This delivers the notifications as soon as we receive them.
    • Scheduled Summary – We have to set the time at which we want to receive all the alerts on our iPhone 14 or iPhone 13.
    • Locked Screen – Alerts will appear on our lock screen.
    • Notification Centre – Alerts appear on the ‘Notification Centre’ which is the drop-down menu we can see when we scroll down on our home screen.
    • Banners – This makes the notification hover on the top of our iPhone screen.
    • Banner Style – We can also choose how long the notification should hover on top of our iPhone screen. Click on this and we will see 2 options:
      • Temporary – The notification will pop up and disappear immediately.
      • Persistent – In this, the alert won’t go away till we swipe it away.
enable iPhone 11 notification
  • Sound – Whether we want a notification alert via sound or not. Hence, we can turn it on or off accordingly.
  • Badges – It shows the number on top of an app to know how many notifications we have received.
  • Show Previews – This has 3 options to preview our notification:
    • Always – Notification appears at all times whether the iPhone screen is locked or unlocked.
    • When Unlocked – Preview will only be available when we unlock our screen.
    • Never – Preview is never available.
turn off iPhone 11 pro notification
  • Notification Grouping – This has 3 options:
    • Automatic – iPhone 14 configures the best way to display/group the notifications.
    • By App – All the notifications are grouped app-wise.
    • Off – We can turn off the ‘Notification Grouping’ option altogether.
disable notification on iPhone 11 pro max
  • Apart from all these options, there is an alternative named ‘Time Sensitive‘.
  • We can enable this if we want certain important notifications to be delivered immediately.
  • Also, the notification hovers on our iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 lock screen for an hour so that we don’t miss it.
  • However, this alternative is only available for a few apps on iPhone such as FaceTime.
time sensitive notification on iPhone

But we can turn off the ‘Allow Notifications’ option if we don’t want to receive any of the notifications. This will also disable all of the following options for the app notifications on iPhone.

Activate or Deactivate Notifications on iPhone Via Sound and Haptics

Sound and Haptics control the ringtone and sound level of the iPhone notifications. The various options are:

iPhone Vibrates when Notifications Arrive

Vibration aids us in realizing that we have received a notification when we don’t pay attention to our iPhones.

  • Vibrate on Ring – Enable this so that our iPhone vibrates along with the ringtone whenever we receive a notification.
  • Vibrate on Silent – When we enable this, our iPhone will vibrate even when on silent mode.
enable notification on iPhone 10

Vibrating phones help us in realizing that a message has arrived.

Ringer and Alerts to Turn On or Off iPhone Notifications

We have the control to change the volume of the ringtones with the help of Ringer and Alerts.

  • Volume Bar – We can increase or decrease the volume of our iPhone ringtone as per our wish.
  • Change with Buttons – When this option is enabled all the notifications will have the same levels of sound irrespective of the apps. For example, alarms, messages, and email will all have the same notification volume in an iPhone.
disable notification on iPhone 10 pro

We can also keep the volume at zero level and disable the ‘Change with Buttons‘ alternative.

Sounds and Vibration Patterns for iPhone Notifications

  • Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts, Reminder Alerts, and AirDrop can all have specifically customized ringtones. We can also turn on the ‘Vibrate‘ option for extra emphasis on our iPhone notifications.
  • We can turn off all the ringtones by choosing ‘None‘ for every setting if we don’t want to be surrounded by alerts.
turn on iPhone 10 pro max notification
  • Keyboard Clicks – This acts when we are typing on our keyboard, and it makes a sound. We can even switch this option off.
  • Lock Sound – When we turn this on, our iPhone will make a sound when we lock the screen. We can also choose to disable it.
  • System Haptics – This means that whenever we touch our screen, our iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 sends feedback in the form of a little vibration. So, if we don’t want any feedback, we can turn this off.
turn off iPhone 10 pro max notification

However, there are people who do not enjoy loud ringtones or vibration mode in their iPhones. So, they can also keep these settings disabled.

Shortcuts to Mute or Unmute Notifications on iPhone

iPhones also have thought about shortcuts for many of their functionalities. And so, they have come up with a few shortcuts for muting or unmuting notifications on iPhones in a very short time.

Silent Key on Your iPhone

We can find this particular button beside the volume buttons on our iPhone.

  • I can slide down the button when I need my iPhone to be in silent mode.
ringer button for turning iPhone notification on or off
  • When the button is up, then the iPhone is either in ringer or vibrate mode, depending on what we have setup on sound and haptics.
  • The mode is also displayed on our iPhone screen.
ringer enable and disable for iPhone notification

This is one of the easiest ways to silence or amplify our iPhone notifications.

Notification on the iPhone Lock Screen

Apart from all the other options, we can directly apply this option on the lock screen of our iPhone 14. We can do 2 things, as a notification pops up on our iPhone lock screen.

