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Here, we provide how-to guides, tutorials, and tips & tricks for all things MacBook. Whether you’re a first-time MacBook user or a seasoned pro looking to unlock hidden features, we have something to cater to your needs. Here, you’ll find everything from basic setup guides to advanced customization tips, all aimed at enhancing your MacBook experience.

We are a team of Apple enthusiasts and tech experts who are passionate about the MacBook ecosystem. With years of hands-on experience and deep knowledge of macOS, we are equipped to guide you through every twist and turn of your MacBook journey.

Our step-by-step guides are meticulously crafted to provide clear and concise instructions. Whether it’s setting up your MacBook for the first time or troubleshooting common issues, we’ve got you covered. Each guide is easy to follow, complete with screenshots and video tutorials. We regularly update our content to ensure it aligns with the latest macOS updates and features.

Macbook Tutorials

import/export option greyed out outlook 365 macWe can easily import emails from a Windows laptop to a Mac by using the import method.
Connect Beats to MacTo Connect Beats to Mac, open Bluetooth Preferences from the Control center. Wait for a few seconds and check to see if Beats is discoverable. Once done, click on Pair. After a few seconds, your Beats will now be connected to your Mac.
Page Down on MacTo Page down on Mac, we can use the shortcut keys on the keyboard. The most useful one is Fn + Up arrow and Fn + Down arrow keys.
Hide Toolbar On MacWe can hide the toolbar on Mac by inside the preview application, safari, or Chrome.
Relocated Items on Mac – Is it Safe?When you update your Mac’s operating system to a newer version, Apple verifies and reviews all of your data to ensure that all files are permitted, in their assigned locations, and valid.
Enable JavaScript on MacEnabling JavaScript in your browser is important, and if not it may result in some troubles when loading the website.
Unlock Mac KeyboardThis option is helpful when cleaning out the keyboard or when you do not want someone using your Mac’s keyboard. 
Authorize Apple TV on MacApple TV may be authorized on Mac in a few simple steps. Before you begin, make sure you have the software downloaded on your Mac.
Change Scroll Direction on MacLearn how to change scroll direction on Mac by different approaches.
Uninstall Spotify on MacWe can manually uninstall Spotify on Mac and also can use third-party applications.
Tutorials Description
Delete Admin User on Mac Learn how to delete admin users on Mac devices.
Stop Finder Action on MacThe Finder is the default file manager that comes with all Macs. It will be the first thing you notice when you boot up your Mac. By 4 methods we can stop the finder action on Mac.
Save iMovie on Your MacLearn how to save iMovie on a Mac device.
Delete Messages on MacApple’s iMessage is one of its most prolific applications due to its ease of use and interoperability with other Apple devices. By using
Delete Downloads on MacWe can delete a file or folder on Mac. One method is by using the Move to Bin option, and the other is by dragging and dropping the files or folder over to the trash bin.
Make a Scroll Bar Appear on MacWhile using a Mac, if you notice that the vertical scroll bar is missing, you can easily fix that from the System Preferences.
Move a Folder on MacThere are three ways to move a folder on Mac copy-paste function, drag and drop function, and title bar.
iCloud Drive Take Up Space on Mac – How to FixIf iCloud is taking up space on your Mac, there could be a problem with the iCloud options. It should not take up any additional space on your Mac because all media and files are saved off-device in the cloud.
Turn on Skype Camera on MacLearn how to Turn on Skype camera on Mac along with the reason for the camera not working on Mac.
Do Not Disturb on Mac – How to UseWith the launch of Focus in the past years, Mac significantly improved its do-not-disturb features, allowing you to focus on vital things and automating many actions based on location, time, and other factors.
See Recent Activity on Mac Keeping track of the most recent applications, software, and folders that you have opened on your Mac can be a very useful resource. It can help you figure out which folders you opened recently or which program you utilized.
Transfer Videos From iPhone to Mac
There are various methods for transferring films and other media files from your iPhone to your Mac. You can use iCloud, a physical cable, and AirDrop to upload them to another cloud drive.
