How to Highlight a Screenshot on iPhone? [9 Fast Approaches]

Initially, I didn’t know that highlighting a screenshot on iPhone was possible. However, after researching for some time, I found out that iPhone does provide a few handy tools to highlight screenshots to help its users.

Sometimes, after taking a screenshot on an iPhone, we may need to highlight a few important things on it. Let’s see how we can highlight a screenshot on iPhone!

In this article, I’m going to help you understand the provided methods of highlighting screenshots on an iPhone. Continue to read:

  • Where can you find the highlighting tools?
  • How to use the pen icon on iPhone to highlight a screenshot?
  • Highlighting with markers in screenshots on iPhone
  • How does a dotted line icon work on iPhone?
  • Drawing using the ruler on iPhone
  • Change in the opacity of the Image on iPhone
  • Using a magnifier to highlight a screenshot
  • Using Square, Circle, and Arrow Elements to Highlight
  • Brush color change tool on iPhone
  • Can we use the eraser icon to undo any mistakes?
  • Third-Party apps on iPhone

Finding Highlighting Tools on iPhone

To get started with highlighting the screenshot on iPhone, we first need to find the tools with which we can highlight.

  • Firstly, while taking the screenshot, click on the preview image to open the screenshot in full screen.
  • There, we can see a pen icon on top of the screen.
  • By clicking on that icon, the highlighting tools will appear below on the screen of the iPhone.
Screenshot highlight on iPhone
Locating the highlighting tools

Now, we can proceed with editing the screenshot as we have found the tools.

Pen Icon to Highlight a Screenshot on iPhone

  • I used the pen icon, the first one shown in the picture below.
  • After clicking on it, we will get some options for the color (yellow in this case) and increase or decrease the thickness of the nib.
  • Now, we will drag our fingers on the screen to highlight anything important.
  • This helps us in drawing a colored outline.
Highlight iPhone 14 screenshot
Pen icon on iPhone

This is how to use the pen icon to highlight a screenshot on iPhone.

Highlighting with Marker in Screenshots on iPhone

  • Moving forward, markers can also be used for highlighting a screenshot.
  • Tap on any of the next two icons and choose your preferred color and size of the brush.
  • Then drag your finger around the screenshot to highlight it.
  • We can notice that the desired part has been highlighted on iPhone.
iPhone 14 pro screenshot highlight
Marker icons

Thus, both markers can be used to create different types of highlighter streaks.

Dotted Line Icon on iPhone

The dotted line icon helps in shifting a previously highlighted item to a new place if there’s a mistake made. In order to do that, we need to select the symbol first.

  • The pen with the striped line tip on iPhone needs to be selected here.
  • Now, we will drag our fingers around the already highlighted part and make a circle.
  • The dotted line surrounds the highlighter and then we can tap on the selected part and move it to the correct position.
Screenshot highlight on iPhone 14 pro max
Dotted line icon

Thereafter, we can see how we can move the position of the highlighter using the dotted line tool.

Drawing using the ruler on iPhone

The ruler symbol available on the screenshot preview page on iPhone provides a helping hand in drawing straight lines wherever needed, for highlighting.

  • Click on the ruler symbol and it will appear on the screen of the iPhone.
  • Move the ruler to the required position.
  • Now, choose any highlighting icon like a pen or marker.
  • In the image below, I have used a marker to draw the green straight lines to highlight a few apps.
  • Therefore, you too can draw with the ruler and marker and a straight line will appear on the screen of your iPhone.
highlight iPhone 12 screenshot
Ruler icon

With this tool, drawing straight lines becomes extremely easy.

Change in Opacity of the Image on iPhone

Further, the plus sign on the lower right side of the screen is visible. This is where we will find the ‘opacity’ tool.

  • Click on the plus sign. Now more options will be available.
  • Select the ‘opacity’ option appearing on your iPhone.
highlight iPhone 12 screenshot
Opacity icon
  • With this, a measuring line will pop on the screen.
  • We can increase or decrease the opaqueness of the screenshot on iPhone as seen in the image below.
iPhone 11 pro screenshot highlight
Opacity measurement

By changing the opacity, we can focus more on the highlighted part of the screenshot.

Magnifier in Screenshot Highlighting

Another option is the magnifier, which will further highlight something more sharply on iPhone.

