Why Hyperlink is not Working in Outlook Online?

Hyperlink is not working in Microsoft Outlook? Follow this tutorial to get to know the reasons behind hyperlinks not working in the Microsoft Outlook application.

Sometimes if a good feature doesn’t work, it makes us frustrated because it worked well before. Follow this troubleshooting technique and solutions. Let’s get started to know more.

Why I cannot open Link in Outlook Online

The important reason for hyperlinks not working in Outlook is the default Internet browser is not registered (properly) in our operating system. The issue may arise after uninstalling Chrome or changing the default browser.

The default browser is might be changed without our knowledge also, if we click add-ins, or sometimes the option is not noticeable also. This is the most main cause, though Outlook Online links may stop working in some other situations and without any reason at all. let’s go ahead and see how we can get the problem resolved.

Why Hyperlink is not Working in Outlook Online

Because of the below software updates, hyperlinks may stop working in Microsoft Outlook Online. Namely,

  • Windows Update
  • Our Organization rules
  • Web browser installation or uninstallation
  • Using various add-ins
  • Using Windows registry cleaners

Reach Out to Organization Support

If the application is provided by the organization, we should reach out to their support for troubleshooting. And they will fix the problem as well. An error message will be like:

  • Please contact your system admin because the following operations cannot be performed due to some restrictions on the computer.
  • Due to organization policy, unable to continue troubleshooting. Please contact your admin to fix this issue.

How to Fix Link in Microsoft Outlook Online from Windows10

Follow the below points to sort out the issue in Microsoft Outlook from Windows 10.

  • Close all the tab which is currently in use. Open the Task Manager app and confirm no tab is running behind.
  • Once we have ensured no windows are running back then click the windows key+ I in the keyboard to see the settings.
  • Click on the Apps then click Default Apps and click on Reset option.
Microsoft Outlook hyperlink not working
  • Now close all the applications, and open the Microsoft Outlook application which will open from Microsoft Edge as a default browser to check link is working or not. Hopefully, it will work in this technique.
  • Once the issue is resolved, you can continue with the existing browser as default.

These are all the fixes to check in Windows 10.

Verify the HTML Registry Key Values in Outlook Online

To fix the hyperlink issue in Outlook, follow the below points to verify the registry key values in Outlook Online.

  • Click the Windows key + R on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
Hyperlink is not working in Outlook Online
  • Click Yes on the dialog box asking if you want Windows Registry to make changes.
  • From the left pane, click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT to check the hyperlink issue in Outlook Online.
  • Scroll down to the alphabet H to see. HTML, click on that to see the Default.
Hyperlink not working in Outlook Online
  • If the value is not in the htmlfile, right-click on Default and click Modify to check the issue.
Hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook
  • Type htmlfile in the Value data and click OK.
Hyperlink from the Microsoft Outlook Online
  • Reboot the windows and check the Outlook Online application to check the hyperlink.

Things to Resolve for Hyperlink is not Working

Check the below points as well to see if the hyperlink is not working in Microsoft Outlook Online.

  • Reset the web browser can fix this issue if you are using Chrome or Firefox.
  • Sign out and sign in to the Microsoft Outlook application to check the issue in the hyperlink.
  • Download the tool from Microsoft like Fix it for Me to resolve this issue.
  • Change the browser settings and change the default browser to Internet Explorer if you are using Chrome.
  • Uninstall the current using the Web browser and reinstall again.
  • Examine the HTTP file association and make the necessary adjustments to its setup.
  • Check that the mail server is not having any problems.
  • Uninstall Microsoft Office, then remove all components or entries linked with it by downloading and running the Microsoft-supplied program and reinstalling it.
  • To make things right, use System Restore.

These all are the general things to consider to fix hyperlink issues in the Microsoft Outlook Online application.


In this tutorial, you have learned reasons for hyperlink is not working and the troubleshooting technique in Microsoft Outlook online. Go through this and check from your end to solve the issue.

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