Stop Discord From Launching on Startup MacDiscord has become one of the most popular gaming platforms because it is simple to use, highly fast, and free of needless features. It enables communication via text, phone, and video calls, as well as file and media sharing.
 Open a New Window on MacSome people prefer to browse with a million tabs open at once and never close them. Having numerous tabs open can be incredibly useful whether doing research, shopping, or working on a project.
Cannot Upload Files From Mac – How To FixLearn how to fix when files cannot upload from a Mac device.
Turn up Brightness on Mac With KeyboardThere are various methods for increasing the brightness of your Mac to match the environment. If your Mac supports it, you may alter the brightness using the control center, system preferences, keyboard shortcuts, and the touch bar.
Horizontal Lines on Mac Screen – How to FixA line may appear across the Mac screen for a variety of causes, including a damaged screen, overheating, screen burn-in, or internal damage to the wiring connecting to the screen. This could also be caused by problems with outdated drivers, software, or power management.
Hide Dock at bottom of Screen on MacThe dock is one of the most notable and eye-catching components of macOS. It is also incredibly simple to use and has numerous customization possibilities. You may also move the dock across the screen and configure its many functionalities.
Loop a YouTube Video on MacYou can also attempt a variety of other approaches, such as looping a portion of a YouTube video or using third-party programs to accomplish the same thing.
Turn Off Startup Sound on MacOn your Mac, you may quickly eliminate the startup sound. It must, however, work on macOS Big Sur and later versions.
My Screenshot Not Working on Mac – How To FixThe screenshot function may not always perform as planned. This could be due to a variety of factors. However, there are numerous solutions for resolving the problem.
Make a Cent Sign on MacThere is no obvious keyboard shortcut for entering a cent sign on a Mac. As a result, it is typical to google the symbol and then copy and paste it into any Word document.
Zoom Out on Mac using Several MethodsZooming in and out on a Mac is simple. Depending on how you wish to zoom in and out of the screen, several shortcuts and various changes are available. Many people are unaware that there are numerous ways to zoom out.
Create Txt Files on Mac [4 Ways]There are 4 methods to create Txt files on Mac TextEdit, terminal, automator, and pages.
Stop Chrome From Opening on Startup on MacThe Chrome browser is among the startup programs; some applications and services are scheduled to open immediately when the device is powered on.
My Volume Low On Mac – How to FixSome of the possible causes include hardware issues, Mac updates, software issues with the app, and so on.
Change Date And Time on MacApple servers normally sync the date and time on your Mac automatically. If this problem occurs, you can change and switch to different servers to obtain the correct time and date.
Find and Organize Files on MacCheck out the 7 ways to find and organize files on Mac.
 Scan Multiple Pages Into One Pdf On MacIt will only take time if you have hundreds of pages. As a result, you can also experiment with various third-party apps for the same purpose.
Shift Key Not Working on Mac – How to FixProblems with the Mac keyboard are rather common, and the solution is relatively straightforward assuming there are no serious hardware concerns.
Mac Update Taking Forever – How to FixWhile updating your Mac, the status bar under the Apple logo becomes stuck on a set percentage or does not move at all. Despite the fact that macOS is a competent and strong system, these hitches do occur from time to time, and the fixes are usually simple.
Turn Off Time Machine On MacTime Machine is widely regarded as one of the most valuable capabilities accessible on all Apple MacBooks. This will allow you to recover access to all of your files if you accidentally deleted them. However, if there is insufficient space on your PC, you can just turn it off.
Add Frequently Visited Webpages on MacThe home pages of Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox can all be easily configured to display all of your favorite websites as soon as you start the browser.
Search a Document on MacThere are many approaches to searching a document on a Mac device using spotlights or by using pages etc.
Transfer Photos From One Mac to AnotherThere are several options, but AirDrop is the quickest way to transfer images from one Mac to another.
Block Someone on iMessage on MacSuppose someone texts you on your iPhone; if your sync is turned on, you will also be getting those messages on your Mac. You can text using your laptop itself. Learn different methods to block someone on iMessage on a Mac device.