  • We can find the ‘magnifying‘ tool in the same place we found the ‘opacity’ tool.
  • And when we click on the magnifier option, the symbol appears on the screen.
  • Thereafter, we can tap on the symbol and move it to the desired place for highlighting the screenshot on iPhone.
  • We can also increase or decrease the size of the magnifier by rotating the blue dot on the magnifier symbol.
  • Further, we can also zoom the highlighted part by rotating the green dot on the symbol on our iPhone.
Screenshot iPhone 10
Magnifier tool

We can notice how the ‘Notes’ app gets magnified after using the magnifying tool.

Using Square, Circle, and Arrow Elements to Highlight on iPhone

The Square, circle, and arrow can be collectively seen as highlighting tools on an iPhone.

  • Adding on, we again must click on the plus sign on iPhone for this.
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, we can see three symbols drawn below. Those are the square, circle, and arrow symbols.
  • We can choose the square icon to highlight certain details.
iPhone 9 screenshot highlight
Square symbol highlight
  • Moving on, circle icon can also be selected according to our preference to highlight the required information on iPhone.
screenshot highlight iPhone 12 pro
Circle symbol highlight
  • These icons’ sizes can also be increased and decreased for highlighting the iPhone screenshot.
  • Similarly, the arrow icon can be used to point toward a particular detail.
  • To do that, select the arrow symbol. It will appear on the screen.
  • Now, drag the arrow and point it towards any detail that you would want to be seen on your iPhone.
  • The length of the arrow can also be changed by pressing and dragging the blue dots available on the two ends of the arrow.
  • Additionally, the arrow can also be curved by clicking on the green dot and moving it in any direction.
highlight screenshot on iPhone 8
Arrow symbol highlight

These different shapes of highlighters give us a better chance for highlighting screenshots on an iPhone.

Highlighting Brush Color Change Tool on iPhone

For all the highlighting tools, using the same color is not necessary. And to change the colors, a separate tool is provided.

  • Click the color icon that you can see on the screen below.
screenshot highlight iPhone 14 pro max
Color icon
  • The color palette dialog box will pop up on your iPhone.
  • This time choose the color according to your preference for every tool and highlight the screenshot as needed.
iPhone 7 screenshot highlight
Color palette

The visibility of the highlighter increases with different colors.

Undoing Highlighting Mistakes Using the Eraser

Making mistakes is a natural thing. But we should know how to make the correction. And that’s exactly why an eraser tool has been provided in iPhones.

  • As visible in the image below, the icon with the pink top is the eraser.
  • Choose the eraser icon on your iPhone.
  • Now, dragging our finger around will thus help us undo any mistake we have made during highlighting.
  • For example, I have partially erased the blue-colored highlighter in the image below on my iPhone.
iPhone 7 plus screenshot highlight
Eraser tool

Hence, we don’t have to worry about how to rectify our mistakes.

Third-Party Applications on iPhone

Additionally, other third-party apps provide the same productivity tools to optimize our work. And in this situation, the following three apps do the required task.

Screenshot Editor – annotate and enhance

This app is available in the Apple store. Also, this screenshot editor app is designed for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac. It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 in the app store.

We can add text, export the sizes, and customize the background and text colors wherever needed on iPhone. Moreover, we can also translate the language in export mode.

It has both a free and pro version. There are additional tools available in the pro version. Adding clean status bars, undoing and redoing any step while editing, customizing fonts, dropping shadow to texts, and accessing saved screenshots to name a few.

screenshot highlighting app on iPhone
Screenshot Editor

SShot: Screenshot toolkit

This app particularly has a feature in which the screenshot can be opened in the notification bar as well. Additionally, you can combine multiple screenshots in one photo.

You can also save the screenshot in iPhone, Apple watch, iPad, and Mac according to their respective aspect ratio. It has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

Screenshot app on iPhone 13
SShot: Screenshot

Screenshot PRO Screenshots App

It has a free and pro version available in the Apple app store. And has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Also, it is available in multiple languages such as Dutch, English, French, German, etc.

With features like artificial intelligence, exporting the text contained in the screenshot via WhatsApp, email, etc., accessing the screenshots from any device via iCloud, adding notes to the screenshot, reducing the size, and many more.

Thus, making this app a perfect fit for people who use screenshots on a daily basis.

Screenshot highlight app for iPhone
Screenshot PRO

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we have seen different ways in which we can highlight a screenshot on iPhone with the already available tools. Furthermore, you may also read and implement the same methods to learn more.

In addition to this, if you are in need of extra features, you can always download any of the mentioned third-party apps and work on that software to highlight a screenshot on your iPhone.

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