How to Manage Outlook Online Email Capacity

Want to know about managing Outlook Online in Email? Then go through this Microsoft tutorial to know how to manage Outlook Online email capacity.

In today’s world, communication is an important key in the organization. For that, Microsoft Outlook provides enormous features for people to use in day-to-day life.

Microsoft Outlook has also some limitations in limiting the persons in sending the email also in BCC. Let’s get started without delay will cover everything relate to managing emails in Microsoft Outlook Online.

How Many Emails Can Send With Outlook Online 365?

According to Microsoft Outlook, there will be different limits in sending emails. Overall Microsoft Outlook allows one to send emails with 10,000 recipients. This time limits for 24 hours time cycle, incase if any person wants to send more than 10000 then the user should use a third-party application to send more emails in Outlook Online.

Microsoft Outlook email for one mail is 500 people. For Cc, and BCC also we can include 500 person’s email IDs in Microsoft Outlook Online.

BCC in Microsoft Outlook Online

BCC in Microsoft Outlook stands for blind carbon copy. When we are trying to compose a new mail or message, we can keep many people in BCC. For example, in a company, if a person wants to send a mail to a client, he or she will keep their reporting manager in Cc or BCC to show all the activities.

The To field is for the main recipients of the message and Cc stands for carbon copies where all the recipients can view the message. While BCC stands for Blind carbon copy where it will not be visible to the person who is in TO and Cc.

BCC is primarily useful for sending mail to more people without cluttering the recipient list with too many email addresses. BCC also helps protect the privacy of the recipient’s email addresses. BCC also helps with the security of the recipient’s email address.

How to Add BCC Recipients in Outlook Online

Adding BCC recipients in Microsoft Outlook is an easy and few-step process.

Step-1: Open Microsoft Outlook in a desktop application or web application.

Step-2: Click New Mail on the home page of the Outlook Online application.

Add BCC in Outlook Online

Step-3: Now you can see the options like From, To, Cc, BCC, and subject. Include the mail ids in BCC to whom you want to notify but still doesn’t reflect to people in To address and CC address. We can add more number of ids in BCC by keeping a semicolon for each email id.

How to Add BCC in Outlook Online

This is how we can add BCC in Microsoft Outlook Online.

Add Email Address in BCC from Outlook Online

The number of email addresses in BCC from Microsoft Outlook online also depends upon the version we are using. For every single email, we can use up to 100 email IDs in the BCC. If we are using Outlook on the web application, then it limits up to 50 only per message.

Advantages of using BCC in Microsoft Outlook Online

Below are the benefits of using BCC in Outlook Online.

  • The first and foremost thing is, it is protected, so that BCC ids will not be visible to other people in the Outlook Online email.
  • If any conversation happens in the email, To and Cc people will receive the replies whereas people in BCC will not get any messages in Outlook Online.

How to Send More Emails in BCC from Outlook Online

Earlier we have seen the number of BCCs in Outlook Online is 50, but if we have a large number of BCC emails then we have to split up messages and send them. For example, we have to create 1 email for the first 50 recipients in BCC then we have to create a second message for the next 50 recipients in BCC.

The main thing is to note that, some of the email providers restrict the number of BCC emails per message. So before sending it to a large number of people, it is better to know about the limitations.

Moreover, we should avoid using spam messages like ” free gifts” or “Extra income” These words can be avoided while writing a mail in Outlook Online.

Additional BCC Considerations

We have to ensure the size of the messages should not so long while sending the message with BCC. The messages should not go beyond the maximum limit as per Microsoft Outlook limitations.

Additionally, make sure that the messages we send with BCC agree with our company’s email policy. Our organization’s email policies may have more restrictions on the use of BCC. So before using BCC, we have to be aware of company’s email policies.

How to View BCC Recipients in My Received Mail in Outlook Online

We cannot see the BCC recipients in Microsoft Outlook Online. It is purposely made to create for security purposes. The person who sent the email only can see the person’s email address in BCC.


In this Microsoft Outlook tutorial, you have learned how to manage Email capacity in Outlook Online. I have covered Cc and BCC with benefits and considerations as well.

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