 Save Image as JPEG on MacHere you will get to know how to save Images as JPEG on a Mac device.
Print Multiple Pages on MacPrinting numerous photos or files on one page on a Mac might be a bit tricky at times. Surprisingly, the process is quite simple.
Make an Exponent on MacExponents are often required while typing mathematical equations. On a Mac, there are various ways to introduce an exponent. The shortcuts may alter depending on whether you’re using third-party software or a native application.
Transfer FaceTime from iPhone to MacFollow these different approaches to transfer FaceTime from iPhone to Mac device.
Customize Toolbar and Sidebar on the MacHere is the detailed explanation for the customize, resize, and shortcut to rearrange the toolbar on a Mac device.
Make a Dot on Keyboard MacOn Mac, you can make a dot on the keyboard using either the keyboard button to the left of the question mark or a keyboard shortcut.
Turn on Airplane Mode on MacCheck here to turn on Airplane mode on Mac and also what issue will face and how to fix it as well.
Select Multiple Files on Mac and Make Changes to ItSelecting several files on a Mac is simple; all you need to do is press either the Command or Shift key, depending on how you want to pick files.
Convert PowerPoint to Video on MacMake an mp4 file out to convert PowerPoint to video on Mac. This function, however, is not supported by PowerPoint 2016 for Mac. Other versions of PowerPoint, such as 2011, 2019, and Office 365, are only available on macOS. Check to see what version of PowerPoint you’re using.
Make a PDF File Fillable on MacThere is no need for a third-party application to make a PDF file fillable on a Mac. An inbuilt document viewer and editing application preview are sufficient for this task. It also has a number of capabilities, such as the ability to create digital signatures using your Mac’s trackpad.
 Mac Battery Draining So Fast – How to FixThere are various reasons why your Mac’s battery drains too quickly or does not last as long as you expect. It could be due to a recent software upgrade, which has long been an issue with Apple.
Get Rid of Microphone Icon on MacTurning on the voice control accessibility option allows you to edit text and communicate with your Mac using only voice commands. When you use this feature, however, a microphone icon will appear on the screen.
Save a Voice Memo on MacVoice notes make it simple to capture lectures, song ideas, or important topics. On a Mac, you can modify your recordings using the voice memos application.
Convert RAW to JPEG on MacA raw picture file contains almost no compressed data and is named as such because it has not yet been processed. This also means that they cannot be printed or utilized in any other way.
Convert PowerPoint to Word on Mac?Converting PowerPoint to a Word document on your Mac is simple. Within the application, you can export the presentation file to a Word document. Several internet services, however, can turn a PowerPoint presentation into a Word document.
Cut Out an Image on MacYou may simply edit photographs and clip out backgrounds or specific areas of them using the Preview application on a Mac.
Connect Two AirPods to One MacIf you have two pairs of AirPods, you can pair them with your Mac and utilize them simultaneously. This means you and your friend may enjoy the full audio soundscape without having to share earbuds.
Convert WMV to MP4 on MacLearn how to Convert WMV to MP4 on a Mac device with possible issues and fixes.
Log Out of Kindle App on MacChoose Preferences from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the General Tab and click the Deregister button. To confirm your choice, click the Deregister option in the dialogue box once more.
Restore Photos Library on Mac?You can restore your Photos library in a variety of ways, including using a time machine or an external hard disk, searching for backups in your iCloud account, or utilizing third-party recovery software.
Enable Bluetooth on Mac Without MouseLearn how to enable Bluetooth on a Mac without Mouse with troubleshooting techniques.
Search a PDF on MacWe can search for a PDF on Mac by Preview app or browser.
Sync Reminders on iPhone and MacTo sync reminders on iPhone and Mac, first check to see if you have the same Apple ID on both devices. You can then double-check that iCloud sync is enabled on both devices.
 Delete Desktop Shortcuts on MacAs you might expect, deleting shortcuts on your Mac is not a difficult task. However, if you have updated your Mac to macOS Monterey 12.1, you may manage shortcuts using the Shortcuts program, which is preinstalled.
