How to Lock or Unlock iPhone? [4 Techniques]

Keeping our iPhones unlocked without any password maybe very dangerous for us. So, how about we prevent ourselves from making this grave mistake by reading this blog on how to lock or unlock iPhone.

Since the boom of the technological industry and upgradation of software policies, protecting our files, photos, personal details, videos etc., has become utmost importance. Our personal details in the hands of wrong people can cause more harm than we ever imagine.

I usually save my bank credentials, atm card details, and official work documents among other crucial things in my iPhone. But my habit of not locking my iPhone cost me my atm card details.

Therefore, I’ve jotted down few methods that I have implemented in my daily life with the usage of iPhone.

Without further ado, read this blog to adopt best practices to safekeep your details in your iPhone.

Note: The screenshots uploaded in this blog are from iPhone 13. However, the same steps are applicable in iPhone 14 as well.

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Topics covered in this blog are as follows:

  • How to lock iPhone
  • How to unlock iPhone
  • Can we wake our iPhone screen
  • How to auto-lock iPhone

How to Lock iPhone

Following up, I’ll be talking about the various ways in which we can lock our iPhones. Let’s have a look!

Lock iPhone Using Power Button

The side key or the power button is the first technique everybody tries. This is probably the shortest way to lock our iPhone. Provided that a passcode or another form of log in option is already set up.

power button lock iPhone 13

Press on the power button on the side of the iPhone. When we press on it, the iPhone turns off or gets locked.

Lock iPhone Using Assistive Touch

Assistive touch is a very smart feature to add to our iPhone screen. It makes it easy to have all the shortcuts in our fingerprints. Let’s see in what ways we can use assistive touch to our benefit.

Assistive touch menu:

  • Open Settings > Accessibility.
lock iPhone 14 using assistive touch menu
  • Now, go to Touch > Assistive Touch.
iPhone 14 pro lock screen
  • Press on Customise Top Level Menu.
  • On the new window, click on Custom on iPhone.
assistive touch menu lock iPhone 14 pro max
  • Choose Lock Screen from the drop-down menu. Then click on Done.
lock iPhone 13 screen
  • Once set up is done, click on the assistive touch icon on iPhone home screen.
  • Tap on Lock Screen and iPhone will be locked.
assistive menu lock screen on iPhone 13 pro

Single-Tap on Assistive Touch:

  • Similarly, under assistive touch click on Single-Tap.
  • Choose Lock Screen from the drop-down menu on iPhone.
single tap assistive touch iPhone 13 pro max lock
  • So, whenever we want to lock our screen, we can just single tap on the assistive touch and our iPhone will be locked.

Double-Tap on Assistive Touch:

  • Next, click on Double-Tap on iPhone.
  • Choose Lock Screen from the drop-down menu.
double tap to lock iPhone 12
  • By double tapping the assistive touch button we can lock the iPhone screen.

Long Press on Assistive Touch:

  • Now, click on Long Press on iPhone.
  • Choose Lock Screen from the drop-down menu.
long press assistive touch to lock iPhone 11
  • When we long press the assistive touch button our iPhones will get locked.

Double Back Tap on iPhone:

  • Open Settings > Accessibility.
lock iPhone 14
  • Now, go to Touch.
  • Scroll down and press on Back Tap.
double tap iPhone 12 to lock
  • On the next page, click on Double Tap.
  • Select Lock Screen from the drop-down menu.
iPhone 13 back tap to lock
  • Finally, try double tapping on the back of the iPhone to lock the iPhone.

Triple Back Tap on iPhone:

  • In the same fashion, click on Triple Tap on iPhone.
  • A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Scroll and select the Lock Screen option.
triple tap on iPhone 14 pro to lock

Now onwards whenever we triple tap on the back of iPhone it will get locked.

How to Unlock iPhone

Subsequently, let’s have a look at how we can unlock our iPhones. A few methods are described below. Go through them to know which method suits you the best.

Unlock iPhone Using Passcode

In order to unlock the iPhone, we can use the passcode set up on our iPhone.

  • Click on the power button and the lock screen gets turned on.
  • Then swipe up on the screen of the iPhone.
  • Enter the passcode.
iPhone passcode unlock

The iPhone gets unlocked right after entering the passcode.

Unlock Using Face ID on iPhone

Moving on, we can also unlock iPhone using Face ID. Models like iPhone X and later versions have the Face ID feature in them. You can check out How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone? [2 Direct Methods].

  • Take your iPhone and tilt the screen towards your face.
  • The iPhone scans your face and unlocks your phone.

We only need to swipe up the lock screen after the iPhone is unlocked by Face ID.

Unlock iPhone Using Touch ID

Additionally, iPhones that contain touch ID can also be unlocked using the same. Firstly, save your fingerprint on your iPhone. Now, whenever we want to unlock our iPhones, we can simply tap on the touch ID. And finally, the iPhone gets unlocked.

Can We Wake Our iPhone Screen

Of course! Conclusively there are two ways to wake the iPhone lock screen.

Power Button:

  • Just click the power button on iPhone.
  • The lock screen will light up.
power button lock iPhone 10

Raise to Wake:

  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness.
iPhone 14 pro max wake screen
  • Scroll down and the option Raise to Wake will be available.
iPhone 13 pro raise to wake screen
  • Enable that choice.

So, when we tilt our iPhone, the lock screen automatically wakes up.

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How to Auto-Lock iPhone

In case, we leave the phone somewhere and forget to lock it then there’s not much to worry about. iPhone has the option to auto-lock itself after a certain period of inactivity.

  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness.
iPhone 14 pro max wake screen
  • Scroll down and tap on Auto-Lock option.
  • Now, choose the time period after which the iPhone should automatically lock.
auto-lock iPhone 14

Opt for the time period of your choice and iPhone will get locked automatically.

Wrapping Up

Concluding this blog brings me to a very important point that locking our gadgets is of utmost importance in this generation if we want to prevent any personal detail theft.

I’ve mentioned methods for both locking and unlocking the iPhone. So, hope you’ve gone through the blog and implemented a method of your choice.

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