Google Drive Files Not Showing Up – 4 Solution and Fixes

There is no doubt in the fact that Google Drive is one of the biggest and most popular cloud storage platforms there is on the internet. However, things aren’t always working out the way they should with Google Drive. A lot of users for months have been having the error that says “Google Drive Files Not Showing Up”. It might seem a general issue but surely isn’t.

So, we did our research on the matter and listed out all the solutions one can find for the issue Google Drive Files Not Showing Up. If we talk about the different reasons why such as incident took place, there could be a lot of aspects.

For example, you might have uploaded the files to some other folder, browser not updated, bugs/errors, and other possible reasons leading to such an error.

Now, let us get on with the list of all fixes we can find for you to try.

How to Fix Google Drive Files Not Showing Up Error

1. Update your Application

Whether you are using your smartphone or your PC, you need to update your application timely. There are times when these apps have encountered certain errors that can be fixed as soon as a new update is brought into action.

Hence, you simply need to visit the App Store on your smartphone and tap on Update.

Or else, for your Google Drive for Desktop application on your system, you might have to download and install the app again.

  • Go to the official site for Google Drive and download the latest version.
  • Click on the file and start the installation.
  • Now, tap on the Window if asked to replace the current version already installed.

Once you have gone through the above process. Relaunch the application, log in to your system and then try looking for the files.

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2. Pause and Resume the Process

If you are working on Google Drive for Desktop version on your system, the Google Drive Files Not Showing Up error is most likely to take place.

In order to counter such a situation, you can try out a definitive step by simply looking to pause the syncing and then resuming it back after a few minutes.

Here are the steps you can follow.

Google Drive Files not showing up
  • Select Pause Syncing.
Google Drive Files not showing up on phone
  • Now, again go back to the Settings and select Quit.
  • Relaunch the Google Drive on the System.
  • Open Settings, and click on Resume Syncing
google drive files not showing up on pc

All you have to do now is simply wait for the syncing to resume and once the system is up to date with all your files successfully synced. Go through all the files and see if the error has been resolved.

3. Use Run As Administrator

Everyone using Windows OS can try out this method. Well, a lot of times your app might not have the proper Admin access due to which all the files might not be visible to you. Hence you can try out this method that might make things a little easier.

  • Open Start Menu and head over the Google Drive Icon.
  • Now, make a Right-Click on the app.
  • Click on Run as Administrator

As soon as you try out this method, you can now check and see if Google Drive files not showing up error still exists.

4. Clear Cookies and Cache

Another method you can try out here is by simply clearing out the cache files. You can do this with a few simple steps. However, a small warning before you make any such changes.

Make sure to sync all your unsaved files and Docs in your Google Drive Account.

Once everything is in place, let us get down with the ways you can clear out the caches.

  • Open Google Drive site on your Chrome Browser.
  • Login to your account that has all the files you are missing.
  • Simply click on the small Lock icon beside the URL on your browser.
google drive files not showing on android
  • Click on Site Settings.
google drive files not showing up on mac
  • Under the Usage section, click on Clear Data.

Once you have done it, close the tab and start all over again. Open Google Drive on Chrome and check if all the files are available.

Why are shared files not showing up in Google Drive?

Apart from the general issues and errors where Google Drive Files not showing up, there are multiple reported issues by users where their shared files are not turning up either.

The reason could be due to certain bugs or glitches which can be fixed surely. Also, there are times when the file has been removed from being shared by the owner itself and you cannot view it anymore.

Hence, make sure that you have confirmed that the files are still under view by the owner.


Did these methods solve the Google Drive files not showing up issues? Well, the methods listed above are tried and tested not only by us but also by multiple users all over the internet who have been facing the same error.

If at all nothing works out for you, the best way to go from here is simply to try to contact Google Customer Support. Or else you can let us know in the comment section below.

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