How to Make an Exponent on Mac

There are several ways to insert an exponent on Mac. Depending on the application you use, whether it’s third-party software or a native application, the shortcuts may differ. Exponents are often required while typing mathematical equations, and knowing how to use them properly on a Mac can be beneficial both for students and professionals alike.

To make an Exponent on Mac by firstly opening any text editing app. Now, go to the top menu section and click on Edit. You can also press fn + E on the keyboard to open it. Now, enter the word Superscript in the search bar and press Enter. Here you can find all the exponents that you can add to your document.

This article details the different ways you can insert an exponent in various documents on Mac. 

How to Make an Exponent on Mac?

The first method is basic and will work across third-party and native applications. This method will teach us how to utilize the character viewer panel to insert exponents in a document. Refer to the steps provided.

  • Open any text editing application like Word, Pages, Notes, TextEdit, etc. 
  • You can open all these apps from a finder window or use a Spotlight search. 
  • Once you have opened the application of your choosing, head over to the Menu bar and click on edit. 
  • Select Emojis & Symbols from the list that drops down. 
  • The character viewer menu will pop up on the screen. 
  • Click on the search bar at the top of the pop-up window and enter “superscript.”
  • A list of all the available exponents will be displayed. Choose the one you want to insert into your document. 

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How to Make an Exponent in Pages on Mac?

Inserting exponents while you’re using native Mac applications is a little different. If you’re using Pages, Numbers or Keynote, refer to the instructions provided to see how you can insert an exponent.

  • Open a document in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers. 
  • You can access these documents from a finder window. 
  • Once the document is open, select the number that you want to change into an exponent and highlight it. 
  • Head over to the Menu bar and click on Format
  • Select Font from the list, click on Baseline, and choose Superscript.
Make an Exponent in Pages on Mac
How to Make an Exponent on Mac
  • Now you can select the exponent that you want to use. 

Alternatively, you can click the wheel icon on the sidebar to display advanced options within Pages. 

  • Click on Baseline and select Superscript from the list.
How to Make an Exponent on Mac
  • Now you can choose the number you want to turn into an exponent. 

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How to Insert an Exponent in Word on Mac?

This method will work for all the apps within Microsoft Office for Mac, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Refer to the instruction provided to see how it is done.

  • Open any application from the Microsoft Office suite. For this procedure, we will go with Microsoft Word. 
  • There is a nifty little shortcut that you can use to turn any number into an exponent. 
  • Select and highlight the number that you want the exponent placed next to. 
  • Now press the Shift + Command + “+” shortcut to display the superscript menu.
How do you do Power of 2 on Mac
  • Choose the exponent you want and add it to your document. 
  • Subsequently, you can also access the superscript window by clicking on Home and selecting the x-squared button beneath the font size window.

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How to Type Exponents in Google Docs on Mac?

If you use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word, you can also add Exponents to it with a few simple steps.

Method 1

  • Open a document on Google Docs.
  • Now, click on Insert in the menu option.
  • Look for the Equation option in the drop-down list and tap on it.
How do I type an exponent on a Mac
  • Next, type the exponent, such as 5^2, and it will turn into an exponent.

You can add the ^ symbol from the keyboard by pressing Shift + 6.

Method 2

In this method, you will use a shortcut that is much easier to execute than the former method.

  • Open any file on Google Docs.
  • Now, type a number along with its exponent, such as 52, where 2 is the exponent of 5.
  • Highlight the exponent only; here, it is 2, and press Command + . on the keyboard.

As soon as you do it, it will look like this 52, and then you can keep using it to form more equations.

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How to Make an Exponent on iPhone Calculator?

No method allows you to add an exponent on your iPhone as text. However, you can use the calculator if you are looking to calculate something. Here is what you can do.

  • Open the calculator in Portrait mode.
  • Now, use the options X2, X3, and XY to add exponents and solve equations.

Simply select a number and tap on the XY and then add its exponent, and tap on = to get the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Make a Check Mark on Mac?

There are several ways you can add a checkmark on Mac. Refer to the instructions provided below to learn how it is done.

  • Power on and sign in to your Mac. 
  • Open any text editing document like Pages, Numbers, Notes, TextEdit, etc. 
  • Move the cursor to where you want to enter the check mark. 
  • Press the Option-V shortcut, and a checkmark will be placed in the document. This is the easiest method to do this, but it’s not completely accurate. This is because the symbol that gets inserted is a square root and not an actual check mark. 

However, it is very convenient, and most people will get what you were trying to convey in the document. The next method is using keyboard preferences, which is a pretty long process but allows you various types of check marks.

  • Open system preferences by clicking on the Apple logo on the menu bar or using the dock shortcut. 
  • Head over to the Keyboard tab. 
  • Check the box next to the Show keyboard, emoji & symbol viewers in the menu bar option. 
  • Now open any text editing document and click on Edit from the Menu bar. 
  • Select Emojis & Symbols from the list. 
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Option-Command-Space shortcut to do the same. 
  • Click on the search bar on the pop-up window and type in “check.”
  • A list of various types of check marks will be displayed.
  • Select the check you want and insert it into your document.

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That’s it for this article, folks; now you know how to insert an exponent and various other emojis on Mac. Using the character viewer method is the one we’d recommend as it works for all native and non-native apps.

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