How to Embed a PDF in Outlook Online? [5 Simple Ways]

Have you tried and failed to insert a Pdf file in Outlook mail? Then this is the right article you should know about how to embed a PDF in Outlook Online.

PDFs are meant as a shareable file format but sending over email is not as always simple as you think.

We might have faced some errors while trying to insert PDF files in Outlook Online. And sometimes the server doesn’t support PDF file format even if we embed the pdf files that do not show properly.

To exchange documents and any other information professionally Outlook Online is used effectively nowadays. But in needy times it will give headache to us. What should you do in that case? Here are some workable methods to embed a PDF in an Email. Just choose the desired one from the article.

  • Insert PDF document in Outlook from Browser
  • Insert PDF document directly in Outlook from Windows
  • Convert PDF file to JPG/JPEG File
  • Insert the PDF image into the Outlook email
  • Embed PDF Outlook Online on a mobile device

Insert PDF Document in Outlook from Browser

If we want the recipient to be able to view the PDF document in the body of the email message once it is opened, many email users need that the PDF file to be embedded as an image. Let’s check how to insert PDF in Outlook Online.


Open the Microsoft Outlook application from a browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox by giving the proper credentials.


Once Outlook is opened home page will appear. Click on the New mail from the page to send a PDF to other recipients.

PDF mail send in Outlook


After clicking the New mail option, the page will ask for the To recipient and subject also we can give Cc recipients as well.

Mail body in Outlook Online to send PDF


Now, we can attach the PDF file by inserting it in the body of the mail in Outlook Online. By doing that, click the Attach icon beside the Discard option to select the PDF files from the drives and click Open to embed PDF in the body of the mail.

PDF attach in Outlook Online


Once the attachment is added, check the recipient’s name and address with the subject also type the body of the letter if required and click Send.

This is a standard and usual method to attach a PDF in Outlook Online from the browser.

Insert PDF Document Directly in Outlook from Windows

Whenever our Email server does not support the PDF file, we can simply embed a PDF into our Email directly instead of adding it to the Email as an attachment. Make use of this strategy that effectively attracts the attention of our audience. Just learn more about the process below.


Open Outlook in the desktop application and click the Insert tab from the top part of the home page. Select the Object option simultaneously and click the Finish button. To use the object option, we must add a PDF document in the body of the letter.

Sending PDF in Outlook


Since I am unable to see the Object option in Outlook, if you can see you can follow the below steps.

Embed PDF in Outlook online


Click the Object option then it will take you to the page Adobe Acrobat documents and click OK. Choose the PDF and click Send by the usual method.

This is how we can send the PDF document in the Outlook Online application.

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Convert PDF File to JPG/JPEG File

Converting PDF into image format is very easier. We can do it online without much complication. Let’s see how it proceeds.


Open the PDF to JPG/JPEG converter from a browser such as Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, or Firefox.


Follow the directions on the conversion site to upload the PDF file you want to convert into a JPG /JPEG image. Upload the PDF file first to the conversion site and then select JPG/JPEG as the output format. Click “Upload” or “Convert to JPG/JPEG” to upload the file and convert it into a JPG/JPEG image file. Wait for some time for the site to convert the PDF file into a JPG/JPEG image.

PDF to JPG in Outlook Online


Click the “Download” link for the first page in the PDF document and then save the JPG/JPEG image of the page to your computer. (Here I want this image to be a JPG)

Downloaded to JPG in Outlook Online

So we have converted PDF into JPG/JPEG in the standard method. If you want to convert it into JPEG follow the above similar method. Next, we will see how to Embed that in Outlook in the forthcoming steps.

Insert the PDF Image into Outlook Email

Inserting the PDF image into Outlook email is nothing but converting PDF into the image and attaching it to Outlook email.


Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Click “New mail” on the ribbon bar to open a new message window.

Sending image in Outlook Online


Enter the recipient’s email address in the “To” field and then enter a subject and message in the message window as we normally we do.

Embed image in Outlook Online


Here we have to Embed (Insert) the downloaded JPG/JPEG image from PDF in Outlook Online. So, I chose from downloads and clicked Open to come into Outlook then click Send to share with other recipients.

Images downloaded and Embed in Outlook


Click “Send” to send the email with the embedded PDF image to the recipient. If the person who receives the email uses an email or webmail client that allows image viewing, and virtually all clients do, the image of the PDF page will appear in the message body.

Note – We don’t need to attach the original PDF image if the document only has a single page or insert all the pages into the message as images since we have converted already from PDF into JPG/JPEG.

By the above method, we can Embed PDF in to image in Outlook. In the above method, we have seen how to change PDF to JPEG. In the same way, we can embed images also in Outlook Online.

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Embed PDF Outlook Online on a Mobile Device

Inserting a PDF file in the Outlook application for a mobile device is also an easy and few-step process. Let’s check the below method to do so. Since the same steps and screenshots are applicable to both iOS and Android.


Go to the Microsoft Outlook application on a mobile device either iOS or Android.

Outlook in Mobile to Embed PDF


Once opened, see the New email option and click on that to send PDF files to other recipients where you can see To, Subject and simultaneously click attach icon which is at end of the page.

PDF in mobile Outlook


Attach the required PDF file to Outlook Online to share with other contacts.

Attach file to Embed PDF in to Outlook


For your clarity, below I have chosen a sample PDF file to attach to Outlook Online.

Pdf file in Outlook to Embed


Once attached, send to the contacts as we send in Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

This is the normal method we do for other email applications. In the same way, we have Embed PDF into Outlook Online.

End Point

Hope you read this full article and I trust this will help you to insert PDFs in different methods in Outlook Online. Read the steps carefully and proceed from your end since it is a standard and simple method. Though we may face some errors, in such a case follow the above methods to see the changes in your Outlook application.

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