Google Drive Vs Box – A Detailed Comparison

Do you want to know the comparison of Google Drive’s for your personal or professional use? Then here you will get a detailed comparison of Google Drive Vs Box.

Cloud storage plays an important role in storing files and folders within a short period by making backward of the physical storage.

Instead of maintaining a large number of folders in the physical storage which is already out of the box, there are ways to store every single information in the proper format, safely and securely in unlimited storage space available on your cloud.

Let’s get started to see the detailed comparison to know more.

Google Drive Vs Box

Let’s have an overview of Google Drive vs Box before getting into comparison.

Box was founded in 2005, and even though it is old the value of this service is worth it. From data storage to interactive sharing features, Box was one of the priorities in the cloud storage domain.

On the other hand, Google Drive launched in 2012 is not a new name for people nowadays. With every Google service, users find it easily synchronized to back up their data on Google Drive.

The drive has become a user-friendly cloud storage client in less time. It is quick to use, easy to upload or download, and has excellent subscription plans.

Both these platforms have made data organization way more convenient than before. Cloud storage has become a more manageable and affordable alternative to other data storage mediums, long data records, maintenance lists, or maybe even your original documents.

Among the most popular and safe cloud storage computing clients available, Google Drive and Box are much standard among users. Their service provides the same result but has its own methods to do that. Comparatively, it is not the worst and best between them. It all comes down to the features that the user requires for the best.

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Google Drive Vs Box Comparison

It is mandatory to check out all the comparisons to choose the best cloud storage for you. There are many important points to be taken into consideration before choosing or depending on one platform.

A well-guided comparison tutorial will help users choose the better desirable choice for themselves, even when they are stuck in the middle of the Box vs Google Drive confusion.

Which ones should you look out for, and which ones compete best? Are they safe to use? Do you even need one? How do we make a choice? No worries, we have got every single thing covered here.

To save you time (and patience), we have researched and explained a comparatively easy breakdown of some of the most common also important five major aspects that you should have in mind while choosing storage. Let’s have a look at it one by one to understand more.

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Google Drive Vs Box: Plans and Pricing

A very important thing to look the features while choosing a new platform. Storage platforms are of no use if they are not cost-effective. Both Google Drive and Box are quite affordable and offer more free space, unlike those old storage mediums.

Both these platforms are not at all too costly to afford. The subscription plans vary accordingly, depending upon the space provided and the particular platform services we are considering. While considering the features and price range we can choose whatever we want.

Google Drive offers a no-cost storage limit of up to 15 GB for personal or business use. The free space available on Google is by far the most affordable amongst other cloud storage clients.

Check out the below table to see a clear comparison of price with the storage to choose the range you want.

Business Plus
Enterprise Plus
Based on user requirement
Google DriveBusiness Starter
Business Standard
Business Plus
Depends on customer needs
30 GB
2 TB
5 TB
As much as you need

You also can increase your free Basic plan further to the Standard plan for only $1.99 per month for using 100 GB of usable space.

Again, Google services are very cost-effective here, like most other platforms for this limit. A further 1 TB Premium subscription plan for $9.99 per month. Being single-user plans, only one person can avail of the allowed space at a time.

If the user wants a more expanded space experience on your entire Google suite, go for the Google One subscription plan for all Google services.

This plan can only go up to 30 TB of space, ranging from $100 to $299.99 per month, depending on the size you prefer. The Google One plans have multi-user support, so call in your family and avail the Google benefits!

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What is Box Cloud Storage?

Coming to Box, the plans and their pricing are quite expensive. The Box was initially set in for business uses, and therefore, the majority of the programs are ideal for large businesses and enterprises.