YouTube Not Working on Mac – Reasons and SolutionsCheck the troubleshooting technique for the reason for not working YouTube on a Mac device.
Turn Off Mouse Acceleration on MacTurning off Mouse acceleration on a Mac is more difficult than it is on a Windows system. To disable it, open a terminal window on your Mac.
Combine JPEGs Into One PDF File on MacLearn how to combine JPEGs into One PDF file on Mac to keep the photos organized if we have a large number of images.
Turn Off Screen Saver on MacScreen savers on today’s laptops are only for show because such condition has no effect on the LCD panels used in laptops.
My AirPods Keep Disconnecting From My Mac – FixesCheck the software is up to date along with this troubleshooting technique to resolve the issue.
Find DPI of Image on the MacDPI is also used to indicate image sharpness. The higher an image’s DPI, the sharper it looks to the eye. Images with high DPIs are less likely to pixelize when zoomed in.
Turn Off Mail Notifications on MacOn Mac, you can disable Mail notifications by heading to the Notifications & Focus tab. You can disable the Allow Notifications option by selecting the Mail app from the menu.
Turn Off Sound Notifications on MacTo disable sound notifications on Mac. Navigate to the Notifications and Focus tab. From here, you can choose which app to silence. Alternatively, you can do it for all of the apps at once. Uncheck the Play Sound for Notification box, and you’re done.
Transfer Files From Mac to External Hard DriveFollow this different method to transfer files from a Mac to an External hard disk.
Recover Deleted Files on Mac Without SoftwareIn your trash, we can use the Put Back option. Simply open your Dock’s Trash or Bin. If you haven’t already cleared the trash, all of the files can be restored to your machine.
Print PowerPoint With Notes on MacThe procedure is straightforward, and you only need to follow a few steps to print PowerPoint with notes on Mac.
Disconnect Your iPhone From MacApple utilizes iCloud to sync data between devices; to avoid receiving additional updates from your phone on Mac, log out and unplug your Mac from the iCloud account.
Remove Hyperlinks in Word on MacIt is easier than you may think to remove hyperlinks from a Word document on a Mac. However, the processes may differ for different versions of Microsoft Word because the interfaces differ and the options may be located in different places.
Delete a Page in Word on MacHere you will get the answer for how to delete, add, and share the page in Word on a Mac device.
Take a Cropped Screenshot on MacBy using three methods we can take a cropped screenshot on Mac.
See All Open Windows on MacThe Mission Control feature on Mac allows you to intuitively view all the windows active on your desktop.
Find Administrator Name and Password For the MacSystem Preferences is a convenient way to find the administrator name and password for Mac.
Take a Scrolling Screenshot on MacFollow a different approach to take a scrolling screenshot on a Mac.
Stop Mac Screen From Going BlackWhen you do not interact with your Mac for a few minutes, the screen will darken automatically; this is due to the power settings, and all you need to do to solve this problem is alter your Mac’s sleep settings.
Modern Macs also contain ambient light sensors, which automatically alter the brightness of the screen based on the environment.
 Type a Bullet Point on MacThere are various ways to type a bullet point in a document on a Mac. Pages, Notes, and Text Edit all have comparable shortcuts for inserting a bullet point.
Disable Two Sided Printing on MacYou must open the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) browser on your Mac before you can change the type of printing you want to use.
 Save a Picture From Google on MacThe procedure for saving a picture from Google on a Mac is simple and does not require many steps. Furthermore, ensure that you have enough space on your PC to save all of these files.
 Open .msg Files on MacFollow this to learn how to open it.msg files on Mac.
Restore Mac to YesterdayIf you’ve made considerable modifications to your Mac that have had a significant impact on its performance and want to reset the OS to how it was before those changes, you may need to restore it to an older version.
 Import Photos From iPhone To Mac Without USBFollow different methods to check how to import photos from iPhone to Mac without USB.
Fill Out a PDF Form on MacThe Preview app is capable of filling out PDF forms and digitally signing them.
