How to move files from DropBox to Google Drive

Cloud storage has been a savior for us in times of ever-increasing data. External hard disks, pen drives, CDs, etc., were just not able to fulfill our requirements. It is fast, low cost, easily accessible, and can be shared in an instant. You can back everything up with minimal effort and retrieve or modify it whenever you feel like it, without spending hours searching for physical storage devices.

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Mega are a few of the many available online storage services. But, transferring your files from one platform to another comes in handy if especially, if you have run out of storage from one, or maybe you want to sort data category-wise in various media. 

Dropbox VS Google Drive- A Brief Idea

Dropbox is a top-rated online file storage service. It has several amazing features like linked apps, instant file sharing on the go, and Dropbox Paper. About compatibility, it can sync with mobiles, computers, tablets, and many other devices too. 

On the other hand, Google Drive is ruling because of the abundant features it offers. It allows you to create several kinds of documents, from basic general stuff to high-end spreadsheets and a lot more.

Everything sits down well on the cloud and can be edited. It is a central collaborative platform allowing people to come together and create great ideas!

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What and Why to Choose?

It is better to use both or more cloud storage platforms to switch quickly and enjoy their respective services. Using only one of them might get a bit chaotic, and also the limited free storage might pose a problem. 

Google Drive wins when it comes to sharing and editing documents on the go using other Google tools without having to download, edit and re-upload again.

Also considering the price, Google Drive ranks better, being more cost-effective than Dropbox. The same goes for the free storage limit. Drive has massive space to offer, unlike its competitor. Not to forget the effortless Google integration provided by it.

Whatever may be the reason pleasing you, you can easily migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive or vice versa as well in a few easy steps. All it might take you is any reputed third-party app to help you migrate everything securely without missing a bit!

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From Dropbox to Google Drive- How to achieve this sync?

There are a few ways to do this migration successfully. The most common one is basic downloading and uploading, and the rest includes the involvement of some additional platforms. Let us see one by one:

Method 1: Manual Transfer Process

This is by far the easiest and common way to get the task done completely. The good old act of downloading and then finally re-uploading to your rescue!

First, you need to select all the files and folders you wish to transfer to Google Drive from your Dropbox account. You can select all at once, too, instead of going with some specific ones.

Second, click download to get everything on your local computer. You can make an extra space like a folder to accommodate the incoming files.

Finally, open Google Drive to get things done. All you need to do now is click to add/upload the Dropbox downloaded files one by one to Google Drive. And that’s it.

You can also try copying and pasting the data from local Drive and Dropbox folders.

Although this method is foolproof and has no error scope, it is pretty laborious. Also, it takes time due to the lengthy process.

One more thing that would make you not want to go down this road is the local space issue. If your device does not have enough space to download everything, you may need to do it in parts, complexing the process more.

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Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

This is a more recent and better way to get your job done with almost no effort, that too in no time. Many syncing clients are available to ease out your cloud syncing process to extraordinary limits. 

Here is a compilation of a few of them, tried and tested, and thoroughly loved by the audience:

1. Multcloud

A very popular and trusted app, MultCloud allows you to link and send and do everything else you want with your numerous cloud storage accounts. It acts as a common linking platform for more effortless transfer of files here and there. It is entirely free as well.

move Files from DropBox to Google Drive

You start by adding the cloud services you wish to work with using the ‘add cloud’ button from the navigation panel. In this case, we are opting for Google Drive and Dropbox. There are a number of other services to choose from as well.

Paste Files to Google Drive

To start the transferring process, click on ‘Cloud Transfer’, and you can begin with it. According to your needs, it also allows you to keep or delete the transferred files from the original location.

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2. Insync 

Insync is another excellent platform for cloud syncing. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux too. It works efficiently to send your data across data storage websites effortlessly. This tool features a 15-day trial period for absolutely free!

Transfer files with Insync

Start by installing Insync on your device. The installation and following setup are fairly easy to work with. You will be now redirected to the Base Folder, the main arena where all the transfers will happen. It will sync anything added here to your Google Drive account in no time.

Add in your Dropbox files by copying them directly from your dropbox folder. It will simultaneously perform the syncing. It is as easy as that! Easy, quick, and safe.

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3. InClowdz by Wondershare

This platform is famous for its interactive and hassle-free migration. It is a great cloud manager to have. Being compatible with a great number of cloud storage platforms is its primary characteristic, setting it apart from other contemporaries.

The syncing process can span across all your cloud storage services in an instant; no worries for that now! 

How to move Files from DropBox to Google Drive

Easy to have an eye on all your cloud service providers at once, cutting away all the extra tabs and time! To start with, you need to install InClowdz first to your system and operate through an existing/new account.

Click on ‘Migrate’ and choose the source and sink platforms from the Source and Target category. Add in the files to be transferred, selected, or all.

Click ‘Migrate’ to finally start the process. It’ll be completed in a few minutes, depending on the size of data being transferred. Here you go! You’re done. Just like that.

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4. CloudHQ

Last but not least, we have CloudHQ, a simple-looking yet utterly famous migration client. Cloud syncing is not the only service it provides; from G suite syncing to Gmail tracking or syncing via Office SharePoint, it is a one-stop solution for all your syncing needs.

The sync process is unique by not being only one way. It works to and fro, that too in real-time with fantastic integration. You can check out the trial, which is free of cost, and you’ll surely love it.

The work is relatively straightforward. All you need to specify is the service you’re precisely looking for, entire or select sync or integration, and much more. Select the appropriate platforms to initiate migration, and voila! It is the quickest and most advanced migratory service out there!

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