How to Disable Spam in Outlook Online

Facing trouble in disabling junk or spam email in Microsoft Outlook? Then this is an exact tutorial to check how to disable spam in Outlook online.

Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook Web App offer the Junk email filter, which helps us to control unwanted messages, by allowing us to decide which messages or recipients are no longer needed.

I have faced trouble sometimes my important sender’s emails will go to junk by mistake, I have tried to sort it out, So follow this tutorial to get to know more about how to get rid of junk emails in Microsoft Outlook Online.

Turn off Junk Emails in Microsoft Outlook Online

We can turn off junk or spam emails in Microsoft Outlook in two ways. Namely,

  • Through the Microsoft Outlook Desktop application
  • Through the Microsoft Outlook Web application

Turn off Junk Emails in Microsoft Outlook Online in Desktop Application

We will see step-by-step how to turn off junk emails in Microsoft Outlook online desktop application.

Step-1: Open Microsoft Outlook in the desktop application.

Step-2: Click the People icon and click Junk E-mail Options to disable spam in the Microsoft Outlook online desktop application.

How to disable junk email in Outlook

Step-3: Now, choose the No Automatic Filtering option and click OK.

Junk email in Microsoft Outlook
  • No Automatic Filtering – Blocked sender list Emails in Outlook online are moved to junk
  • Low – This option filters only visible spam emails in Microsoft Outlook online.
  • High – Identifies maximum spam emails but sometimes can not see the proper emails and moved to the junk folder. If you select this option, frequently check the junk email folder in Microsoft Outlook online.
  • Safe lists only – The highest level of protection, which only permits emails from users on the Safe Senders and Safe Recipients lists.

Apart from the protection levels, two more options are available in Outlook online.

  • Permanently delete suspected spam emails instead of moving them to the Junk folder.
  • Warn me about suspicious domain names in e-mail addresses.

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Points to be Noted

  • It is suggested that you test whatever option works best for you for a short period of time. Choose a high level if too much spam is occupied in your mailbox. Choose a Low level if too many valid emails, like subscribed newsletters, are being filtered as spam.
  • The Safe Lists Only option may not be the greatest option because it needs manually adding safe senders to a list. Any sender who is not on the list will be filtered as spam, which may include valid emails from new clients or customers requesting estimates.
  • Choosing the permanent delete junk email in Outlook will not be able to recover the important sender’s email which was mistakenly treated as junk in the Microsoft Outlook online. So it is better to check the junk folder frequently.

Prevent Good emails from being Marked as Spam

  • We can add specific email addresses or domain names to the Safe list by using the Safe Senders and Safe Recipients tabs. E-mail messages from anyone on these lists will not be considered spam, regardless of their content.
  • Safe Senders List – This enables you to mark email addresses and domain names as safe, preventing them from being classified as junk regardless of message content. Safe domains are not automatically noticed by Exchange Online. The Safe Sender list can only contain 1024 items.
  • Safe Recipients List -This feature allows us to mark mailing and distribution list senders as safe.

Block Senders in Microsoft Outlook Online

We can see the email address on the blocked sender’s tab. We can also add more sender’s to the block list or we can unblock the particular sender. All the emails from blocked senders will move to the junk folder. Click Add and give the mail id and click OK to block the particular sender.

Disable spam filter in Outlook online

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Turn off Junk Emails in Microsoft Outlook Online in Web Application

In the Microsoft Outlook web application, we can see the two options blocked sender and safe sender.

Step-1: Open Microsoft Outlook from a browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Login with the credentials to check junk email from the Microsoft Outlook web application.

Step-2: Click the gear icon or settings options which are at the top right of the page.

Disable spam filter in outlook Web

Step-3: Click Mail -> Junk email in Microsoft Outlook online web application.

Disable junk email in Outlook online

Step-4: Under junk email, search the blocked sender in the Search list bar and if you want to add any email address to the block list, click Add option to include.

Junk email in Microsoft Outlook Online

Step-5: For the safe sender, add the email address to include in the safe sender’s list to avoid the particular person’s email moving into the junk folder.

Disable Spam in Microsoft Outlook Online

Step-6: Here we can filter as per our needs, and click Save.

  • Only trust emails from addresses in my Safe senders and domains list – Here genuine emails are only sent to inboxes else they will move to junk.
  • Trust email from my contacts – Genuine emails are from the contact book of Microsoft Outlook Online.
  • In Reporting, Before marking it as junk, it will notify us whether it is junk or not.
Disable junk email in Outlook web

This is how we can avoid going the emails to junk folder in Microsoft Outlook Online web application.


The Outlook online desktop application provides more junk email filtering options as compared to the web application. On the desktop, we can disable while in the web application, we can have the choice of two options safe sender and block sender.

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