 Turn Off Dark Mode on MacIt has been a tremendous aid in keeping your eyes healthy. However, you may not always appreciate the dark mode because it alters the entire hue of the UI and may not be soothing all day.
Set Preview App Default on MacLearn how to set Preview App default on Mac by different methods.
Get Rid of Yahoo Search On MacWhen you try to search for something on your browser, the Yahoo redirect virus will modify the name of the new tabs you open, slow down your Mac, and redirect you to a Yahoo search engine.
Change Screen Lock Time on Mac?Check how to change the screen Lock Time on Mac.
Turn Off iCloud Photos on the MacLearn how to Turn off iCloud photos on the Mac device.
 Zoom in on Mac With MouseCheck the different approaches to zoom in on Mac with the mouse, and keyboard shortcuts, and also how to change the zoom style on Mac.
Sign Out of App Store on MacSimilar to PlayStore for Android phones, AppStore is Apple’s users. It is built for growth and scale. This allows you to download applications, games, and productivity tools from your Apple device.
Delete Bookmarks On My MacBookmarks can also be organized so that they can be found by topic. Bookmarks are also useful because they eliminate the need to memorize websites and write long URLs.
Make A Pdf File Smaller On Mac PDF file with lots of images and content in them can easily exceed those limits. However, the Mac has compression features by inbuilt that will reduce the size of a PDF file on a Mac if it has pictures in it. 
Upside Down Question Mark on MacFollow the different approaches to check upside-down questions on a Mac device.
Connect a Canon Printer to Your MacAll you need to do if you have a wired USB printer is connect it to your Mac and update the software if there is a new version.
 Turn off Notifications on MacNotifications might be distracting while you’re trying to concentrate on something. You may use a variety of methods to disable notifications on Mac, either totally or for a specific program.
Add Phone Number to iMessage on MacYou may connect your phone number to iMessage and FaceTime if you want to receive messages or FaceTime calls on your Mac.
Utilities Folder on Mac and How to Find It?On a Mac, the utility folder contains certain vital software such as an activity monitor, disk utility, and screenshot tools that aid the computer’s functionality. Check out different methods to find utility folders.
Sign Out of Mail on MacHere, you will get the answer for how to sign out mail on Mac by different methods.
Save a Word Document on MacThere are various methods for saving Word and Pages documents on your Mac. Furthermore, we have mentioned a few regularly facing problems with Word documents on Mac, as well as their solutions.
Print Front and Back on MacWe can print on a Mac while using any software, such as Microsoft Word, Pages, or Notes, or while browsing the web. These procedures are applicable to all Mac models, including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac.
Print in Black and White on MacCheck out how to print in Black and white on Mac using GoogleDrive, word. Also, check the possibility of issues with fixes.
Share Wifi Password from Mac to iPhoneRead to get detailed a list of steps in this article on how to share WiFi passwords from Mac to iPhone and corroborate some commonly faced problems and solutions for them.
Sign Out of iMessage on MacFollow this method to sign out of iMessage on a Mac device.
Why won’t my Airpods Connect to my MacThere are several reasons for to unable to connect to Mac. Check all the troubleshooting methods to fix the problem.
Make a File Smaller on MacZipping and compressing a file significantly reduces the space it takes on a hard disk. Using lossless compression techniques, 90% of the original file size can be decreased without impacting data quality.
Sync Contact from iPhone to MacThere are different methods to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. Check out all the methods and fix the problem.
Connect AirPods to Mac and iPhone at the same timeIf you used the same Apple ID on your iPhone and your Mac, you should be able to connect your AirPods to your Mac rather effortlessly. You can link both devices to the AirPods in a variety of ways.
Turn Off Pop Up Blocker on MacWe can Turn off Pop-up blockers in Safari, and selective websites. Follow this to do so.
Sync Messages from iPhone to MacLearn the different approaches to sync messages from iPhone to Mac devices.


I hope you enjoyed these how-to guides, tips, and tricks to make the most of your MacBook.