Where is View Tab and How to Use in Outlook Online

Are you aware of View Tab in Outlook? Then read this Microsoft Outlook tutorial to check where is View tab and how to use the View tab in Outlook Online.

Microsoft Outlook provides many features which we are using in day-to-day life. The view tab is to change the type of View which is based on requirements. Let’s go ahead to know more about View and its uses in Microsoft Outlook Online.

Where is View Tab in Outlook Online

For desktop applications and web applications, the View tab will be at the top of the home page. Below that change View and current view options will be available. Based on your functionality, you can choose from the options.

Options Available under View Tab in Outlook Online

Below are the options available under the View tab in Microsoft Outlook desktop applications.

Change View – By clicking Change View we can see the options like Manage Views, Save Current View As a New View, and Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

  • Compact – It will show details about the message in the message list and show the Reading Pane.
  • Single – It will display each message as one line in the message list and displays the Reading Pane.
  • Preview – It will show all the messages as one line in the message list and hides the Reading Pane.
How to use View tab in Outlook Online

Show-Focused Inbox – Show-focused inbox means, it splits the inbox into two tabs to show important emails in one tab and the rest of the email will be in other tabs.

View tab in Outlook Online

Current Mail – Under Current View, there will be options such as Show as Conversations, Conversation Settings, Message Preview, View Settings, and Reset View.

Show as Conversations – It will show messages arranged in a folder or all mailboxes.

Conversation Settings – It will show messages from other folders, and show the sender above the subjects.

Message Preview – We can choose the message we want to display in one line or two lines.

View Settings – It will show options like Columns, Group by, Sort, and Filter.

View tab in Microsoft Outlook Online

Arrange By – If we click on this icon, we can see the Date, From, To, Categories, Flag status, stat date, due date, size, Subject, type, and attachment.

View tab in Outlook Ddesktop application

Reverse Sort – Reverse Sort is used to change the order of the message.

Use Tighter Spacing – If you want tighter or closer spacing in Outlook, then click on this option.

Layout – In the Layout option, we have a Folder pane, Reading pane, and To-do bar.

  • Folder pane – If we click on this, it will have Normal, Minimized, off, and Favorites.
    • Normal – Email will be arranged normally.
    • Minimized – If we click Minimized, then an email will be moved to the left side in Outlook.
    • Favorites – If we click on this, our favorite emails will appear with folders.
View tab in Outlook Online application
  • Reading pane – This is the look of the email messages in Outlook Online.
    • Right – If we click on this, email messages will be in the normal place.
    • Bottom – if we click this, it will move to the down of the home page.
    • Off – It means the mail will display without the sender’s name on the home page.
View in Microsoft Outlook Online
  • To-Do-Bar – In this, it will show if we marked any important list in Outlook Online.
    • Calendar – Once you click on this, it will show the calendar event in the corner of the page in outlook online.
    • People – In the corner of the page, the Search box will appear to search for the particular person’s mail.
    • Tasks – If we click on this, recently added tasks will appear in the corner of the page.
    • Off – Once you click this, it will be on the normal page.
View tab in the Outlook Online application

This is what the View tab is in the Microsoft Outlook desktop application.

View Tab in Microsoft Outlook Online Web Application

Now, we will see options in View Tab in the Microsoft Outlook Web application.

View Settings – If we click on this, many options will be displayed. General, Mail, Calendar, people.

View Settings in Outlook Online application

Messages – In this option, we can see Conversations and Message preview.

  • Conversations – It will have two options such as Group into conversations and show each message separately.
    • Group into Conversations – The conversation will be grouped together in Outlook online.
    • Show each message separately – If we click this, it will show each and every message separately.
Outlook Web application View tab
  • Message Preview – This will show two options Show preview text and Hide preview text.
    • Show Preview text– It will show the last text in Outlook Online.
    • Hide Preview text – It will hide the text in the Outlook application.
Microsoft Outlook View Uses
  • Layout – It will have the folder pane and reading pane where the folder pane has the option like show and hide. If we click on a show, the Email will look normal if we click on Hide it will hide inbox, outbox, and other folders.
View tab in MS Outlook Online
  • Density – In this density option, it will display Roomy, cozy and compact.
    • Roomy – The home page of the Email looks normal
    • Cozy – Cozy in the sense the name icon will not be visible in Outlook online.
    • Compact – The message size itself will be reduced and looks small on the Outlook page.
View tab in the Outlook Online web

These are all the View options in Outlook Online Web applications.


From this, we got to know what are view options and how to use View options in Microsoft Outlook Online. This tutorial clearly explained all the options of the View tab and its uses.

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