How to Use Incognito Mode on iPhone? [7 Methods]

If you are searching for how to work on iPhone using the incognito mode, then worry not! In this article, I will talk about how to use incognito mode on iPhone.

iPhone is a very well-known Apple product. Since iPhones’ inception in 2007, Apple has released new iPhone models every year. And the new features have been the apple of the eye (pun intended) for the users with each upgradation.

So, one of the features which is the incognito mode was first launched by Apple for their Safari app. And since then, the incognito property has been a widely used feature across the world.

Subsequently, I’ll talk about the various ways in which the incognito mode can be used in your iPhones. Read on this blog to know more.

Note: The screenshots provided in this article are taken from iPhone 13. But the steps for iPhone 14 won’t be too different than iPhone 13. So, you can try and implement the same steps.

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Elaborated topics in this article are mentioned below:

  • What is incognito mode
  • How can we enable private browsing on iPhone
  • How can we turn off private browsing on iPhone
  • Turn on incognito mode in Safari App on iPhone
  • Turn off incognito mode in Safari App on iPhone
  • How to check incognito mode history on iPhone
  • How to delete history of private browsing on iPhone

What is Incognito Mode

Incognito mode can be described as a private browsing session which is available in web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. In this, the browsing history, cookies, web cache and basically the entire search history does not get saved.

The incognito window in the browser has an isolated session which is not connected to the main window’s session. And so, the history or any other data regarding the incognito browsing mode is not saved in the device. Moreover, whatever the user searches in the incognito mode gets cleared once the window is closed.

Making the incognito mode a safe and secure feature to use during private searches and internet surfing.

How Can We Enable Private Browsing on iPhone

Further, in iPhone the main settings include a way to turn on the incognito mode for private browsing throughout the iOS. Provided, that particular app has the option of incognito mode. For example, Safari app. Let’s get started!

  • Open Settings > Screen Time on iPhone.
iPhone 14 incognito mode on
  • Scroll down and tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • On the next page, enable the Content & Privacy Restrictions tab.
iPhone 14 pro incognito mode
  • Now, below that click on Content Restrictions.
  • Again, tap on Web Content on your iPhone.
iPhone 13 incognito mode turn on
  • On the last page, choose Unrestricted.
incognito mode iPhone 13 pro max

This would turn on the privacy mode on iPhone through the settings.

How Can We Turn Off Private Browsing on iPhone

Similarly, we can turn off the content restriction on iPhone from the settings as well.

  • Open Settings > Screen Time on iPhone.
iPhone 14 incognito mode off
  • Scroll down and tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • On the next page, enable the Content & Privacy Restrictions tab on iPhone.
iPhone 14 pro incognito off mode
  • Now, click Content Restrictions.
  • Scroll down and open Web Content.
incognito mode turn off iPhone 11
  • On the last page, you can choose any option out of Limit Adult Websites and Allowed Websites in your iPhone.
private browsing turn off iPhone 12

Hence, turning off this property will track our browsing history on iPhone.

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Turn On Incognito Mode in Safari App on iPhone

Moving on, once we have turned on the Unrestricted content restriction from the steps mentioned above. We can now use private browsing session in Safari app on iPhone.

  • Go to the Safari app on iPhone.
  • Once Safari is opened, click on the tabs symbol on the lower right side.
iPhone 13 pro max safari incognito mode
  • Now, press the Start Page.
  • A window will pop-up. Hit the Private option there.
  • Click on Done on iPhone Safari app.
iPhone 14 safari incognito

Doing this will turn on the private browsing mode on iPhone. It will also stop Safari from tracking the user’s searches. And the user can stay worry-free while browsing for content.

Turn Off Incognito Mode in Safari App on iPhone

To turn off the incognito mode in Safari app follow the steps as below.

  • Open the Safari app on iPhone.
  • After this, click on the tab’s icon on the lower right corner.
iPhone 13 pro safari incognito mode off
  • On the next page, the Private can be seen below. Click on that.
  • Lastly, on the pop-up window choose Start Page on iPhone.
  • Now, click on Done.
Safari incognito mode off iPhone 12 pro

Therefore, the incognito mode will end and move to fresh browsing on iPhone where the history can be discovered.

How to Check Incognito Mode History on iPhone

Additionally, there is an option to check our private browsing history on iPhone. Sometimes we feel the need to see if there is any trace of private browsing history on iPhone. But the catch is, we can only see the name of the website and data consumed on that. So, this would be limited history that we can see.

  • Go to Settings > Safari on iPhone.
Incognito history on iPhone 14 pro
  • Scroll down and tap Advanced.
  • Next, click on Website Data.
private browsing history iPhone 11 pro

The entire history will be available on the next page of the settings on iPhone.

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How to Delete History of Private Browsing on iPhone

Clearing browsing history is important. Since the data and web cache will accumulate in the iPhone storage. Moreover, having the option to delete private browsing history is a good feature for iPhone users.

  • Open the Settings > Safari.
Incognito history delete iPhone 14 pro
  • Now, scroll down and press on Clear History and Website Data.
delete private browsing iPhone 13 pro max
  • A window will pop-up and ask for confirmation on our iPhone.
  • Click on Clear History and Data alternative.
data deletion iPhone 14
  • It will ask for another confirmation, which is if we want to close all the current opened tabs on our iPhone Safari app.
  • Click on Close Tabs if you want to close all the windows, otherwise click on Keep Tabs.
iPhone 12 incognito mode data delete

As a result, this would clear out the entire history of the Safari history on iPhone whether it was main window browsing or private browsing.

Wrapping Up

Coming to an end, this article covers quite a few topics on incognito mode on our iPhones. Incognito mode can often be a life saver for many of us. I have surely made use of this feature umpteenth number of times.

Also, I have covered topics from turning on the incognito mode to deleting the data of private browsing on iPhone. Go through the guide and implement them on your iPhone. Hope this will resolve any issue that you might have been facing.

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