How to add borders in word online?

Word online is great for collaboration and has features to make working online easier. this being said the feature to add borders to documents is not available in word online at the moment. You however have a workaround. read on to find out: How to add borders in word online?

How to add borders in word online? As the option to add page borders is not available on word online at the moment to add border to the page insert a table. inserting a table with 1 cell is the best option in this situation as you can format the cell with border thickness and color.

Can you add borders to documents on word online?

Word online doesn’t offer editing, deleting, or adding Page Borders at the moment, but if you need page border you can insert a table. Add a table that contains only one cell and type or paste all the text in that cell.

Here is how to do it

How to add borders in word online
  • Open a new document in word online. You can do this from your browser. To use word online you will be required to sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • on the home screen click on Insert
  • under insert you have have a number of options click on table
  • Now select 1 cell the table should read 1×1
  • one you select the number of cells a table will show up on your document
How to add borders in word online
  • The idea is to treat the table cell as a document and type or paste content in it.
  • Once you have the content you can format the cell.
  • Clicking on the table will open two tabs on the menu Table Design and Table Layout
  • Under table design you will find borders and shading

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How to add borders in word online
  • Under borders and shading you can change the weight of the cell borders.
  • once the content is filled in you can choose how thick a border you require.
How to add borders in word online
  • Along with the weight you can also change the style of the outer lines. There are a number of options to choose from. Though basic they are great as document borders.

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How to add border in Word on mobile?

Adding borders to an online word document on an android device is almost the same as doing it on your desktop or tablet. As word online does not have the option to add borders to documents you will need to create a one-cell table here as well.

Here is how its done

How to add borders in word online
  • Open word online on your Android device. This can be done on the browser or on the app.
  • Once open click on the edit option to open the editing menu
  • Click on the arrow close to home on the bottom of your screen for a menu
  • Now select Insert
  • Under insert you will have options select Table
  • By default you will have a table with at least 3 rows and columns.

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How to add borders in word online
  • As mentioned in the previous section you will not require the additional cells and hence you will have to delete them.
  • To delete cells drag the tabs on the ends of the selection bar.
  • Once selected you will have options available
  • Select Delete
  • Delete all the extra cells till you are left with only 1
How to add borders in word online
  • The styling options can be used to increase the weight of the cell borders.

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Adding border in word

If you do not like the idea of plugging a table or rather cell into your document. Then using the word application on your computer is the best option. You can add a page border by using Word on a Windows or Mac system.

To do this you will need a Windows 8 or later system or a Mac OS and Microsoft word installed on the system.

Adding page border can be done by performing the following steps:

  • Open a new Word document
  • From the options choose blank document. You can also choose the document you would like to edit if the content is ready.
How to add borders in word online
  • In the menu bar go to Design
  • under design you will se a number of options go to Page Background 
  • the page background has 3 main options watermark, page color and page borders. Select Page Borders
  • once selected a new menu will popup with options on border styles and options
  • In the new popup menu select the border and look as per your requirement
  • The borders are customizable and you can increase or decrease its weight. you can also download other border designs and styles.
  • You can also adjust the distance between the border and the edge of the printable page by selecting the Options in this Popup menu.
  • Make your changes and click OK
  • Select OK and you can view the Page Border automatically added to all the pages in the document.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I put a border around a word document?

Adding a border in Microsoft word online is not possible as the option is not available. You can however add borders in documents on Word (the application)
for this, you need to open the document that requires the edit. Go to the home tab and select border. The document will now have a border around it.

Can you edit page borders in Word?

Yes, page borders added to word documents can be formatted. Once you click on the border you will have formatting options in the menu. From there you can change the weight, type, color, and other specific details. You can also download innovative borders from online sites and forums that can be used.

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