How to Save Emails in Outlook Online

Do you know how to save emails or messages in Microsoft Outlook? This is the right page you are looking for to check how to Save Mail in Outlook Online.

Saving the Microsoft Outlook email is due to many reasons such as offline access, backup, and personal record keeping. In organizations, saving emails helps us to keep our inbox in order.

Storing emails in folders or categories can help us organize our inboxes and declutter our digital workspace. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress from email overload. Let’s get started without delay on how to do things.

Save Emails in Microsoft Outlook Online Desktop

Saving Mail is sometimes a mandatory thing. Follow the below steps to save emails in Outlook Online desktop applications.

Step-1: Open Microsoft Outlook in the desktop application

Step-2: On the Home page of the Microsoft Outlook online desktop application, click the mail you want to save.

Save mail in Outook Online

Step-3: Now click the File option to save the mail in the Outlook Online application.

Save mails in Outlook Online

Step-4: Click the Save As option under Import & Export on the Account Information page to save the mail.

Microsoft Outlook Online save mails

Step-5: Choose the location where you want to save the emails and click Save in the Outlook Online desktop application.

Save mails in the Outlook

Step-6: Now the Outlook Online mails will be saved in the chosen location.

Save mails in Outlook desktop

This is the method to save mail in the Outlook Online desktop application.

Save Emails in Outlook Online Web Application

Saving the Mails in Outlook Online web application is similar to a desktop application and easy as well. Follow the below steps to do so.

Step-1: Open Microsoft Outlook in a browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Step-2: Click the email you want to save from the Microsoft Outlook Web application.

Outlook Online Save Mails

Step-3: Click the three dots and scroll down to see the Save options. Click Save to proceed further.

Microsoft Outlook Online Web Save mails

Step-4: Once we click the Save options, the mails will be saved on the PC.

Mails in Outlook Online

By doing this, all our chosen emails will be saved in the Outlook Online web application.

Save Emails in Outlook Online from a MAC device

Let’s see how to save the emails in Outlook from the MAC device.

  • The first method to save mail from a Mac device is drag and drop. Drag the particular mail and drop it on the desktop.
  • The second method is to Double-click and open the email message that you want to save in .eml format from Outlook Online.
  • Click the File tab and again click Save As to continue.
  • Click the arrow down button in the Where field and choose the file location where you want to save the mail.
  • Specify a name for the file in the Save As field.
  • Leave the file type as the default Email Message.
  • Click the Save button. The email message will be saved in .eml format.

Therefore, this is the way to save mail in Outlook Online from a MAC device.

Limitations in Saving Mails from Outlook Online

Even though we have the advantage of saving the mail, we have some limitations as well in Outlook Online. Check the below points to know more.

  • Time-consuming: Saving each email one by one at a time might be tedious, especially if you have a significant amount of emails to preserve.
  • Error – Manual techniques lead to human mistakes since they require technical knowledge of Office 365 and the Exchange admin center.
  • Less capability – Manual techniques have limited capabilities, such as screening emails based on specific criteria or automatically saving attachments.
  • If we need to save more emails then the manual method is quite difficult to maintain.
  • Manual techniques often only allow us to store emails as.eml or. msg files, which may or may not be compatible with other email programs or devices.
  • There is no automated backup for the emails stored using the manual technique.

The above points are some limitations in saving the mail in Outlook Online application.


From this, we have learned how to save mail in Outlook Online. This Microsoft Outlook tutorial also explained why to save mail and its limitations as well. Go through this simple tutorial and follow the steps.

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