How to Merge Dropbox Accounts? [Team merge and File transfer]

Are you using 2 Dropbox accounts? Wanna merge and don’t know what to do? Here is the article you are looking for How to merge dropbox accounts.

There may be several methods for combining our two Dropbox accounts. The best way to do it is determined by our needs and preferences.

Initially, I struggled to merge accounts in Dropbox. Switching, linking, and adding are easy. After many practical things, I got the exact way of merging the Dropbox account.

If you’re having trouble merging Dropbox accounts into one, check out this article to do the process.

Here is the list we going to see in this article.

  • Can I merge the Dropbox account
  • Important considerations before merging teams
  • How to initiate a team merge
  • What should you do after a team merges?
  • Is it possible to cancel a team merge?
  • Can I reverse a team merges?
  • File transfer between dropbox accounts

Can I Merge Dropbox Account

Dropbox does not permit the use of multiple accounts on the same device. This means that there is currently no automated procedure for connecting two personal Dropbox accounts.

However, given existing interfaces and procedures and shifting all files and folders from one account to the other is the simplest and by far the most compelling way to combine individual accounts.

Important considerations before merging teams

Check that the primary team has enough open licenses to cover the number of users on the secondary team.

To continue using Dropbox after the merge, ensure that both teams have enabled Dropbox in their team settings.

It is mandatory to enable the team selective sync in the primary team if the second team has enabled team selective sync for the completion of the merge.

When you merge two Dropbox team accounts, all members and content from one Dropbox team are imported into the other. Any primary team settings will take precedence over secondary team settings.

Except for the following items, all data from the secondary team will be transferred to the primary team:

  • The accounts of team members were deleted.
  • Logs of activities
  • Permissions for administrators
  • API apps for teams
  • Bills and receipts

Before merging, remember to save these items from the secondary team.

How to Initiate a Team Merge

Make sure you are the Admin of the Dropbox account to team merge. If yes, follow the below steps.


Sign in to with the Admin credentials.


Click the Profile picture or settings in the top corner and click Admin console to proceed with the next step.

Merge dropbox account


After clicking the Admin console, the Dropbox members page will open. Hit the Settings option which is on the left down below to classification.


The settings page will open with the options such as Team profile, Trusted teams, and Early access. Click Trusted team to merge the Dropbox account.

merge Dropbox accounts


In this step, hit Add a trusted team option. Then follow the forthcoming steps to make changes.

dropbox account merge


In this step, we can either choose as per our need or check below the points and image for reference.

  • Give multi-team admin access – Team admins from the trusted team will be able to sign in to your admin console.
  • Request multi-team admin access – Team admins on your team will be able to sign in to the trusted team’s admin console.
  • Merge into a primary team – You’ll become part of the primary team, and merge your content, members, and billing.
  • Merge into the primary team> click the checkbox to agree>click Send request
  • Request a secondary team>Click Copy link

Paste the link into an email and send it to the secondary team’s admin’s email address.

merge accounts in Dropbox

Since some of the options will differ, as per the plan so choose the options according to your use.

Note: The secondary team admin will receive the link and must complete some mandatory steps to request the merge into a primary team.

What Happens After the Merging Procedure?

The merging process will be complete within 72 hrs check the below points as well.

  • Both administrators will be notified via email that the merge was successful.
  • Members of the secondary team will receive an email informing them that they have been transferred to a new team.

What should you do After a Team Merge?

Once the merge process is over the below changes will be done in the Dropbox accounts.

  • The secondary team’s accounts will receive team folders.
  • If both teams have the same folder name, then the second team will take that as Folder name 1.
  • Groups from the secondary team will be transferred and will appear as “[Secondary team name] – [group name]”.
  • After merging, any verified domains owned by the secondary team must be re-verified.
  • If your primary team requires a single sign-on, each new secondary team member must be added through your SSO provider.
  • The primary teams use all the sharing permissions by default.

Is it Possible to Cancel a Team Merge?

Yes, we can cancel a team merge within 24 hours of submission. For that, we should contact Dropbox customer support.

Can I Reverse a Team Merge?

Dropbox team account merges are permanent. Dropbox will be unable to complete the merge if the secondary team purchased through a reseller because it is unable to provide a direct refund.

File Transfer Between Dropbox Accounts

The easiest way to transfer files between dropbox accounts is by using a shared folder.

Things to do in Dropbox Primary Account

  1. Sign in to the account and head to the files you like to move in the Dropbox to merge the account.
shared folder to merge account

2. Create a folder and invite our second account to merge the Dropbox account.

3. Sign out of this account and can move to a secondary Account to move further.

Drag and Drop the files manually if you want to move them to the newly created folder.

Things to do in Dropbox Secondary Account

  1. Sign in to Dropbox by using a secondary account. Click Shared on the left side of the Dropbox.
merge dropbox account in secondary

2. Head to the files you just shared and click Add to Dropbox.

merge accounts dropbox

3. Click All files from the left side of the Dropbox and locate the shared folder you can move files from that folder to another place in the Dropbox account.

merged dropbox account

The files are no longer accessible from the first account once they have been moved out of the shared folder.

Wrapping Up

That’s it about merging the account. Hope this article is helpful to merge the Dropbox account.

I have written everything related to merging the account in Dropbox. Follow the guidelines carefully to not miss out on the steps.

Switching and adding the account is quite easy rather than merging the account. So I trust this article comes out of this.

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