How to Leave a Shared Dropbox Folder? [5 Ways]

Want to come out from the specific shared folder and bit confused about doing that? Here is the article you are looking for on how to leave a shared Dropbox folder.

Dropbox is a popular file-storage service with excellent file-sharing capabilities. Dropbox makes it simple to find and manage all of our team’s content. There are also Dropbox groups where we can add people and share content with them.

I get confused while trying to leave the Dropbox folder whether it is to delete or remove the account. So, after practical research, I have shared my own experience here to get to know the exact process.

Read the below points and proceed carefully to leave the Dropbox folder.

  • How to leave a shared folder on Dropbox
  • How to remove a shared folder from Dropbox
  • What if the shared folder options window does not appear?
  • What if I don’t see the window with the shared folder options?
  • How to leave a shared folder from Android

How to Leave a Shared Folder on Dropbox

Let’s go ahead with the steps on how to leave a shared folder on Dropbox.


Open in browsers such as chrome, firefox, internet explorer, or safari.


Sign in by giving the proper credentials to leave the shared folder in Dropbox.


Move ahead to the folders which you want to leave from Dropbox.

leave shared folder Dropbox


Click the 3 dots which is beside our folder and can see the options like share the folder.

Remove Dropbox folder


We can see the page with Who can access, click on that to remove or leave it from the shared folder in Dropbox.

leave folder from Dropbox


On this page, click the Can view option beside the name it will suggest options such as Can view and Remove. Hit on Remove so that we can leave the Dropbox folder.

folder removed from Dropbox

The folder will be removed if we select the Remove option from Dropbox. This is the simple step to leave a folder from Dropbox.

How to Remove a Shared Folder from Dropbox

There are two ways to remove the shared folders from Dropbox. Check below what are they and try the below method.

  • Temporarily remove the folder (we can add it again).
  • Permanently remove the folder.

Temporarily Remove the Folder

We can temporarily remove the folder from Dropbox by using the browser. Follow the below steps:

  • Open Dropbox and sign in with your credentials.
  • Move to the folder or files on the Home page that we want to remove from Dropbox.
  • Click Delete. So the particular files or folders will be deleted, check the below image for your reference.
Remove folder Dropbox

So, this is how we can delete the folders in Dropbox.

Permanently Remove the Folder.

Removing the folder in a permanent way is similar to the way we saw in the above method as leaving the shared folder from Dropbox. One more option we can do is to unshare the folder from Dropbox as well.

  • Open Dropbox and sign in to your account by giving the proper credentials.
  • Repeat the same process as we did above to leave the shared folder in Dropbox.
  • Move to the folder in which we want to permanently remove the folder from Dropbox.
  • Click Settings once you opened the who can access page.
  • On this page, we can see Unshare the file option, click on that so the folders are deleted from Dropbox.
Dropbox folder removed

We can add the folder again if we log in from the other account in Dropbox.

What if I Don’t See the Window with the Shared Folder Options?

In some instances, we are unable to see the share option in Dropbox due to various reasons. It may be a third-party browser extension or ad blocker.

If we face this problem, we can temporarily disconnect any browser for some time and ad-on that are running behind the screen.

We can re-enable these browser extensions after removing a shared folder or updating other settings. If we want to keep using the extension, we can make an exception for Dropbox or whitelist Please keep in mind that not all extensions support this feature.

How to Leave a Shared Folder from Android?

We have seen how to remove or leave the shared folders in Dropbox. Now we will see how it works on android.


Open Dropbox and sign in from the android device to leave the Dropbox.


Move to the files or folders under the Recent tab on the home page where we can see three ellipsis or 3 dots.

Remove folder Dropbox in android


Click on the three dots which is beside our chosen folder and we can see the option “Manage access“.

Manage folder to remove Dropbox


Hit on Manage access and it will take us to the next page and ask for the option Remove from my Dropbox. For confirmation click on this option again to remove the folder or leave folder from the Dropbox.

Remove Dropbox folder in android

Since we can rejoin that folder if we need it in the future on It fully depends on our needs.


We come to the conclusion in this article. Hope I covered everything related to removing or leaving the folder Dropbox.

This article even touched upon what happens if the share option is missed as well. And also explained to the android user to leave or remove the shared folder in Dropbox.

I feel the above steps are much simple and easy and definitely, this is not rocket science. You feel comfortable if followed the above article step by step.

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