How to Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

Have you been looking to create a shared folder in OneDrive? Well, that is not a difficult task to perform. You can follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go. Here we have created a detailed guide that might help you create shared folders and steps to share the files with other users.

To create a shared folder in OneDrive, first, open the OneDrive app on your system. Now, go to the OneDrive folder and make right-click on an empty space. Here, select New Folder to create an empty folder on the Drive. Make sure the syncing is switched on to save all the changes. Next, make right-click on the new folder you created and choose Share from the drop-down list.

Let us look at all we need to know about it.

How is Sharing in OneDrive different from SharePoint?

The process and access control completely depend upon a file’s location whenever a file is shared. Suppose you want to share a file without giving access to sensitive data.

In this case, using OneDrive is better because it gives complete control over access to the owner. Hence you can decide the level of access you give to another person. While in SharePoint, the control is distributed over the team.

How to Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive?

OneDrive sharing feature allows you to collaborate with others. You can create a folder to share with others, and it will not affect the security of another document present. To make your work easier, we have set a brief guide by which you can create a shared folder.

  • Choose the OneDrive icon.
  • Click to open the folder.
Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive
  • Now, make a two-tap or right-click on an empty space.
  • Here select New Folder and give a name to it.
Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive
  • Right-click on the folder and select Share.
Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive
  • Copy the link, and now you are ready to share the folder through the link.
Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive
Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

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How to Share a OneDrive folder in a Windows PC

Suppose you are comfortable using OneDrive on your desktop. Then you must be trying to figure out a method of native file sharing. You do not have to worry. Using OneDrive, you do not have to open an office in your browser. Remember, these steps are only for Windows operating systems.

1. Open OneDrive Folder:

To start the process, you need to locate your OneDrive account. A personal OneDrive account will be represented by a white cloud, while the cloud icon for a business account will be blue.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive 7

Click the OneDrive icon and select “open folder” in the OneDrive application menu.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

2. Make a new folder

When you aim to share a folder, first, you need to create it. To generate a folder, you can easily make it in the window with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

3. Choose the Share Option

Right-click on the folder to open a context menu and select OneDrive. You can then choose Share.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

4. Select link Restriction

Here you can set a bar or restriction on the access of the links. Suppose you want to give access to the folder to anyone with a link.

Then choose “Anyone with the link” regardless of their association.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

However, if you want specific people to access the folder, choosing “Specific people” will ensure the link works only for those selected.

You can also choose a variety of settings in this section, like the expiration date of the folder, setting a password to access, giving editing options to the receiver, or restricting to only reading.

5. Share your link

Now you are ready to share your link. You can send it by adding your email, name, or group, or you can also send it by copying the link and sharing it through the ‘send’ icon.

Other than the last option, you can share it manually by copying the link and pasting it where you see fit.

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Share the OneDrive folder Online

If you are using OneDrive on a web browser or have not installed it locally, you will require OneDrive online to share the folder or access the document. You can use the following :

1. Use Web Browser

Open OneDrive on your preferred web browser and create a new folder.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

2. Make a folder

Go to the New section and click on it. You will see the folder option, select it, and proceed by naming it.

Create a Shared Folder in OneDrive

Note: Naming the folder is necessary for moving forward.

3. Share

To start sharing, go to the folder in the file space. You will see the Share icon beside the folder name. Click on it to generate a link.

4. Configure the link

Now you can set access to the folder in various ways. For example, you can permit viewing and editing, which means the receiver can only see the file or, with editing, they can modify the content.

Similarly, you can configure the link in three ways. The first is where anyone with the link can access the folder. The second is where only specific people’s links will work, and lastly, the only member of your organization can access the folder.

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Share OneDrive on Mac

We have already learned how to share the OneDrive folders in Windows and online. Sharing in Mac is mostly like the previous method. For sharing the OneDrive folder on Mac, do this:

You are required to open a new finder window and select the OneDrive icon.

When one drive opens, right-click on the blank space to create a brand-new folder.

  • Give a name to the folder.
  • For sharing, Right click on the folder and choose the share option.
  • One share window will appear.
  • Now the configure link is similar to what you have done for Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which system supports OneDrive?

Windows 10 or 11, Window8/7, Mac, iOS, Xbox, Surface Hub, HoloLens, and web browser. Each of the above-mentioned systems supports OneDrive. However, all the options above may not support all the features. You will require Windows 10/11 to access all the features like Personal vault, Backup sync, upload or download, share files & folders, and camera roll.

2. What does a gray cloud OneDrive icon with a line through it mean?

A gray-out OneDrive icon signifies that the user is not logged in or the setup of OneDrive is not completed.

3. What to do if your OneDrive account is frozen?

The reason behind this can be you may sign out from your OneDrive account. Again, sign in to unfreeze the account.


OneDrive is the best option for saving space when multiple people require to work on the same file. OneDrive allows you to share folders person to person, person to group, and person to a specific member.

It can be shared locally and on an online browser also. Such a wide range of sharing features without disrupting the security of other data is an excellent example of OneDrive platform usage.

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