5 Best Google Drive Alternatives

Google Drive is the familiar cloud storage all over the world. Every user gets 15GB of free storage to help to store all kinds of files. Sometimes users will get errors as well so here you can see the best 5 alternatives to Google Drive to switch to better service.

Different options on the market are much more secure and safe than Google Drive itself. You can also face errors while uploading large files in bulk.

People prefer apps and services provided by Google since it is more popular and easier to access, but why not switch to something better? Here is a list of the best Google Drive Alternatives you can choose from.

Best Google Drive Alternatives

1. Dropbox

  • The first and foremost option that suits perfectly as the best Google Drive alternative is Dropbox. Dropbox’s storage platform started its operations back in 2008 way before Drive came into existence.
  • Apart from storage, it helps to create a cloud for individual users and companies as well.
  • Some of the best features are to access offline and syncing the files from anywhere.
  • Dropbox allows you to work remotely from any device and sync your files automatically. It supports all platforms iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Moreover, the files can be shared and collaborated with your coworkers from your workspace, home, or anywhere you take your laptop.
  • Even though Dropbox had security issues, as of now the company has taken several precautions and you can choose to remotely wipe all the data if you lose your device.
  • Dropbox only provides free 2GB of data for each user. Other than that, you can opt for different packages from multiple options such as for individuals, families, professionals, smaller teams, and advanced (for larger teams).

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2. Box

  • If you are looking for a cloud platform only for business needs then Box suits you well. It is perfect for teams who are working on multiple files.
  • This is not only for uploading and sharing the files, we can also edit, do e-signature, retain, etc.
best Google Drive Alternatives
  • Since companies have tons of data and files that are shared across multiple users in one go, they need to be kept secure and private. This is where Box comes into place.
  • It uses machine learning to protect data leakage.
  • Above all, based on your organization’s needs, you can work on APIs to build your app and customize it from scratch.
  • Speaking of the pricing structure, you get 10GB of free trial access on any device you are working on. Other than this, you can avail of plans for individual access and Business Plans starting from a very small amount.
  • Furthermore, based on the number of team members in your company, you can create your custom plan too.

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3. Tresorit

  • Tresorit is one of the best Google Drive alternatives and is very popular for its security measures. Lots of users face security issues and this is why people are thinking about a switch.
  • This makes it perfect for organizations that have sensitive and confidential data on the line.
google drive alternative free
alternative to google drive and dropbox
  • For individuals, you can get access to 500 GB of storage space to upload all types of files such as videos, images, docs, etc. Also, since it supports every device and platform, you can access your file from anywhere.
  • Overall, you can get a plan for up to 2500 GB of space. As we mentioned you can access it from any device, this platform supports up to 10 devices in total.
  • The best service is you can secure files by adding the password to each file while sharing with the people.
  • Similar to Google Drive, you can also let other users edit, or only read the files.
  • Similar features are available for business owners as well that have hundreds of individuals in a team.

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4. OneDrive

  • Microsoft has its cloud storage which is called OneDrive. It is very easy to use and does not have any difficult features that will make it complicated to upload and share files.
  • From uploading large files, videos, and images, to sharing them with your family and friends, you can do it all.
alternative to google drive and dropbox
  • You can use OneDrive which will sync the files on the cloud and save space on your PC.
  • You can access the personal feature where you can save all important files without access to anyone.
  • OneDrive gives you 5GB of free space with no extra charge. You can try out all the features and store as much data as you want in this free space.
  • If the user is satisfied with the services, you can buy more plans provided on the site. These are all available for all users to fulfill all their needs.

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5. Mega

Finally, we have Mega on our list of alternatives to Google Drive. This is quite my favorite among all users because here you can get 20GB of free storage space.

It is not only used to store files on the cloud, it is also used to transfer a large number of files.

secure alternatives to google drive
Alternative to google drive and dropbox
  • Mega is highly trusted and secure whereas Google Drive has a limit to the size of the file you can share.
  • You also choose to exchange messages and have audio, and video calls with end users encrypted.
  • This cloud storage application also has a Transfer Manager dashboard where you can keep track of all the uploads and downloads currently in process.
  • However, Mega is amongst the most affordable when it comes to buying a plan or package.

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Here we are with everything you need to know about the best Google Drive alternatives available on the internet. There are other options as well such as sync.com, pCloud, etc that you can have a look at as well. But considering all the criteria, these are the best among all we have used and come across.

You can try out the free versions that are mostly available on all these platforms we have mentioned here. If you have any doubts or issues with the list, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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