How to fix Google Drive Processing Video Error: The Complete Guide to Troubleshooting

Are you troubled by the irritable behavior of your Google Drive? Is it processing till God knows when? Don’t worry, for we will tell you how to fix Google Drive processing video errors quickly. 

You might have noticed that the processing of the images doesn’t take much time, but for the videos, the processing time seems to be forever. 

The error message appears on the screen: “We’re Processing this video. Please check back later.” The solutions that we will be suggesting here will hopefully solve your problem. 

So, let’s begin with the varied methods you can apply to check and see if the Google Drive error has been resolved. But first, let’s see what the exact meaning of this error is.

What is the Meaning of the “Google Drive Processing Video” Error?

Whenever a video is uploaded in Google Drive, a particular format and resolution are ascertained for it. The videos need to be appropriately transcoded to ensure the videos play smoothly on other devices and diverse network conditions. This transcoding is crucial to ensure that the playback works well on different networks and devices. 

The video is processed to convert it to various formats, audio-video codecs, and apt resolution to ensure that it plays well in the preview without showing any errors. The video formats supported by Google Drive are WebM files, MPEG4, MOV, WMV, MPEG-PS, FLV, OGG, and MTS

The error message of Google Drive being unable to process the video might result from the video being corrupted or the video existing in an unsupported format. Furthermore, upload the video in a different format and see if it is working now. 

How Much Time is Taken for the Video to be Processed? 

Though there is no such defined time limit for video processing on Google Drive, it has been witnessed that a 50 MB file takes only a few minutes for processing. 

About 20 minutes might be taken to process a video file of 1 GB. But the duration may vary depending upon the file codec, internet speed, and Google servers.

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How to fix Google Drive Processing Video Error

Fix #1: Play the Google Drive Video in a Player

If Google Drive takes a lot of time to process the video and does not let you stream it without getting downloaded, you can try out this simple solution to solve the problem. 

Stream the drive videos directly in video players such as VLC Player or MX Player. In this way, you won’t even have to wait for the processing of the file.

VLC is the best video player as it supports video of all formats and won’t come up with any streaming error.

Fix #2: Update the Browser

Your outdated browser can also be the reason behind the GDrive processing video error. Updating your browser to the latest version has fixed this issue on quite many occasions. 

Let’s see what the steps are of updating the browser. Here, we will take the example of Google Chrome since it is the most popular browser among users at large. 

  • Open Chrome and click on the Menu positioned in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Select Help>About Google Chrome.
google drive video processing error
google drive video processing error
  • The browser will now check for the availability of updates. If any updates are found, the downloading process will be started.
google drive video processing error how to fix
  • Once the latest version of the browser is installed successfully, click Relaunch.
  • After restarting the browser, check if the Google Drive processing video error has been solved.

Fix #3: Get Rid of the Browsing Data

Clearing the browsing data can also fix the issue of the Google Drive video problem. 

Taking Google Chrome as an example, we will be looking at the deletion of browsing data. 

  • Launch Google Chrome. 
  • Click on the Three Dots Icon. Now, select Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and Security.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.
video is still being processed google drive
video is still being processed google drive
  • Now, restart the browser again and go to Google Drive. Hopefully, the processing error will now be resolved.

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Fix #4: Stream the Video With Connected Apps

If Google Drive continues to say that the video is still processing, it is a good idea to connect a third-party application with the drive and then play the video file. 

  • Open Video Preview and click on Open With.
google drive video processing time
  • Select Connect More Apps.
  • The window of Google Workspace Marketplace will open up.
  • Over there, search for a video player. Now, click on Install.
  • You need to grant the permissions to Google Account. Allow access to the Google Account.
  • After the app is connected to the drive, go to Video Preview and select Open With. Now, choose the Video Player app.
  • You will observe that a new window has opened. Enter your Google login credentials and allow the drive access.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to preview the video in a matter of a few seconds.

Fix #5: View the Video in Incognito After Sharing the Link

It has often been witnessed that generating a share link and then downloading the video has fixed the issue of prolonged video processing in Google Drive. 

  • Launch Google Drive and select the required video.
  • Click on Copy Link.
  • Now, open the link in the incognito tab of the browser.
  • Next, click on the Download button.

Just ensure if you have got robust Wi-Fi connectivity to avoid the problem of download errors.

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Fix #6: Sign in to Google Drive Again

It has been experienced that signing out and signing in has proved to be effective in solving video processing in Google Drive. 

  • On your Android handset, go to the Settings Menu on your phone. 
  • Switch to Accounts. 
  • Choose the Google Account with which you are logged in on Google Drive. 
  • Tap on the option of Remove Account. 
  • Now, reboot your phone and sign in with that very Google Account. 

Also, check if the video error has been solved now.

Fix #7: Share the Video in Offline Mode

Try sharing the video with other offline devices to fix the Google Drive processing video error. 

  • Connect the device to any other convenient device of yours via USB cable. You can now share the video without requiring an internet connection. 
  • You may also take the help of backup software, say, AOMEI Backupper Standard. It will help you to shift the video from one device to another.

Fix #8: Use an Alternative to Google Drive

If your problem doesn’t get solved even after trying out the above techniques, it is an indication for you to switch to some other alternative. 

Microsoft OneDrive, Mega Sync, and Dropbox are good alternatives to Google Drive. 

Apart from these, there are multiple alternative options that you can choose instead of Google Drive. 

Just explore the available options and switch to the platform with which you feel at ease.

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Final Words 

That was all about the guide of how to fix Google Drive processing video error! 

It is expected that the prescribed techniques will solve the problem of the video loading till infinity on Google Drive. If not, you might have to switch to some new alternative.

Furthermore, let’s hope you get out of the situation of facing this error message daily. Follow the steps, and we believe that you’ll be good to go.