How to Fax from Google Drive

In this Google Drive tutorial, we will see how to fax from Google Drive.

The world has gone digital. We have been using digital and virtual means to meet our ends for a long time. Be it connecting with a friend or relative or having a work call, discussion, or meeting; things are done virtually.

Moreover, it’s become easier to save and share files too. Not to mention, you can work with your colleagues over some documents, files, and presentations in real-time.

Now the easiest way of doing that is using Google applications. Be it Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Photos; you can easily share your files online. Moreover, everything is directly synced with Google Drive.

So, everything gets stored on Google Drive automatically, and you have the backup you need for every file and document you ever created.

However, storage and backup is not the only thing you get with Google Drive. It’s beyond that and even assists you in faxing your documents and other media files.

How to Fax from Google Drive
How to Fax from Google Drive

Yes! You read that right! Not only could you digitally send over your files and documents stored on Google Drive, but you can fax them too using some simple add ons and plugins. Or else, you could use the easiest way possible, that is email fax.

Let’s have a look at everything in more detail so that you can better understand how to fax from Google Drive.

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How to Fax from Google Drive?

There are several ways you could do this, and the best part is that it’s a breeze and wouldn’t take more than a few minutes. So, let’s not get into much discussion about it and directly look at the different ways you can fax a document or file from Google Drive.

1. Email it to the Recipient’s Fax Number

Well, the first thing you’ll ask is if this is at all possible. Well, it sure is! All you need is an email fax service.

There are many email fax services that you can get for free or at minimal costs, and they’ll be beneficial to you in the long run, especially if you need to send fax too often.

So, once you get an email fax service, you can follow the steps explained herein below to fax from Google Drive.

  1. Go to your Gmail account and compose a new mail.
  2. In the “To” field, where you usually enter the recipient’s email address, enter the fax number followed by the at the rate symbol and the domain of your email fax services provider.
  3. After this, if you want any cover letter or script preceding the document or file you need to fax, enter that text in the email subject.
  4. Now is the time for adding the attachment. Here, you need to fax the files or documents from your Google Drive. So, instead of using the Attachment button, click on the “Insert files from Drive” button. It looks exactly like the Google Drive logo.
  5. Once you click this icon, a new window will open your Google Drive. Select the files that you want to fax. You can even search for those files by typing the name in the search bar to make the process even faster.
  6. Once you’ve attached the files, click on the send button. Your account will send you a confirmation mail that the file has been successfully faxed to the recipient.

It’s that easy! Just like sending over a simple email.

2. Use a Web Fax Tool

You can find many tools over the web to fax from Google Drive and even your computer. However, not every tool allows everything. So, when selecting a tool, make sure that it has the options you need.

Once you’ve found the right tool, just go to your Fax account on your device and click on the “Send Fax” button. Here, you’ll also find some advanced options for sending the fax.

Among the many options, you’ll find one specific option to attach files. As you’d click on this option, you’ll see further options to attach files from your computer or different drives you must be using.

Click on the Select from Google Drive option. You’ll see your Google Drive. For the first time, you’ll have to link and authorize your Google account and fax account. Once you’ve done that, you can simply attach the files from your Google Drive and send them as a fax. 

The only challenge here is finding the right tool and understanding the ins and outs of it. But once you do that, it’s all a breeze!

3. Use Google Drive Fax Add On

Even Google Drive comes with multiple add ons for sending a file or document as a fax. All you need to do is download and add this add-on to your Google Drive.

You can head over to the Google Add Ons store, find the right Google Drive Fax Add On that suits your requirements and install it on your system.

Once done, go to the document or file that you want to fax and open the Fax add-on from the extensions available on your system.

A side window will open wherein you shall have to fill up the recipient’s fax number and other details. Once you’ve filled this form, click on the “Send” button.

And you’re all done!

The only issue with this method is that it’s not free. Google Drive Fax Add Ons charge you based on per page of the fax. That turns out to be extremely costly in the long run.

So, however easy and convenient it seems, this would be the last resort you’d like to take. Otherwise, you’re good to go with an email fax service or a web fax tool.

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Final Words

So, that was all about how to fax from Google Drive. Reading that, you’d really wonder how far and long we’ve come in terms of technology, and we can only say very far!

It’s all made our jobs easier and faster, and we’re able to live with more convenience. The only thing that we ever need to figure out is the best method to put to use.

Hope you found this article helpful and were able to determine the perfect way to fax from Google Drive!