  • Long press on the notification to see the options.
  • For instance, I received a WhatsApp message and had the option to reply to it directly from the lock screen when I long-pressed on it.
Lock screen reply to iPhone 14 notification
  • We can also swipe the notification halfway on the lock screen and an ‘Options’ button will appear.
  • Tap on ‘Options’ and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Here, we can choose the option as we please. Or we can totally mute the notifications.
lock screen for iPhone notification muting

In this way, we spend the minimum amount of time addressing the notifications.

Using Voice Assistant as Shortcut to Enable or Disable Do Not Disturb on iPhone

The benefit of voice assistant is that we can directly ask them to do a task without moving a finger. Here, we are commanding Siri to do the job.

  • Firstly, say ‘Hey Siri‘ out loud.
  • When Siri responds, you can command ‘Turn on Do Not Disturb’.
  • Otherwise, instruct Siri to ‘Turn off Do Not Disturb’ mode.
  • Siri will complete the task swiftly.
Siri iPhone 13 notification turn on and off

You can perform this task even when you are a few feet away from your iPhone just by commanding Siri.

Using Focus to Activate or Deactivate iPhone Notifications

Apple has brought forth a very smart feature known as ‘Focus‘. With the help of ‘Focus’, we can create different profiles such as work, personal, do not disturb, gym, etc., and personalize them as per our needs.

Set Up Focus as a Shortcut for Notifications

We can opt for any one of the selections when we are doing a certain task. Let’s see how we can set up ‘Focus‘ and start using the shortcut.

  • To start with, Go to Settings > Focus.
iPhone 12 focus iPhone notification enable
  • On the next page, we will see a number of options for different profiles.
  • Here, I’ll demonstrate on how to set up the ‘Personal’ profile. We can set up new profiles as per our need.
  • Now, open the ‘Personal‘ profile.
  • We will see a pop-up window, click ‘Next’.
iPhone 11 focus disable in iPhone notification
  • Allowed People for Notifications – We can add our favorite people to this list so that we receive their notifications at all times. Then click ‘Allow’.
    • Allow Calls From– Also, we can choose if we want to receive incoming calls from everyone, no one, favorites, or all contacts. Now, tap on ‘Done’.
  • Allowed Apps for Notifications – Choose the apps we can get notifications from when this Focus profile is on. Press ‘Allow’.
    • Time Sensitive – Certain apps can be marked as ‘Time Sensitive’ as they contain very important information. And these notifications remain on the iPhone 14 screen for 1 hour.
focus iPhone 11 pro turn on notification
  • Our Focus profile is now ready. A few other options available in our ‘Personal’ Focus are:
iPhone 10 focus turn off notification
  • Focus Status – This allows the iPhone apps to show other people, who text us, that we have turned off our notifications. Although, apps don’t know which Focus area we are using then so they can’t relay any information about that.
  • Home Screen – Tap on this.
    • Hide Notification Badges – Hides the number of notifications we receive for an app.
    • Custom Pages – We can customize our home screen as per the Focus profile we are on.
home screen iPhone 9 notification disable
  • Lock Screen – Click this.
    • Dim Lock Screen – If we turn this on, our lock screen will be dimmed whenever we receive a notification.
    • Show on Lock Screen – We will receive the silenced notifications on our lock screen.
lock screen iPhone 13 notification turn on
  • New Automation – We can set this up to automatically start up an app at a particular time, or location.
automatic iPhone 13 pro notification activate
  • Delete Focus – Wecan click on this, and the focus will be removed.

Hence, we can choose the ‘Do Not Disturb‘ Focus to prevent disturbance by alerts. Or any other profile to receive Focus specified alerts.

Access Focus from Notification Centre

This becomes super easy after setting up the ‘Focus’ areas.

  • Scroll down from top on our home screen, we can see ‘Focus’.
  • Press on it and we can see our set up profiles.
  • If we want to choose a profile, just tap on it and it’ll get turned on.
  • Nevertheless, we can also click on the 3 dots beside the Focus to see the various options like turning it on ‘For 1 hour‘, etc, and choose for ourselves.
DND iPhone 14 pro notification turn off

Turning on ‘Do Not Disturb’ from ‘Focus’ is now on the tip of our fingers.

Volume Buttons to Silence or Activate iPhone Notifications

We can also access volume buttons to mute iPhone notifications. And we can find them on the side of our iPhones.

  • Simply press the volume down button till the volume level is zero. This way our iPhone goes into ‘Silent‘ mode and our iPhone won’t ring when we receive notifications.
  • Otherwise, hold the volume up button to increase the volume of the notification ringtone.
volume enabled notification on iPhone 14 pro max

Apart from all the other options, tackling the notification with the volume buttons is also possible.


With the plethora of options mentioned in this article, hopefully, it becomes easy for you to turn on or deactivate your iPhone notifications.

This page also contains a few expanded shortcuts. Apart from going over the settings, again and again, you may set up the notification setting at once with no hassle.

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