How to bold text on an iphone?

Messages, Notes, Mail, and other apps that allow specific formatting choices allow you to bold text. Here is How to bold text on an iPhone.

To bold text on an iPhone type the text that you need in the desired application. Now tap on the text and drag the arrows to highlight. You can also select the select all option if you must select all the text entered. Once selected you will have options available tap and select B – Bold.

How to bold text on an iPhone?

Here is how you can bold text entered into a text message on an iPhone

  • Get your iPhone’s Messages app open by tapping on it.
  • Create a new message or join an ongoing discussion.
How to bold text on an iPhone?
  • Press and hold the text you wish to format as you type it. The selection tool will then become active. If you need to select the entire text finish typing and use the select all option.
How to bold text on an iPhone?
  • When the popup menu displays, let go of your finger and hit “B”.

How do you text in iPhone messages using subject lines?

Did you know the messaging settings on your iPhone can be edited to add a bolded subject line to each text message? Here is how it’s done.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select “Messages” by scrolling down.
  • Click the toggle switch next to “Show Subject Field”, under the “SMS/MMS” title, to turn it green and turn it on.
  • Now close settings and go to messages
  • Start a new conversation or continue an existing one
  • You will see a subject field at the top – any text entered in this field will show up as bold while sending the text.

How to Bold text in Notes on iPhone?

The Bold feature can be used in almost all applications. Here is how this can be done in the Notes application on your iPhone.

  • Open the Notes application on your iPhone.
  • Open an already-written note, or start a new one.
  • To make a text bold, select it while typing by tapping and holding on it. You can also select text already typed in.
  • Press the “B” button in the popup menu to make the selected text bold.

How do bold text in emails while using an iPhone?

While writing emails here is how you can bold text on your iPhone.

  • Open the email application that you are using on your iPhone.
  • Write a new email or respond to one that you have received.
  • You will now have a text box to insert text. To bold text while typing, tap and hold the text that you wish to bold.
  • Tap the “B” in the popup menu to bold the selected text.

In conclusion

All applications have different formatting options. This being said the basic settings remain the same and you can use basic settings to bold text. This tutorial article looked at how to bold text on an iPhone. Select the text that needs to be formatted and tap on B.

Hope you found this tutorial interesting and informative.

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