  • The Business plans are not free. The starting Business plan is priced at $20 every month for a maximum of three users. The Plus variant goes up to $33 for the same user per month. 
Google Drive Vs Box- Pricing
Box vs Google Drive: Price in US Dollar
  • The Enterprise plan is available for $47 per month, allowing three users only. The features are much refined here, including built-in integrations and advanced workflow possibilities. There is a ‘Plus’ variant for it as well.
PlanBusinessBusiness PlusEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
Upload Files Upto5GB15GB50GB150GB
  • Box has also introduced custom plans, unlike any other cloud storage client, which allows users to design a plan for themselves according to their needs, based accordingly.
  • This is the most value-for-money option out there. Box has also expanded its plans for personal uses, not only for company usage. 
Difference between Google Drive and Box
Price in the United States of America
  • The free personal plan limit is for 10 GB only, less than Google Drive. Its pro version is $14 per month for 100 GB, slightly more costly than Google.

The box will give free subscriptions to the users to let them decide which option is suitable.

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Google Drive Vs Box – Security Support

  • This is one important point of comparison whether it is Box or Google Drive, users will look for security.
  • Security is a big concern for people, regardless of the context they are using such cloud storage platforms. Uploading or sharing the data in cloud storage might be risky due to fraudulent users.
  • In earlier times, Google Drive was unable to provide security at the top but still, they worked for it to provide a high level of security to the users. Some of these third-party solutions offer a lot more accessibility than Drive.
  • Google Drive has more users but still some people stick to other services due to security concerns.
  • On the other side, Box is known for its great security system. Your data will be safe on this platform.
  • Unlike Google Drive, the links that can be shared are securely protected to avoid accidental data loss.

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Google Drive Vs Box – Efficiency in File-Sharing

  • The next big thing to consider is File sharing. A cloud storage platform’s main feature should be simple uploading and downloading files.
  • Google Drive offers a simple technique for transferring files. It supports the majority of file types and is simple to use for both data upload and download.
  • Google transfers can be done for individual files, or their folder, even multiple, or entire Drive as well. You can also send shareable links with advanced restrictions and permissions to your team members so that your data will be in safe mode.
  • Box offers a smooth user interface and speedy data exchange. Additionally, mobile transfers are also quite quick. But still, some users are not satisfied with Box’s late response and file transfers. Depending on the cost, box plans have varying upload and download limits.
  • Google Drive also has maximum file sizes for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets and Google Drive also has storage limits daily (5 TB a day).

You simply cannot upload terabytes of data to your Drive in one day. The box is a highly recommended choice for securely keeping large business documents and data.

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Google Drive Vs Box – Supported Data Type

  • Both the cloud service with this feature are very comfortable while working with different file formats. Your audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can all be backed up in the most common formats.
  • You can also view graphical content created with Photoshop using Google Drive, without downloading specific reading clients to your device. The main purpose of a Google Device is to store password-protected personal to low-level secret data.
  • You can directly preview the content in all formats by using Box. Even HTML and XML files are supported at a high program level. Storing personal records, organizational archives, and confidential data elements has never been that easy.

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Google Drive Vs Box – Compatibility and Integration

  • Google Drive is a much more flexible platform than Box. The Google workspace is increasingly becoming the people’s favorite choice because of its links with other online services.
  • A simple login using your Google account, and you can register at most platforms. Google Drive swiftly helps you to store any random webpage, too, all thanks to its Chrome extension. 
  • Google Drive is well supported by mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, too, other than web services. The interface is designed according to the device’s performance abilities and is a much-preferred choice than the browser version.
  • Similarly, Box also offers great collaborative opportunities. With its many plans available, you can share your content with your teammates, family, students, and many more without needing to use external sharing tools.

In no time, you can now sync in your desktop or your PowerPoint presentation, maybe your Excel data records, even your Word documents; all well occupied into Box’s limitless organization features.


In recent days, the number of users for Google Drive has more, but it still cannot completely win over Box’s simple interface and powerful abilities.

Box has been here for a longer time. While comparing the two options, we can make various decisions. While the services offered by Box and Google Drive are fairly similar, they do occasionally come with small bonuses. Based on a variety of important features, we can make our final decision.

People would generally opt for Google Drive due to its epic compatibility and better integration capabilities as compared to Box. On the other hand, Box takes away the deal with the most robust cloud security systems out there, taking care of all your privacy-related concerns.

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